Benefits Of Deep Fryer In The Kitchen

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There is nothing as tempting as French fries, onion rings, or fried chicken dipped in sauce. No matter how full you are, you can hardly refuse a piece when offered. But, the thought of preparing them in your kitchen, with mess and odor, brings wrinkles to your forehead. So, with a heavy heart, you mostly drop the idea, which will happen no more because you have deep fryers, small and compact and designed for every home kitchen in the market.

You already know about the best small deep fryers at home, but do you know the benefits of deep fryer in the kitchen?

10 Reasons to have a deep fryer at home

1. Deep frying becomes easier

Crispy fried snacks are universal love, but making them is stressful if you fry them in the pot.

Deep fryers ease out all kinds of frying, and you no more have to compromise with enjoying those foods.

2. Deep fryers are safer than a pot

Frying in a deep fryer is safer than frying in pots because of the safety features the deep fryer comes with; it ensures no splattering or spilling of hot oil while frying or when the cord gets pulled.

3. Deep fryers are an economical way of snacking

If your snacking habits include fried chicken, crispy wings, onion rings, French fries, and any similar dishes, buy a deep fryer, it costs less than the bill of takeaway or deliveries from the food joint.

4. A deep fryer is fast, efficient, and compact

Deep fryers get the jobs done faster than cooktops. You no more have to wait ten minutes for the oil to get hot. Instead, you dip-fry-serve batches after batches in minutes while attending to the guests and chit-chatting with them. You don’t have to keep your eyes on them while frying. And their compact design fits easily in a small kitchen.

5. Deep fryers are kid-friendly if they are older

With a deep fryer, your teenage child can start exploring culinary skills. Instead of ordering the favorite snacks, your child can whip them up hassle-free and safely. That is an intelligent way to cut down the snacking bill and your tasks in the kitchen. Stock up on the ingredients for fries, which is cheaper. Plus, you get time to spend with yourself.

6. Indulge in guilt-free snacking

Studies state that fried veggies are healthy than boiled or sautéed because of the antioxidants that stay retained in them. The ill-reputation of fried foods is because of the poor quality oil used. However, oil with good fats makes your fries healthy. Research the oil best for you and your family. Read the recommendation of the AHA (American Heart Association) to make your fried foods healthy. Also, try to go fresh and organic instead of frozen.

7. Indulge in your favorite snacks any time

Craving for French fries at 2 am? But, your favorite restaurant is not 24/7. You can still have it if your 2 am– a snacking friend is a deep fryer. Make the preparation, fry it and snack any time.

8. A deep fryer is a boon for busy people

For always-on-the-go, a deep fryer is one of the best options. Besides frying, you can also prepare a healthy meal in it. Put the ingredients and carry on with ongoing stuff. You no more have to leave the house with an empty stomach.

9. Deep fryers are easy to clean

With the increasing competition in the market, manufacturers always come up with features that can outdo every competitor. So, many modern deep fryers have easy-to-clean features- detachable and dishwasher-safe parts. Some are easier to clean than pots and ovens.

10. Small deep fryers make mess-free and odor-free fries in your house

Most people opt out of deep frying inside the home because the preparation creates a mess and fills the kitchen with odor, which is annoying. But, with deep fryers, get over the worries of mess, smoke, and stink. Deep fryers are easy to clean, and many models have odor filters.

Small deep fryers are no less than God-sent.

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Advantages of a deep fryer

  • A deep fryer helps you to cook food quickly and evenly.
  • It can cook food at a higher temperature, which can help to seal in flavor.
  • A deep fryer can cook food that is otherwise difficult to cook evenly, such as chicken or fish.
  • You can cook food that has a breading or coating, such as fried chicken or fish faster than conventional frying.
  • You can cook food that is otherwise difficult to cook at a high temperature, such as french fries.
  • Food that is otherwise difficult to cook evenly, such as onion rings is easy with a deep fryer.
benefits of deep fryer in the kitchen

Checklists: How to choose a deep fryer

A deep fryer is the best when it fits every criterion– size, safety, design, ease, cost, and many others. Here are the things you must consider when shopping for a mini deep fryer:


If it is a big family or a party you are deep frying for, buy a large deep fryer, like four quarts or 16-cups. It will speed up the cooking so that you get more time to spend with them. If you are frying for two or three people, a deep fryer with a one-quart or 4-cups capacity is all you need; it requires less oil.


