15 Benefits of drinking healthy smoothies

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At first glance, smoothies may seem like fruit and vegetable shakes. But in reality, they have become a trend in good nutrition because of how simple they are, how tasty they are to taste and, even more, because of all the benefits they bring to health.

However, they are not always used in the best way because many people confuse these condensates with regular juices without knowing that the key is one: fiber.

A true smoothie is made with the entire pulp of the fruit to take advantage of all its nutrients and now I will explain why.

Let’s see the benefits of drinking healthy smoothies.

Benefits of drinking healthy smoothies

1. Weight loss

Taking smoothies as part of the diet can be a perfect addition to a fat loss regimen, not because they replace a full meal, but because their ingredients can help you lose weight.

Berries and blueberries, for example, have compounds that help not gain weight, these are flavonoids. On the other hand, green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, or bell peppers are perfect for burning extra calories.

But the most important thing is that, as they are thick drinks, that extra fiber gives a feeling of fullness that helps prevent binge eating later on.

Smoothies can help in losing weight
Smoothies can help to lose weight

2. Better digestion

If at the time of turning on the blender alkaline foods are added to the smoothie, the result is that stomach reflux and heartburn will disappear from our digestive routine.

To translate this into specific foods, the best advice is to make green smoothies, which include fresh leafy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage or celery, and the same amount of carrots, strawberries or blueberries to improve gastric fluidity.

3. Full of antioxidants

Surely you have already read that antioxidants help prevent heart disease or cancer, thanks to the fact that they reduce free radicals and allow better oxygenation of the correct organs. Well, for this a good smoothie can help.

To get this benefit to the maximum, the star ingredient to add is matcha. The easiest way is to add it as a powder and mix it with a hand blender with the rest of your fruit mixture.

benefits of drinking healthy smoothies in daily life

4. Empowers the immune system

Strengthening our body’s immunity is possible if sweet potato is added to the smoothie, due to the beta-carotene it contains, as a base or additional flavor.

This property allows our body to better respond to infections and heal faster from viral diseases.

5. Better sleep

A shake is not just a breakfast alternative, in fact, if you have a mini blender that you can turn on at night, there are ingredients that can help you sleep better.

For this, the mixtures with kiwi, banana and oats are excellent. In these foods, the concentrations of magnesium and calcium will give you better rest.

6. Detoxify the body

There are two ways in which smoothies help to free us from the toxins that we accumulate and that damage our body. The first and most obvious is that it prevents us from eating snacks and fats, so we will consume less toxic components.

And the other is by adding foods that help the blood cells and liver to cleanse the body and get rid of toxins, such as garlic, papaya or beets.

In fact, there are pre-established and very popular recipes on the web and in vegan restaurants for detox shakes, designed to facilitate this body-cleansing process.

Smoothies can help habit of frequent eating
Smoothies helps to control craving for foods.

7. Full serving of fruits and vegetables

Mixing caves and vegetables in the same smoothie with their pulps and juices allows the consumption of fresh foods to increase without even noticing it or without representing a physical or flavor effort.

For this reason, a smoothie is a delicious and simple alternative to meet the minimum daily requirements for foods that not everyone likes. This is very useful if you have picky children or if you are trying to follow a diet that requires increased amounts of vegetables.

But I also tell you that it is capable of satisfying the 25 to 30 grams of fiber that nutrition specialists advise for each day.

8. Quick and easy to prepare

The advantage of preparing smoothies over other more elaborate preparations is that it takes little time, requires no knowledge of the kitchen, and saves a lot of time on cutting, cooking, and complex creations.

So this is an emergency technique for people with rushed routines and for those who want to start in the fitness world without much effort.

9. Build muscle and improve athletic performance

Many athletes prefer shakes over full meals as pre-and post-workout meals because their bodies digest the nutrients better and use the muscle-building components more quickly.

They are also excellent ways to recover energy after exercise and an incredible base to add specific supplements to promote the growth of body mass.

10. Enhance appearance

A healthier appearance is another of the great benefits of including shakes in our meal routines. Especially since the vitamins and minerals help to bring shine and health to our hair, skin and nails.

So a rejuvenated, glowing, smooth and healthier appearance is possible just by adding regular shakes to our diet. For this, it is indicated to include provisions with carotenoids, such as pumpkin and mango, typical in tropical smoothies.

11. Variety of healthy foods

Smoothies have invited many people to think outside the box of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Although this type of food can be the basis for a good smoothie, including more modern and exotic but natural additives can enhance the benefits.

An example of this is the natural superfoods, herbs and plants from the Orient that science has identified as boosting health on a large scale and quickly.

The combinations are many, from powders, spices, nuts, soft foods, liquids or seeds. Everything mixes well and combines its flavor for a result that is as unique as it is delicious.

Smoothies enhance brain's functionality
Smoothies enhance brain’s functionality

12. Increase energy level

Just as drinking a glass of water hydrates and refreshes the moment, being able to consume the fibers of fruits and vegetables in liquid form helps their assimilation faster. Therefore, energy and body strength can be boosted more immediately after drinking a good glass of smoothie.

13. Reduce Cravings

Not only because of the filling sensation but also because a good smoothie is a much more nutritious and healthy substitute than any sweet or sweet mid-morning.

I assure you that just taking a thermal glass with a smoothie for a snack can reduce your expenses on coffee meals and reduce anxiety for the next hour at the table without even thinking about it.

14. Strengthens the brain

By including many fruits and vegetables at once in the blender our nutrient intake is boosted and with it our brain function is also increased.

Some scientific studies suggest that the contribution of these fatty acids and omega 3 are good for working with more energy and efficiency at a mental level.

15. Healthy substitute for empty calorie drinks and snacks

In the world of nutrition, empty calories are those foods that we consume and that fill us up without their derivation in our body really having an impact or cellular benefit on the functioning of the organism. That is to say, it is like spending all day eating things that our body will eventually discard and that it will take very little advantage of them.

Final Words: Benefits of drinking healthy smoothies!

In conclusion, smoothies are an excellent way to get the nutrients and health benefits of fruits and vegetables. They are relatively simple to make, taste great, and provide a wealth of health benefits.

However, it is important to remember that the key to making a true smoothie is to include the entire fruit, with all the fiber that comes with it. By doing this, you will get the maximum benefit from your smoothie and ensure that you get all the nutrients that you need.

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