9 Best Commercial Deep Fryers

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From a quick-serve food joint or truck to a fine-dine restaurant, no kitchen is complete without a commercial deep fryer.

After all, those crispy fried chicken, classic fish and chips, and French fries are the most ordered.

But, among the hundreds available in the market, finding the right one becomes tough.

Hence, I have compiled a comprehensive guide about the 9 best commercial deep fryers for use in restaurants and their buying guide so that you keep your food business running like a well-oiled machine with the right appliance.

Types of Deep Fryers for the Restaurant

Before knowing the best deep fryers for commercial use, look at the types that are available. The deep fryers designed for restaurants come in two types:

Countertop commercial deep fryer

A commercial countertop deep fryer is an affordable option; if your chefs are not overloaded with fried food orders. They are space-saving and easy to maintain.

Freestanding/floor commercial deep fryer

Floor or freestanding deep fryers are ideal for venues, QSRs, and any restaurant serving a high volume of-fried food. These commercial deep fryers come in a wide range of configurations—single, double, and multi-basket and three fuel/heating types: natural gas, propane, or electric.

  • 1. Gas Fryers:- Gas deep fryers, the common are the reasonable range of appliances available. They are available at a price less than the electric version of the same configuration. Gas deep fryers come in natural gas or propane versions, which makes connectivity and usage easy. These fryers heat up fast but require a lot of maintenance. Gas deep fryers may heat up beyond the required temperature.
  • 2. Electric fryers:- Electric deep fryers are the most preferred version. They are apparently high-priced but very efficient in saving energy and expense. Moreover, electric deep fryers need little maintenance and do not heat up beyond the required temperature. However, this version may take more time than a gas deep fryer to heat up.

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The 9 Best Commercial Deep Fryer for Restaurants

RankProductWhy we love themRatingPrice
1.Rovsun Electric Deep FryerBest Overall4.5/5Check Price
2.Vivo Home 5000W Electric Deep FryerEditor’s choice4.3/5Check Price
3.We Chef Large Commercial Deep FryerBest capacity4.4/5Check Price
4.Want Join Commercial Deep FryerBest Hi-tech4.2/5Check Price
5.Colibyou Commercial Deep FryerBest in price4.0/5Check Price
6.Hopekings Deep FryerBest Protection System4.2/5Check Price
7.We Chef 23.4l Commercial Deep FryerBest Mess-free4.2/5Check Price
8.Party Hut Commercial Deep FryerBest Compact4.2Check Price
9.Best Oil TankBest Oil Tank4.2/5Check Price

1. Rovsun Electric Deep Fryer

X-factor:- Fast heating accentuates the sale.

Rovsun commercial electric deep fryer for restaurants
Rovsun electric deep fryer

Product Details:- This countertop deep chicken fryer is a dual fryer designed for the commercial kitchen. It consumes 5000 power. Its U-shaped stainless steel heat mechanism distributes heat evenly and fast, accelerating the delivery and accentuating the sales of gluttonous delicacies.

The 22.8 qt. stainless steel deep-fat fryer has two oil compartments, which can hold up to 13.7 qt. of oil. It features separate and automatic temperature control and a plug for each side. Hence you can use both or either as per the requirement. Every oil tank comes with a residue plate and lid.



  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Anti-slip feet.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Takes space.
  • The oil tank is tough to lift when hot.

2. Vivohome 5000W Electric Deep Fryer

X-factor:- The deep fryer with overheating protection.

Vivo home electric deep fryer review
Vivo home electric deep fryer

Product Details:- Fry the drumsticks, onion rings, and French fries to crispness between 140F-370F; but if the temperature reaches 446F, the countertop fryer automatically shuts off, preventing overheating of the appliance.

This 5000W commercial deep fryer designed for the countertop has removable oil tanks of 20.7 qt. in which you can fill 13.7 qt. of oil. Being a dual deep fryer, it features two temperature controls, heat-indicating lights, and reset buttons with plugs that cook varieties perfectly and fast to satisfy every customer.



  • Stainless steel housing.
  • Anti-slip feet.
  • Easy oil filtration and cleaning,
  • In-budget price.


  • Oil tank without a handle to lift.
  • The same socket point blows the circuit breaker.

3. We Chef Large Commercial Deep Fryer

X-factor:- Has huge capacity for fast frying and serving.

We Chef commercial electric deep fryer for restaurants
We Chef commercial electric deep fryer

Product Details:- This countertop electric fryer with dual basket is 24l, where you can fry big batches of chicken, fish, and croquettes simultaneously to serve every order in the restaurant. For perfect cooking, it has automatic temperature controls on each side.

This electric deep fryer for the restaurant has a classy and attractive stainless steel housing with folded edges that protect hands. It also includes lids to prevent hot oil splash. The oil tank has oil levels. Like all, this fryer also has a residue plate for oil filtration and over-heat protection system above 446F.



