Best Gas Cooktop With Downdraft- Buyer Review

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A range hood venting system is the best technique to eliminate smoke and odor from the kitchen, but what if your kitchen is small? Where a range hood needs a spacious kitchen, in a small kitchen, what works best is a cooktop with downdraft, an appliance that also does the work of a vent besides cooking. And you will get both gas and electric version.

Today we will discuss the best gas cooktop with downdraft as well as electric cooktop with downdraft. So, know which is the best cooktop with downdraft available?

What is downdraft?

Downdraft is a modern technique that drives smoke, heat, odor, and steams out, formed during cooking. In other words, a stove built with this technology pulls the unpleasant air out of your kitchen, thereby circulating fresh ventilation around that will make you feel comfortable. Hence, you will enjoy every step of cooking. And neither need you; to install a range hood nor an exhaust fan anymore.

W-A-I-T. It is not all this new-age technology can do; there is more to it. It expands the life span of the cooktop, which lasts for at least 15 years; it solves the issue of limited kitchen space; fits with ease. It is a good option for outdoor kitchens or RVs.

The top cooktop with downdraft

In a true sense, the list of the cooktop with downdraft is limited. But, this list enlists the names of the brands that have earned the reputation, trust, and appreciation for years. They are:

  • GE
  • Frigidaire
  • Kitchenaid

These names are common for electric as well as gas cooktop. And let me tell you, I will tell you about the electric cooktop and the gas cooktop with downdraft.

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The best electric cooktop with downdraft

1. GE PP9830DJBB Electric Cooktop

Electric cooktop with downdraft
GE PP9830DJBB Electric Downdraft Cooktop

When one of the trusted names of the culinary world offers an appliance, it means an exceptional product will simplify your life. And GE PP9830DJBB electric cooktop is built with the same motto.

It is a sleek, elegant 4-burner cooktop with incredible features, like the 3-speed downdraft ventilation powerful enough to drain out the smoke, odor, and steam out of the kitchen. However, there are more features also. It has a control lock to protect against unintended activation and a hot surface indicator that tells when the surface is too hot to touch just with a glance.

Now let’s talk about the power element. With a capacity of 11,500 BTU and the 9”/6” power boil element, the cooktop ensures that the 3,000-watt flexible element generates powerful heat to the different pots and pans used. Moreover, it has a bridge element that combines the cooking zones transforming them into one big zone.


  • Sleek, elegant design with convenient knob controls.
  • 3-speed downdraft exhaust eliminates smoke, odor, fumes.
  • The “ON” indicator indicates the activation of the cooking surface.
  • 1-year parts and limited warranty.


  • Expensive

2. Frigidaire RC36DE60PB 36” Electric Cooktop

Frigidaire RC36DE60PB Electric Cooktop with downdraft system
Frigidaire RC36DE60PB 36” Electric Cooktop

When it is about a cooktop with downdraft, how can Frigidaire stay away? It is one of a few brands, such as GE and Kitchenaid, which offers an electric and gas cooktop with a downdraft vent. And I will discuss both versions.

This electric cooktop is a built-in model having four cooking zones with a bridge element. That means you can bridge the four cooking zones into one, as per your needs. It has a power plus boil feature and hot surface indicator. But, what surpasses these features is the state-of-art downdraft exhaust system with three ducting options.

 It is a sleek, black cooktop with a ceramic glass surface having simple and easy temperature control knobs. Frigidaire has designed the appliance for all-size of pots and pans.


  • Eliminate the need for overhead ventilation.
  • The filter is washable.
  • 36’’ perfect for your family.
  • Affordable.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


  • Requires handsome investment.

3. Kitchenaid KCED600GBL Range top

Kitchenaid KCED600GBL Range top with downdraft facility
Kitchenaid KCED600GBL Range top

Say goodbye to fumes, smoke, and odor, because now came a cooktop that will eliminate these elements from the kitchen. The 30” Kitchenaid electric cooktop is built with downdraft ventilation which ensures that you need no separate range hood for ventilation.

The cooktop has a tri-speed exhaust fan of 300 CFM that drains out smoke, fume, and odor of all kinds, even the one from pan searing and stir-frying. Now, isn’t that a feature ideal for a kitchen with installation restrictions? Well, that is not the only technology used in it.

