10 Best Induction Oven in India

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Introduction to Induction Cooktop

The continuous hike in the price of LPG really gives sleepless nights. Every month, this hike has been haunting the middle-class budget and we can do nothing. Actually, we can! We can switch to alternatives. And the best and popular one we have is induction cooktops. Honestly, it is an amazing appliance.

So, if you have planned or are planning to switch to an induction cooktop, then this is especially for you – best induction oven in India. And those who have not yet planned, have a read! This may change your mind.

What is Induction Cooktops?

An induction cooktop is a simple, easy-to-use electric cooktop that performs cooking without the use of flame.

It has been designed with electromagnetic waves that are the basis of heating. The electromagnetic field induces electric currents to the cookware, resulting in resistive heating. But, the appliance does not heat its surface. Thus, it is safe and eco-friendly.

Top 10 Induction Cooktop in India

Best Induction Cooktop Brands in IndiaPrice
1. Philips Viva Collection 4928/01 Induction CooktopCheck Price
2. Prestige PIC 20 Induction CooktopCheck Price
3. Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600 W Induction CooktopCheck Price
4. Havells Insta Cook PT 1600 Induction CooktopCheck Price
5. Philips Viva Collection HD 4938/01 Induction CooktopCheck Price
6. Pigeon Cruise 1800 W Induction CooktopCheck Price
7. Bajaj ICX 7 1900 W Induction CooktopCheck Price
8. IBell 2000 W Induction CooktopCheck Price
9. Impex Omega H4 Touch Control Induction CooktopCheck Price
10. Bajaj Majesty Mini 1200 W Induction CookerCheck Price
Best induction cooktop brands in India (price check)

1. Philips Viva Collection 4928/01 2100 W Induction Cooktop

With the concept of ‘Innovation & You’, this brand has been amazing us with high-quality products. And the Viva 4928/01 Induction Cooktop is no exception.

It is RoHS compliant appliance that ensures the use of no hazardous chemicals in its manufacture. And the features are enough to put it on the list of the best induction cooktops.

Philips induction cooktop review
Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooktop


  • RoHS compliant appliance with a 1-year warranty and extended warranty.
  • Has 6 pre-set menu option that can be customized for Indian dishes.
  • Features both auto-cook mode and manual mode to set the time and temperature.
  • Has an in-built timer of 0-3 hours.
  • Works on a different type of cookware.
  • Has easy to use touch control with start and auto-off option.
  • Fast cooking saves time and lock in nutrients.
  • Heat-resistant body.


  • There is no voltage regulator.
  • Slightly heavy.
  • Expensive.
  • While working may stop for a few second.

2. Latest Induction Cooktop: Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop

This is one of the best induction heater acclaimed for its quality and low price. This simple, easy to operate electric stove is good for a beginner. It fits well on your kitchen platform and cooks everything.

In fact, Prestige induction stove is one of the best induction oven in India.

Low price induction stove
Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop (Low price induction stove)


  • Has pre-set Indian menus to do all types of cooking.
  • Comes with a push-button for personalized cooking.
  • An automatic voltage regulator takes care of voltage fluctuation.
  • Anti-magnetic wall blocks surplus radiation.
  • User-friendly control option with automatic power and temperature settings.
  • The aerodynamic cooling system ensures a cool touch surface.
  • 1 year assured warranty.


  • Being 1200 W appliance takes time to cook.
  • Works only on stainless steel.

3. Best induction cooktop in India: Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600 W Induction Cooktop

Usha International company is a trusted and respectable name. The reason is their high-performing products. From home appliances to a kitchen appliance, all Usha products are built with this trust.

And Cook Joy (3616) induction cooktop is no exception. Its amazing features make it one of the best electric stove in India.

Best electric induction stove
Usha Cook Joy Induction Cooktop


  • Efficient appliance with great longevity.
  • Built with pan-sensor technology and power-saving intelligence.
  • Has 5 pre-set cooking options.
  • Features 3 hours in-built timer and temperature settings.
  • Has heat regulator and automatic voltage regulator with LED display unit.
  • Ceramic top plate distributes heat evenly.
  • Features manual setting and automatic power-saving mode.
  • Easy to operate the portable appliance with a 1-year warranty.


  • The instruction manual is slightly difficult to understand.
  • Has only 5 pre-set menu options.

4. Best electric stove in India: Havells Insta Cook PT 1600 Induction Cooktop

In recent years Havells has emerged as the leading electronic brand for kitchen home and personal care. Its world-class products with great features have earned the brand the title. Havells is a tough competitor to brand like Philips, Usha and Prestige.

