6 Best Electric Kettle in India : Electric Teapot – Which Tea Maker to Buy?

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An electric teapot is a handy device that offers many benefits to tea aficionados. This machine allows you to prepare great teas for the whole family in a few minutes, and very easily. To help you in the quest for your electric tea maker, I have put together this comprehensive buying and comparison guide on the best electric kettle in India.

What is an electric teapot?

An electric teapot is an easy-to-use device for preparing all kinds of teas. It perfectly controls the temperature so that the infusion diffuses a maximum of flavors in your hot drink. Some devices are wired, others are not and can sometimes be programmable.

An electric tea maker could be, in a way, an improved, more modern version of the traditional electric kettles we are all familiar with. For comparison, Havells Aqua Plus with their benefits like coffee maker, milk boiler, would be an improved version of our traditional tea kettle.

List of Top 6 Best Electric Kettle in India

  1. Havells Aqua Plus 1.2 litre Kettle/Tea Kettle/Coffee Maker/Milk Boiler/Water Boiler
  2. Kitchoff Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle
  3. Aicok Electric Kettle Tea Kettle with Temperature Control and 2 Hours Keep Warm
  4. Pigeon By stovekraft Amaze Plus 1.5 Litre Electric kettle
  5. V-Guard VKM12 1.2L Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Cooker / Kettle
  6. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle
Multi purpose electric kettle

1. Havells Aqua Plus 1.2 litre Kettle/Tea Kettle/Coffee Maker/Milk Boiler/Water Boiler/ 304 Stainless Steel

The first machine in our selection is the Havells Aqua Plus multi purpose electric kettle. It is a small kitchen appliance, which offers four choices of temperatures ranging from 70 to 100° C.

You will be able to make tea for entire family in a very short time. You can make any type of tea like – green tea, white tea and black tea. Havells Aqua Plus is a good tea maker machine for students / bachelors.

Advantages of Havells Aqua Plus electric kettle

It is an electric teapot which fulfills its role perfectly, which heats up quickly and which allows you to make your tea in just a few minutes. The build quality is good, and the materials are sturdy.

  1. Sleek design makes an elegant look in any kitchen.
  2. Just a single press of a button opens the lid.
  3. Wide enough opening to clean inside of the kettle by hand.
  4. Not too big or not too small. 1.2 L is perfect for a family of 4 to 7.
  5. Flexible placing on the electric stand. Place it from any side and it works well.
  6. Double layer to protect from getting hot on the outer side.
  7. 304 stainless steel which is 18/10 grade. Most sturdy and durable steel for kitchen appliances.
  8. Auto shut off option to save energy.
  9. Made in India product. Have a cup of desi tea!
Best electric kettle in India
Best electric kettle in India


The glass in the carafe heats up very strongly. Care should be taken to only handle it with its handle.

  1. Filter should have had smaller holes.
  2. Cord should have been longer

If you have a baby at home, it is the best electric kettle for boiling milk. You can also boil water. The power of this machine is 1500 watts, which allows very rapid temperature rises. It has a capacity of 1.2 liters, allowing it to satisfy many guests at the same time. Its base is swiveling 360 degrees.

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2. Kitchoff Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

We then find the Kitchoff Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle tea machine. It is an electric teapot that surprised us with its quality of manufacture. The materials are robust and pleasant to the touch. The finishes are impeccable. It allows you to enjoy all types of tea, and offers automatic keeping warm for thirty minutes of your preparation.

Always close at hand, it is easy to maintain. The insulated handle insulates very well from the heat of the carafe. One of the best electric kettle for boiling milk or water.

Best electric kettle for boiling milk
Best electric kettle for boiling milk

What we like about Kitchoff Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Very light weight only 250gms. It is a very beautiful device, suitable for both infusions and tea. The finishes are remarkable and the quality is impeccable. An affordable model to have fun with a fast tea machine.

The auto shut off feature is good for saving energy. It has 12 variations of capacity and colours.