This sleek, sophisticated, versatile appliance has cooking zones two of 2350 watts and two of 1500 watts. It is designed with even heat technology that offers perfect high and low temperatures with a constant supply of power and a range of simmer settings. It also has a power double-ring round element, promoting the usage of large deep vessels, do wok frying, boiling, pan searing.


  • Sleek, sophisticated, and stylish.
  • Stainless steel knobs, hot surface indicator, and power-on indicator.
  • The Cookshield finish protects the glass surface.
  • Come with a 1-year warranty.


  • The price is higher.

Best gas cooktop with downdraft

1. GE PP9830SJSS Built-In Gas Cooktop

GE PP9830SJSS Built-In Gas Cooktop with downdraft
GE PP9830SJSS Built-In Gas Cooktop

The gas cooktop from GE, with its sleek design, fills every cooking moment with fun and safety anywhere you cook. It can be in the small kitchen of your house, RVs, or an outdoor kitchen.

The 30” cooking range is a built-in model with four sealed burners, including an all-purpose burner of 11,500 BTU which satisfies most cooking needs, from boiling to stir-frying. It means smoke, fumes, and odor will form. And the powerful downdraft system in the most effective way will pull them out of the kitchen.

It is a high-end cooktop with a modern, sophisticated black glass surface and spill burners that elevate the kitchen decor. At the same time, they are easy to maintain and clean. On that note, even the grates are also washable.


  • Space-saving, easy to install.
  • High-end design and feature.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Convertible to LPG.
  • Limited 1-year warranty on parts and labor.


  • High in price.
  • The glass surface may have streaks.

2. Frigidaire RC36DE60PB Gas Cooktop

Frigidaire RC36DE60PB Gas Cooktop with downdraft
Frigidaire RC36DE60PB Gas Cooktop

Frigidaire has such an exquisite collection of cooktops that reviewing one won’t do. So, here comes another from the brand, a cooktop with a downdraft vent that works on NG or LPG. This cooktop has a stainless steel construction with sealed burners and grates of heavy-duty cast iron.

Frigidaire has smartly designed the cooktop. It has pro select control knobs that provide precision control at fingertips; power plus boil with 17000 BTU burner. But, the one that surpasses these features is the downdraft exhaust system. The 500 CFM exhaust rating with three venting ducts pulls out the smoke, odor, and steam from the kitchen.

The four-burner cooktop is a built-in version with burners’ having a BTU range between 5000 and 21000, and washable continuous grates on which cookware re easy to shift without lifting.


  • Remove the need for a range hood.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Work with both LPG and NG.
  • I-year assured warranty.


  • No such complaint.

3. Kitchenaid KCGD500GSS Gas Cooktop

Kitchenaid KCGD500GSS Gas Cooktop with downdraft
Kitchenaid KCGD500GSS Gas Cooktop

Kitchenaid is a brand known not only for its quality but also for the vast collection it has. Just consider the cooktop, for example. Built with downdraft technology: they have both the electric and gas cooktop. You know about the former one. And now, it is the turn for the latter one.

The 30” cooktop has an entirely stainless steel construction except for the grates; they are from heavy-duty cast iron. It has four sealed burners with one professional burner of 17000 BTU and a simmer burner with 5000 BTU. So, from stir-frying, wok frying, pan-searing, boiling to slow cooking, or melting chocolate: everything is possible.

 But, the uniqueness of this cooktop lies in its downdraft exhaust system. It has a 3-speed fan control with a 300 CFM exhaust rating that whisks out all kinds of smell, smoke, and steam formed. So, the odor-free air in the kitchen continues to prevail.


  • Grates allow easy movement of cookware.
  • Electric ignition with the auto-reignition feature when the flame blows out.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Support natural gas and LPG connection.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Expensive.

Why you should buy a stove with a downdraft?

By now, you got an idea about all the models available; the specifications they have, but what about the benefits you will draw from the new-age stove? Let’s talk about them.