  • 5000W power.
  • Fryer basket with hooks for oil draining.
  • UL-certified cord.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Affordable.


  • Temperature indicator may not work well.

4. Want Join Commercial Deep Fryer

X-factor:- The deep fryer with a view-in window lid.

Want Join electric commercial deep fryer with visible window
Want Join commercial deep fryer with visible window

Product details:- Want Join has designed the deep fryer with a view-in window lid which also has an air vent. It tells you the cooking status of the fries. So, besides keeping an eye on the fries, keep a nose on their smell without frequently opening the lid.

This hi-tech countertop fat fryer for the restaurant features an adjustable temperature control and a 30-minute preset timer to set the temperature and time according to the recipe. Its compartments hold 12l oil to fry batches in one go. It is a compact stainless steel, which makes maintenance hassle-free.



  • 2800W heating element.
  • The residue filter eliminates 90% of fumes and smoke.
  • Easy-to-move handle.


  • No overheating protection.
  • Expensive.

5. Colibyou 5000W Commercial Deep Fryer

X-factor:- Small fryer for small food businesses.

Colibyou commercial deep fryer review
Colibyou commercial deep fryer

Product Details:- This 12l deep-fat fryer is for commercial and home kitchens where you can fry variety-from nuggets and fish to donuts. It takes less space, just a part of your countertop. This deep fryer fits your small business or start-up in the culinary world. Like all, this countertop fryer features a dual power supply and temperature controls for simultaneous use at any time.

This electric fryer has removable stainless steel parts-oil tanks, lids, residue plates, and fryer baskets. The baskets, like their contemporaries, have heat-resistant handles and hooks. To initiate perfect cooking: it has a temperature guide on the control panel.



  • Anti-slip feet.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Initiate faster delivery.
  • Value for money.


  • Not so sturdy.

6. Hopekings Deep Fryer

X-factor:- This countertop fryer has a current protection system.

Hopekings deep fryer with baskets review
Hopekings deep fryer with baskets

Product details:- So that it does not overheat: Hopekings has designed this electric deep fryer with current protection where the appliance switches off when the current supply is over 14A for a long time. It also has an overheat protection system above 446F and a UL-certified cord for faster and safety heating.

The stainless steel commercial countertop deep fat fryer has 20.7-quart smooth-edged compartments with maximum and minimum oil levels and 13.7-quart frying baskets. It also has splash-protection lids and oil-filtrating residue plates. The control panels have adjustable and automatic temperature controls, so the cooking is perfect and fast.



  • Accentuate the production and sale.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • 3000W consumption.
  • Reasonable.


  • Flimsy construction.

7. We Chef 23.4l Commercial Deep Fryer

X-factor:-– It is the Fat fryer with oil-draining valves.

We Chef 23.4L Commercial Electric Deep Fryer for restaurants in US
We Chef 23.4L Commercial Electric Deep Fryer

Product Details:- So that the hot oil does not splash or create a mess, this electric deep fryer comes with oil-draining taps/ valves. The dual-tank countertop fryer has one valve connected to each tank.

This stainless steel deep fryer is 23.4l, with an oil capacity of 12l, and a frying basket big enough to hold 5-pairs or 3 lbs. wings, which it fries faster using 3000W power. It can fry 3 lbs. chips in less than 15 minutes. But the best part is the easy-to-lift heating tubes for cleaning the compartments. Lift them when cools down.



  • Ideal for restaurants and catering.
  • 30-minute auto-shut feature at 446F.
  • 8-hour continuous working capacity.
  • UL-certified cable.


  • Non-removable compartments.
  • The basket handles are loose.

8. Party Hut Commercial Deep Fryer

X-factor:- A compact deep fryer to cook plenty in the small kitchen.

Party Hut compact commercial deep fryer
Party Hut compact commercial deep fryer

Product Details:- No matter how small your kitchen space is, this compact fried chicken fryer fits easily and cooks big batches of delicacies so that your food only matters. The fryer has a double workstation with an 11l oil tank and a 7l basket on each side with a separate control and plug adding to the convenience.

 Designed for the countertop: the electric deep fryer has a stainless steel construction with an anti-skid base. It consumes 3400W power, which you can use together or separately without overheating, as it has a protection system. The fryer can heat oil up to 374F.



  • CE certified.
  • Easy-to-clean.
  • Value for money.


  • Clingy protective packaging.

9. Top Kitch Commercial Deep Fryer

X-factor:-It is the deep fryer with a handle on the compartments.

Topkitch Commercial Deep Fryer review
Topkitch Commercial Deep Fryer

Product Details:- This countertop fryer for fish, chicken, donuts, etc., has removable oil compartments with two handles on each so that lifting them and oil draining is easy and hassle-free.