And so does the Insta cook induction cooker to its contemporaries. Its sleek design at an affordable range with great efficiency and warranty makes it one of the best induction heater in India and abroad.

Best induction cooktop in India
Havells Insta Cook Induction Cooktop


  • Energy-efficient appliances with a 1-year warranty and extended warranty.
  • Has 6 pre-set menu options with variable power control to cook at the required temperature.
  • Built with auto-pan feature and the auto power feature.
  • Has a pre-set timer for up to 3 hours.
  • Sleek design with digital LED display and push-button.
  • Has a single-touch operating feature.
  • Price with range.


  • Heat up instantly so handle with care.
  • Support some dishes.

5. Philips Viva Collection HD 4938/01 2100 W Induction Cooktop (Beginner friendly induction cooktop)

If you are a novice in induction cooking, then Philips 4938/01cooker is the best solution for you. In fact, it is one of the best induction stove from the house of Philips available in India and abroad. Being a Philips product it is reliable and has RoHS compliance.

And the best part is, it is a pre-installed appliance. That means you can use it from the moment you buy the induction cooker.

Philips induction cooker best price
Philips induction cooker


  • Has a safe and high-quality all-glass body.
  • Being pre-installed can be used from the very moment of having it.
  • RoHS complaints’ appliance.
  • Features 10 pre-set menu to cook Indian dishes and keep warm mode.
  • Has user-friendly sensitive touch panel with Child lock facility.
  • Features 24 hour time and temperature control menu.
  • Also has a manual setting for easy cooking and an auto shut off feature.


  • Slightly heavy.
  • It is a bit overpriced.

6. Cheap induction cooktop: Pigeon Cruise 1800 W Induction Cooktop

Established in 1978, Pigeon is a well-known brand of kitchen appliances. The brand creates high-quality gas stoves, cookware, cooktops, that are stylish at the same time.

And Pigeon Cruise is no exception to these features. It is sleek, stylish with great functionality. It is counted among one of the top induction cooktops.

Pigeon cruise induction cooktop low price
Pigeon cruise induction cooktop


  • 1800 watt power consumption makes it energy efficient, saving 35% of energy.
  • Features dual heat sensor and smart timer for fast and hands-free cooking respectively.
  • 7 pre-set menu options with LED display.
  • A bigger heating surface accommodates big pots and ensures uniform heating.
  • Has a soft touch button and auto-shut feature.
  • Portable, takes less space.
  • Has superior-top for durable performance.


  • No pre-set Indian menu options.
  • The gap between the control panel and glass may allow water to enter the machine.

7. Low price induction stove: Bajaj ICX 7 1900 W Induction Chulha

In 80 years Bajaj has spread its wings over so many sectors. It is a successful name in the world of home utilities, automobiles and the economy. What is worth mentioning is, every sector it touched has a bond of trust and faith.

And the continuation is visible in the Bajaj Induction chulah. With all certainty, this is counted in the list of the best electric stoves in India. There is a reason for it. This Bajaj induction cooktop has many features.

Cheap induction oven in India
Bajaj ICX 7 1900 W Induction Cooktop


  • Has a stylish, sleek design with a cool-touch ceramic panel.
  • Features tact switch system and variable heat control to adjust the time and temperature respectively.
  • Has an overheat protection feature and auto-shut feature.
  • Built with internal voltage control to protect against power fluctuation.
  • Comes with a keep warm mode and a digital timer to do hands-free cooking.
  • Work on steel, cast iron and other compatible utensils.
  • Auto pan detection features switch off the mechanism on the uses of incompatible utensils.
  • Features 8 pre-set menu with versatile touch panel and easy to operate buttons.
  • Light in weight and portable.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The price of their Bajaj Induction chulah is high.
  • Buttons Mein feel cheap to use.

8. Portable Induction Heater: IBell 2000 W Induction Cooktop

Are you in search of a stylish induction cooker with great self-life? Well, the IBell induction cooker is perfect for you. It has a surface crafted with high-quality crystal glass that makes the heater sleek and stylish.

And at the same time, the induction cooktop offers great longevity of two years. Now think why this is one of the best induction cooktops?