Its disadvantage

The cord is short in length. It will be very handy to have an extension cord.

3. Aicok Glass Teapot: electronic kettle with infuser

Let’s continue this overview with a glass teapot designed by the Aicok brand, equipped with an adjustable thermostat and the keep warm function.

Highlights of Aicok Multipurpose electric kettle

  1. Temperature control : Now you can decide on what temperature you want your tea to be boiled. From 50 to 95° C temperature whatever you find best for you.
  2. Multi purpose electric kettle, you can make tea, coffee, boil water.
  3. Keep your drink warm. The tea maker machine keeps your drink warm for 2 hours. You can set the program to auto switch off after 2 hours.
  4. Premium material used to make electric kettle, 304 stainless steel and borosilicate glass.
  5. Faster boiling available. The electric kettle is capable to heat up 1.7 L water in flat 5 minutes.
  6. 24/7 customer support with 2 years quality assurance. You also get 90 days money back service.

On the design side, it is a teapot whose body is made of double glass, with a generous capacity of 1.7 liters. The power of 1500 watts guarantees rapid temperature rise. Like many other devices, its base rotates 360 degrees.

From a dimensional point of view, it is a cordless electric kettle which measures 22 centimeters in diameter, and which is perfectly suited to a small family. Finally, note that Aicok warranty are produced for two years.

Aicok Multi purpose electric kettle
Aicok Multi purpose electric kettle

Strengths of this electric teapot

What do you want to make on this electric kettle? Make drip coffee, espresso, green tea, white tea, black tea and other drinks like oolong tea and roobios tea.

So it is not just an electric kettle, it is a multipurpose electric kettle with lots of options.

It is a very robust machine, which allows you to have several cups of tea on hand in no time. The price-performance ratio is really appreciable. The finishes are neat and the materials of quality, presented with a mixture of black plastic of good quality and brushed stainless steel.

Cons of Aicok electric kettle

No such issue found with the device. In my opinion Aicok is the best electric tea kettle with infuser.

4. Pigeon Amaze Plus 1.5 Litre Electric kettle (By stovekraft)

In fourth place in this selection, we find a cordless stainless steel kettle, manufactured by the famous brand of small household appliances Pigeon. It is an electric teapot that offers a capacity of 1.5L.

Pigeon Best electric kettle for boiling milk
Pigeon Best electric kettle for boiling milk

The base can be swiveled 360 degrees and in case of overheating the product stops automatically. A good point for security.

Finally, we note a power behind its main competitors, 1500 watts, quick heat able to boil water in 5 to 7 minutes.

Benefits of Piegeon Amaze Plus electric kettle

It is a very easy-to-use tea machine, the simple but mirror finish looks fits any kitchen counter. At a price of only Rs. 600 Piegeon is best electric kettle in India.

Cleaning is very easy using soapy water, vinegar or bottle cleaning brush.

Weak points

The cord is short.

5. V-Guard VKM12 1.2L Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Cooker/Kettle

V-Guard VKM12 Stainless Steel electric kettle / Multi-Purpose Cooker

Yes you heard it right. V-Guard VKM12 is a stainless steel electric kettle at the same time it is a multicooker.

Highlights of V-Guard Multi purpose electric kettle

  1. Multicooker, cook pasta, noodles, boil water, egg and more!
  2. You choose the temperature for your multi-cooker cum tea maker. Using the temperature control knob you can adjust temperate easily.
  3. The unique keep warm feature is different from other electric kettles or multicookers. When in keep warm mode and the temperature drops the tea maker machine will again start boiling to gain perfect temperature.
  4. Best electric kettle for boiling milk, the stainless steel electric kettle is BPA free.
  5. The cool touch handle is safe and it does not get heated. The concealed heating element reduces of heating outer side of the kettle.
  6. Best electric kettle for magi, now make your breakfast easily with this amazing tea kettle.

Weak points?

As the keep warm feature auto starts when temperature drops it may over cook your food items. Keep an eye for the same.

6. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle / stainless steel electric kettle

Let’s finish this comparison with a very attractive electric teapot, the Butterfly EKN 1.5 L. Butterfly is one of my personal favourite kitchen appliances brand.

I bought my first mixer grinder from butterfly. It gave me such a great performance. Its 7th year now I am using Butterfly mixer grinder without any complain.

It is a device that sports a very pleasant and contemporary look. The machine has a brushed stainless steel coating which gives it a unique design.

A keep warm function is added benefit for the electric kettle.

Butterfly - Best electric kettle in India
Butterfly – Best electric kettle in India

Highlights of the machine

Good design, strong and safe grip handle, lockable lid, has a power indicator, the 360 degree swivel base is helpful for both right handed and left handed user.

Disadvantage of Butterfly electric kettle?

I did not find any real negative opinions on this product. Consumers are almost unanimous in saying that it is an exceptional machine.

How to choose your electric teapot?

Here are few choosing criteria when you are buying electric tea pot / kettle for your kitchen:

Power and heating speed of an electric kettle

The power of an electric teapot can vary from 1000 to 2500 watts, depending on the model. The power directly influences the heating time of the water, which can range from 10 seconds to 1 minute, depending on the performance of the device.

The higher the power, the shorter the heating time. A powerful machine will also be much easier to keep your drink warm and therefore reduce your energy consumption.

How to choose electric kettle and teapot set
How to choose electric kettle and teapot set

Ergonomics of a tea maker kettle

Before buying a tea machine, it is necessary to be interested in the ergonomics of this one. Indeed, the handle must offer a good grip and the carafe must rest easily on the base. A 360 degree rotating base is preferred. Some teapots allow easy storage, and sometimes even offer an integrated cable organizer.

Nature of tea you are making with electric kettle

There are different kinds of teapots on the market. Some are suitable for very specific varieties of teas, such as stainless steel ones, which are perfectly suited to black or red tea.

Glass teapots are more suitable for yellow, white and green teas. These materials are also easy to wash because the tannin of the tea does not get stuck in them.

Water tank capacity of electronic kettle

Depending on the number of people you are going to serve, you will need a larger or smaller teapot. In general, the machines offer a capacity varying from 1 to 2 liters. The use of a filter jug to treat the water is recommended, to keep the shine of the glass of your tea maker.

Brand and budget for electric kettle and teapot set

The brand is an important element, because some are specialized and offer real know-how. Design can also be important for some consumers, who will highlight their teapot in their kitchen.

Finally, the price may vary from one model to another, it all depends on your budget and your desires. The price of an electric teapot starts at around Rs. 600, to exceed Rs. 2000 for luxury models.

What type of teapot to choose?

Choose your tea pot according to your need. Check following –

Classic teapot

The classic teapot is a functional but also and above all decorative accessories. The materials used are highly popular: cast iron, porcelain, stoneware, ceramics, etc. To use it, you must first heat the water and place the tea in it afterwards. It does not require electricity and is easy to maintain.

Electric glass teapot

It is without a doubt the most modern model currently available on the market. The electric glass teapot allows you to make all kinds of teas. With an electric teapot, the user can choose the water temperature and benefit from a thermostat. The most prestigious models can be programmable and offer many interesting functions.

French Press Tea Maker BPA Free
French Press Tea Maker BPA Free

Teapot with infuser

The tea machine equipped with an infuser allows you to prepare tea without breaking the bank. These accessories are affordable and available in many shapes and colors to match your interior. In general, they are made of silicone or stainless steel.

French press teapot

Finally, the last model is the tea press. Very popular with tea enthusiasts, it allows you to prepare a good cup of tea in a few minutes. Simply place your tea in it, add boiling water, and then pull back on the plunger to steep the tea. The strong point of this machine is its ability to release all the flavors of tea, in a few minutes.

I have listed multi purpose electric kettle / best electric kettle in India right now. If you have any question please send me a mail from here.

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