With a 3600W 304-stainless steel heating element: the appliance ensures efficient heat distribution for faster and even cooking. It also has an installed plate for even frying and maintaining the temperature of the oil. You can adjust and preset the temperature as per your recipe.



  • ETLU-complied housing and finishing.
  • 20l dual tank with 12 oil capacity.
  • Auto-shut at 464F or maximum temperature set.
  • Basket with heat-resistant handles and hanging hooks.


  • High in price.
  • Handles on the baskets are not secure.

Buyer’s Guide: The Best Deep Fryer for Commercial Use

Deep fryers for a restaurant are a heavy investment in the long run. So, it is essential to look into certain factors; which make the selection process easy and more clarified.

Size:- Commercial deep fryers are available in sizes that depend on the quantity of oil they can hold for making fried chicken, crispy onion rings, and many more. The oil tank of deep fryers designed for restaurants, on average, has a minimum capacity of 60 liters of oil where you can prepare 60-80 pounds of food per hour. However, the quantity of food it can prepare depends on the size and density of the food.

Space:- To have a smooth workflow and appropriate workspace, the deep fryer you select must fit in the kitchen. After all, who would want oil dripping on the floor while taking the food in and out? So, always have an accurate measurement of the kitchen space you want to install the fryer and tally it with the appliance’s length, breadth, and height. For countertop fryers: check the durability of the shelf so that it can withstand the fryer’s weight and you have enough workspace.

Oil Filter:- Oil used in deep frying degrades faster due to exposure to high heat, oxidation, and food particles, so it needs regular filtration. Manual filtration can be both messy and dangerous. So, it is better to opt for a system that filters oil automatically and keeps the taste and quality of the food as it is. Many deep fryers come with an oil extraction system that makes the oil draining and cleaning easy.

Frying Baskets:- For small food joints, food trucks, or cafes, a compact fryer with a single frying basket can be suitable if you don’t specialize in fried foods. But, if the chef serves a big batch of the same food, go for a large single-basket commercial deep fryer. However, models with extra baskets- a double or multi-basket is essential for running a commercial kitchen during rush hours. Most of these types of deep fryers have twin oil tanks.

Energy Efficiency:- Though electric deep fryers are energy efficient, make sure the one you select for your business must have an ‘ENERGY STAR®’ label that would reduce the expense of running the food business at the day’s end. Advanced burner designs, infrared technology, and heat reclamation are the factors of energy-efficient commercial deep fryers.

Maintenance:- Maintenance is essential for deep fryers in a commercial kitchen and is more cost-effective than frequently buying spare parts. Besides, the maintenance schedule improves the chance to claim a warranty on parts and alerts you about a trivial issue before becoming big.

Cleaning:- Since most are stainless steel appliances with drain valves, regular cleaning becomes easy, even with the oil draining. But, if you are planning weekly, monthly or annual servicing, check the oil build-up, the knob, and how the panel is secure.

Best commercial deep fryers in the US

FAQs: Best Deep Fryers for Restaurant

Which deep fryer is the best-gas or electric?

Electric fryers are more efficient in fast heat recovery. They are also more compact and portable, for you need no gas connection. However, these fryers have a lower temperature range and take a long to heat up.

Which is the best commercial deep fryer brand?

WeChef is the most popular and best deep fryer brand for restaurant use.

What is the temperature range of the best deep-fat fryer for the restaurant?

Every electric deep fryer for commercial use works between 60C- 200C. In Fahrenheit scale, it is 140F-392F. The countertop deep-fryers discussed here has this temperature scale.

Can I use the same power socket to run a high-power commercial deep fryer?

Most deep fryers for commercial use consume 3000W-5000W power making it unsafe for a single power socket if using the whole unit. The high power may blow the circuit breaker. So, always use 2-separate power outlets. It halves the power distribution and ensures working without failure.

How long does a commercial deep fryer last?

With maintenance, a commercial deep fryer can last for 15-20 years.

Is a programmable deep fryer worth buying for a commercial kitchen?

Though programmable deep fryers are expensive, they can be beneficial in a commercial kitchen in ensuring the kitchen is running as scheduled. It adjusts the temperatures and notifies about the readiness, reducing wastage and getting with the less experienced staff. Many deep fryers feature auto-lift baskets, which ensure the food is raised after a stipulated time without burning or, without putting strain on the cook’s wrists, susceptible to injury for lifting and turning the baskets the whole day.

How much does a commercial deep fryer for chicken coasts?

The countertop model discussed here costs $90-$200 approximately. The gas model costs above $200.

The Final Word: Best Commercial Deep Fryers

So, here is the 9 best commercial deep fryers, which is a countertop electric version. Now it is upon your decision what you want and which one- based on the kitchen space, budget, and performance. But make sure to follow the guidelines while selecting.

Get the best one, and fry those delicious gluttonous foods for the customers. For a prosperous business-wish you luck!

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