  • Efficiency:- This cooktop comes with several efficiencies. It is efficient in saving space in your kitchen with its compact design. It is also efficient in keeping the kitchen environment free from smoke and odor, which is its specialty. It saves a lot of energy by consuming less energy than standard stoves. And above all, it also saves a good amount of expenditure.
  • Style and Design:- Do you know this cooking range with downdraft is an easy solution to the idea of countertop renovations? These stylish and sleek appliances have no heavy external components; that obstruct the countertop. Instead, they have a cupboard space underneath that features the component of the ventilation system. In short, they are fashionable besides being functional.
  • Safety feature:- The stove with downdraft has a built-in feature that holds the spillage underneath the cooktop. It means that no spillage will occur over the cooking surface. Hence, the risk of fire outbreak, which mostly happens due to spillage, gets reduced.
  • Requires no ventilation system:- With this cooking range, you hardly need any external ventilation system. The one it has in-built pulls down the air and extracts it out through the existing ventilation unit. Most people take these details for granted but, once you use the downdraft, you will realize how streamlined and simple it is!

Buying Guide – How to Buy Stove With Downdraft

Here is a buying guide for stoves with downdraft, it will help you in selecting the best one for you:

Factors responsible behind the best stove with downdraft

What makes a stove with downdraft technology the best? It is the features, the design, the brand, and many other factors. Let’s do one thing. Let’s know them in detail.

  • Easy to Clean:- All you have to do is to look for a downdraft cooktop that is easy to clean and maintain. The appliance comes with a filter that needs replacement once or twice a year. Well, to add, the filter is washable. However, you don’t have to invest much time in the process of cleaning. Wash with warm soapy water, then rinse with clean water. But, make sure it is dry before its return to your cooktop.
  • Design:- A downdraft cooktop is a user-friendly stylish cooktop of the time. And the entire credit goes to the aesthetic design filled with elegance. From a classy, and sleek finish to a traditional ornate one- it is available in any version. Now the choice depends on you and your kitchen decor. But, one thing is assured any version will add a statement to your kitchen.
  • Size:– The standard size of the cooktop ranges between 30” to 36”, with 30” being the most available, where you will get four to five burners. However, the size of your desiring cooktop must synchronize with the space on your countertop. So, before making a choice, have a clear idea and measurement of the space on the countertop.
  • The number of burners:- Every burner of the downdraft cooktop is a dual-stacked burner that facilitates a higher level of heat for fast cooking. In general, you will get a vast collection of 4-5 burners with add-on features so that every burner has a different heat level. But, if your wish list contains one with 6 burners, then invest in one of 48”.
  • BTU Range:- The significance of the British Thermal Unit lies in the fact that it tells how good the stove is in performance. Neither the upper nor the lower BTU range should exceed the limit, or else it would end up in making overcooked or undercooked food and even burnt food. So, ensure your selected model must have a BTU range not higher than 10,000 BTU and not lower than 6,000 BTU. However, the higher BTU burners are perfect for fast cooking, stir-frying, etc.
  • Ventilation system:- Since you are hunting for a downdraft venting system in a cooktop, keep in mind the model you choose should have the ability to drain out the most of smoke, odor, fumes; if not completely. Well, in that case, you need the units with variable speed control and CFM with a power of more than 500; if you will be cooking multiple times. However, if you cook easy, hassle-free meals once or twice a day, the models with an average exhaust system are more than enough.
  • Safety Control:- If you are worried about the safety feature of the downdraft cooktop, then take a break and listen. Despite being an appliance dealing with open fire, the new-age cooktop comes with a push-turn knob and salient features that eradicate the chance of accidental turning or changing of temperature. Moreover, the new models feature a led indicator.

Frequently Asked Questions about the best cooktop with downdraft

How effective are downdraft cooktops?

Downdraft cooktop is less effective than updraft exhaust system because of their design. But that does not mean it works the hardest. Fumes, and steam released from large vessels or farthest away from the burner are out of reach of the venting system.

Are downdraft cooktops safe?

Downdraft cooktops are stylish, effective, comfortable, and safe to the countertop.

What is the best way to clean the downdraft vent?

Downdraft vent comes with a washable filter. You need soapy water, a soft cloth, and clean water for this purpose. After cleaning, dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. But remember never to use an abrasive cleanser or scrubber.

What is the best gas cooktop with downdraft?

GE makes the best cooktop without downdraft. They make electric and gas cooktops.

Final Words on Best Gas Cooktop with Downdrafts

In a nutshell, a downdraft cooktop is a hit concept for a new-age fully functional kitchen. Especially; in those homes; where the architecture does not allow the installation of a range hood. Of course, the major drawback it has is the cost. But, it is a long-term investment. One investment will last for a decade at least. And the above cooktop with downdraft is among the best. So, choose the one that suits your need and budget; and have an experience of the new-age cooking.

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