Cheap induction cooker in India
IBell Induction Cooktop 2000W


  • Made with a high-quality crystal glass panel.
  • Comes with 1-year of standard and 1-year extended warranty on registration.
  • Built with auto-power saving Technology.
  • Has an in-built auto-voltage regulator and auto-shut feature.
  • Overheating protection provides safety.
  • A high-quality coil provides long life.
  • Pan detection feature detects incompatible cookware and shuts off the machine.
  • Features anti-magnetic wall.
  • An induction heater with a low price.


  • Unsuitable for heavy utensils.
  • Has no pre-set menu option. It has to be selected through a manual setting.

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9. Impex Omega H4 Touch Control Induction Cooktop

The USP of Impex lies in their craftsmanship. The brand designs premium quality kitchen appliances that add style to the kitchen. And with these prospects, it has designed the Omega H4 Touch Control induction cooktop.

This Impex induction cooker is not stylish but also durable. Built with study industry-grade microcrystal plate material, it can endure up to 30 kg of weight. Now, that is an amazing feature of an induction cooktop.

Impex Omega Touch Control Induction Cooktop
Impex Omega Touch Control Induction Cooktop


  • Have an alluring modern look with durability.
  • Has 8 variable power level with sensor touch buttons for quick and precise control.
  • Features overheating protection and overvoltage protection.
  • Features auto-shut facility and 3 hours pre-set timer for hands-free cooking.
  • Price lies within budget.


  • Heavy in weight.
  • Some units may have temperature control issues.

10. Bajaj Majesty Mini 1200 W Induction Cooker (the smallest induction cooker)

Have you ever heard of a mini induction cooker? Sounds unbelievable! Well, there is one from the house of Bajaj. The Bajaj Majesty Mini induction cooker. This is the smallest induction cooktop available.

But don’t go by the size. Though it comes in a small size, it has great durability and functionality. That’s why this induction stove has received good reviews from users.

Bajaj majesty mini induction cooker
Bajaj majesty mini induction cooker


  • Built with semi-polished crystal glass.
  • Has 2 pre-set menu options.
  • Compact in size.
  • Very durable. Can withstand a large pressure cooker up to 5 litres.
  • Feature tact switch control and 1 digital display.
  • Power cord storage facility available.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Available in colours.
  • Portable and affordable.


  • No timer function.
  • Only 2 pre-set menu is available.

Advantages of Induction oven

The induction cooktop has become a must-have in the kitchen because of its amazing features. These features make it worthy of investment. They are as follows:

Save time

An induction cooktop saves up to 35% of your cooking time. The reason is, fast heating and cooking that it conducts than conventional stoves.

Safe to use

Since there is no use of flame the chance of burning accident on induction cooker is absolutely zero. In fact, while cooking the surrounded surface and the body stays cool to the touch.


Induction cooktops do not emit any toxic gases, nor does it radiate heat to the atmosphere. It doesn’t warm up the environment. Now, this means the surrounding environment stays cool and clean.


Induction cookers are small in size and light in weight. Also, they take less space and are easy to operate. As a result, you can carry it wherever you want. Besides, it requires low maintenance. Its smooth surface is easy to clean.


Induction cooktops are available at a low price. Infact, the basic price of a high-quality cooktop falls within budget.

Types of Induction cooktops

Though the journey began with one type of cooker, now induction cooker is available in various types. There are single-element, double element, multi-element and built-in induction stoves.

Single-element induction cooktops

Ideal for a bachelor, couples or small families, these cooktops have a single cooking zone. You can cook all types of dishes on it but not simultaneously. A single element induction cooktop can be carried anywhere. They are the lowest price cooktops.

Double-element induction cooktops

An induction cooker is also available with a 2 burner or double cooking zone. These are the latest versionsideal for simultaneous cooking, like conventional cooktops. Double-element cooktops are ideal for families.

Multi-element induction cooktops

With multiple cooking zones, this type of induction cooktops is perfect for your large families. These stoves consume a power of 3600 W. These type of induction cooktops are costly than the above two.

Built-in induction cooktops

Designed for kitchen platform these induction cooktops are a replacement for your conventional stoves. Built-in induction stoves come with at least 2 burners. This electric stove has heat resistant glass and a sleek design that add style to the kitchen. Perfect for your family, they are the expensive versions of induction cooktops.

The Final Verdict – Best Induction Oven in India

This is the brief informative details about the best induction cooktops you get in India. The way induction cooktop gained significance, it is important to have a good idea about them. And here we have done that.

Though they are available offline, induction cooktops are also available in online portals. From the comfort of your home, you can choose the appropriate one and get it delivered to your doorstep.

The choice is yours!

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