Best Home Espresso Machine Under 200

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Building on its success, the Nespresso brand continues to offer new machines in partnership with manufacturers recognized for their reliability. The Nespresso Vertuo Next is a model whose design has been completely redesigned, while maintaining the performance and quality of the coffee obtained.

We review this machine to explain how it works and what changes compared to the old model. In our review, we found Nespresso Vertuo Next is one of the best home espresso machine under 200.

Nespresso Vertuo Next – Why best home espresso machine under 200?

On the design side, the Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee machine has squared, more modern lines than the one it replaces. Its look is resolutely turned towards the future and there is no doubt that it will have a small effect on the kitchen countertop. Moreover, the brand speaks of “urban design” in the presentation devoted to it, and we must admit that it is successful.

Note that the brand evokes a machine designed in a more sustainable way since it is made from 54% recycled plastics.

Regarding its power, it is 1260W in order to pre-heat quickly and provide coffee at the right temperature. Concretely, it takes about 30 seconds between the moment you press the button to turn it on and the moment you press a second time to start brewing coffee.

The capacity of the water tank is 1.1L . It’s slightly less than the previous model, but it’s still enough to make several coffees in a row without having to refill it.

Its weight is around 4Kg, in particular due to the upper metal part which is quite heavy. However, it is not a problem once it is put in a corner.

Here is a small summary table of the technical characteristics of the Nespresso Vertuo Next :

Water tank capacity1.1L
Preheating time30 seconds
Automatic ejection of the used capsuleYes
Capacity of used capsule container10 (approx)
Energy saving modeyes (after 2 minutes)
Adjustable cup holderyes (hooks for 3 levels, 4 if you remove it)
Coffee size4 different (from espresso to Alto)
Best espresso machine under 200
Best home espresso machine under 200 -Breville-Nespresso USA BNV550GRY1BUC1 Vertuo Next
Best home espresso machine under 200 -Breville-Nespresso USA BNV550GRY1BUC1 Vertuo Next

Coffee sizes available

The Nespresso Vertuo Next has the essential advantage of being able to make coffees of different sizes . There is clearly something for all tastes and desires. Each type of capsule corresponds to a capacity and they are as follows:

  • Coffee
  • Espresso & Double espresso:
  • Large Lungo
  • Mug
  • New pour-over style caraffe 532ml

This Espresso machine brews 6 sizes : Coffee (5 oz, 8 oz and 14 oz), Single & Double Espresso and Pour-over caraffe 18oz.

Best espresso machine under 200 - Nespresso Vertuo Next
Best espresso machine under 200 – Nespresso Vertuo Next

A fairly simple handling even allows you to customize the capacity for each capsule, for example if you like a longer or shorter coffee. To do this, simply insert the capsule of the initial size, press the button to start the preparation and keep it pressed until the desired capacity is obtained.

As for the price of capsules, it starts at 40 cents for espresso and goes up to around 70 cents for Yeti cup . These figures relate to the brand’s traditional coffees and not the limited editions or grands crus which may be more expensive.

The price is reasonable compared to the older generation capsules (those that do not have a barcode) and which start around 37 cents for an espresso.

The interesting features of the Nespresso Vertuo Next by Breville

Beyond its attractive design, this capsule coffee maker has many features that make it easy to use.

The single button

No need to worry about how to adjust the machine before making your first coffee, the Nespresso Vertuo Next has a single operating button. It is equipped with a small cup symbol and it is this that allows you to light it and start a coffee.

Energy saving mode

Nespresso machines have the particularity of stopping after 9 minutes without having been used. The new Nespresso Next has an energy saving mode which allows it to switch off automatically after just 2 minutes. This reduces the energy impact of the machine on the environment and on your bill.

Note that it is also possible to turn it off manually by pressing the button for 3 seconds.

Extend a coffee easily

Once the coffee is prepared, it can be lengthened within 45 seconds. To do this, nothing could be simpler: just press the button once, wait for the desired capacity to be reached, then press a second time to stop.

Bluetooth connectivity

Small peculiarity, this machine can be connected in Bluetooth to a Smartphone / tablet . Currently, Nespresso indicates that this is used to make updates to the machine’s internal software and to provide ever better coffee quality.

However, we can imagine that it is subsequently possible to start a coffee remotely or to program the time at which it must be ready in the morning, as is already possible with many devices. This is just speculation, but this connectivity could offer new features down the road.

If you do not want the machine to be connected, it is obviously possible to deactivate Bluetooth. The following manipulation must be carried out:

  • Unplug the machine from the power outlet and wait 10 seconds
  • Put the handle in the “locked” position
  • Press the button and reconnect the machine while keeping it pressed

The quality of the coffee obtained

The Nespresso Vertuo Next has a technology that has been developed by the brand: centrifusion.

The operation couples the prolonged brewing of the ground coffee with centrifugal force. It’s identical to the old Vertuo model, but very efficient. The coffees obtained have taste and it is possible to feel the aromas of the different vintages offered by the brand.

It really is one of the easiest ways to get great coffee, no matter the size you want, and in under a minute or two. What is interesting is that even the large capsules are capable of delivering strong coffees.

How to prepare a coffee with the Nespresso Vertuo Next?

As we have mentioned, this machine has a barcode reader which identifies the inserted capsule.

Preparing a coffee with the Nespresso Vertuo Next is therefore very simple and you just need to follow the following steps:

Easy Steps to make a Coffee
1.    Fill the water tank to the maximum or enough for the type of coffee you want to brew. If the tap water is very hard, do not hesitate to use bottled water or filter it first. This will increase the life of the machine.
2.    Lock the machine on top so you can turn it on and allow it to preheat.
3.    Place a cup on the cup holder, having previously adjusted its height. This is important to avoid splashing while brewing coffee.
4.    Unlock and open the top of the machine to place the capsule of your choice. The rounded side of the capsule should be inward.
5.    Close the machine and lock it again by turning the small handle.
6.    All you have to do is press the single button to start preparing your coffee. The used capsule will be automatically ejected the next time you open it.
Best home espresso machine under 200
Slim fit design - Best home espresso machine under 200
Slim fit design – Best home espresso machine under 200

Nespresso Vertuo Next: our opinion

Overall, the Nespresso Vertuo Next offers an attractive and modern design. Without a doubt, this is a top-of-the-line and easy-to-use model, and this is what the user tests show a lot. Its single button and barcode reader allow you to prepare coffee in the blink of an eye and without worrying about the volume of water to add.

Should we buy it?

If you don’t have a Vertuo machine yet, it’s a must-have if you’re a lover of good coffee and like to drink it at different times of the day. Indeed, the different possible sizes are the strong point of this model and the brand offers a wide selection. In our review we found Vertuo Next by Breville is the best home espresso machine under 200.

If you already have a Vertuo machine, you should know that the Nespresso Next offers only a few new features and does not necessarily justify getting it. You can still let yourself be tempted by its style or its greener side (made from 54% recycled plastics and standby mode from 2 minutes).

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