A deep fryer with a lid is the best because the splattering hot oil does not burn your skin. Many deep fryers also have heat-resistant exteriors and handle for the same purpose. If you have kids, buy a deep fryer with a break-away power cord to prevent the fryer from tipping over and spilling hot oil.

easy to clean deep fryers are good for home kitchen
Easy-to-clean deep fryers


Take a look at the space on your kitchen counter and cabinet to decide if you can buy a standard deep fryer or go for a small one. Forget not to check the weight because it will be shuttling from storage to countertop and vice versa.


Deep fryers are not for regular use, but if you use them often, a compact model is the best. It hogs not too much space on the countertop. An aesthetic design appeals the most because it upgrades the look of your kitchen.

Ease of use

You have to track so many things while using a deep fryer- how long the oil takes to heat up and cool down? Has the oil reset to the right temperature when you put the food/ have to adjust it? Hence, a deep fryer with multiple baskets, user-friendly features, and an oil filter gets a bonus point.

Ease of cleaning

It is hard to get a clean deep fryer after cooking, and cleaning a deep fryer is harder. But, a dishwasher eases the process. Those stuck particles easily get washed off. Hence, look for a deep fryer with a dishwasher-safe basket and bin.


Mini deep fryers cost $50 to $200, with the expensive models featuring a built-in oil filtration system. But, you must consider your budget first and how worthy the model you have selected is.


As you do with any other appliance when you buy, know the warranty in detail. A 1-year warranty is most common, but many come with a 3-year and even a lifetime warranty. In general, the manufacturer offers a limited warranty. So, know in detail what they cover and what not.

commercial deep fryer
Commercial deep fryer

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How to know if you need a small deep fryer or a large one?

Ask the questions below to yourself and answers them:

  • Do you have a small kitchen?
  • Will you cook for a small family or a couple of guests?
  • Is it okay for you to fry batch after batch?
  • Will you cook only snacks in the deep fryer?

If it is ‘yes’ to all the questions above, a small deep fryer is what you need. However, it still depends on your preference.

FAQs: Benefits Of Deep Fryer In The Kitchen

How often should you change oil for deep frying?

Most used oil are eligible for 8-10 uses. But, after every use, filter the oil, and store it in a cool, dark place.

Can you leave the used oil in the deep fryer?

While the best option is to store the filtered oil in a separate container when not in use, for a short span, you can keep it in the deep fryer after filtering out the food debris.

Is it worth buying a deep fryer?

For the authentic taste and texture of fried foods at home, you need a deep fryer. And regarding investment, deep fryers are easy-to-afford.

Do air-fried food and deep-fried food taste the same?

No, the taste of air-fried and deep-fried have huge differences. Air-frying is the healthy version of deep frying, but the air-fried food tastes like extra-crispy baked foods.

How will you clean a mini deep fryer?

Scrub the remaining oil with a sponge or soft-bristled brush dipped in warm, soapy water.
To clean the hard-to-clean areas, apply a paste of baking soda and water; scrub again.
Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with a towel.

Final Word: Benefits Of Deep Fryer In The Kitchen

Guys, I hope all the queries that made you reluctant to get a deep fryer at home has the answer. In a nutshell, mini deep fryers are the safest and fastest way of making lip-smacking fries. They are compact, hi-tech, and portable, which you can keep on your kitchen platform or use outdoors for house parties, serving the next batch before the previous finishes.

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