10 Best Kitchen Hobs in India

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Remodeling your kitchen! That’s great news! I hope you have sorted the appliances. And, what about the cooktop? Well, I have a suggestion to make. Get a kitchen hob. Yes, you heard it right, a kitchen hob that performs well in the kitchen.

Haven’t you ever wished of cooking on a hob top? So, when you have got the chance, fulfill it. And, don’t worry about which is the best kitchen hob? Where to buy it from? etc. The job is already done, some of the readers asked us to review best hob in India. Hence this article is about the best kitchen hobs in India, along with a buyer’s guide.

Difference between a hob and a gas stove: the simplified version

The kitchen hob is a modified version of a conventional gas stove. In contrast to gas stoves, hobs offer additional benefits. Smart and stylish, the hob elevates the look and functionality of the kitchen to a whole new level.

Hobs and gas stoves differ primarily in their structure. Gas stoves have a standalone built that can be placed anywhere inside or outside the house. But, with a built-in design, hobs are fitted into your kitchen platform. That is why they are sturdier with powerful burners and strong support grills to sustain heavy cookware. Hobs save ample space on your platform. And they are easy to clean. But, yes, they are expensive. If you are interested then read Best Induction cooktop in India.

Editors Choice

Best 4 burner gas hob in India

Bosch Built in 4 Burner Gas Hob

  • Single handed ignition via control knobs
  • side-mounted controls

Best Kitchen Hobs in India

Best Hob Brands in IndiaView on Amazon
1iBELL AERO3BGH 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas HobCheck Price
2Bosch Built in 4 Burner Gas HobCheck Price
3Faber 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas HobCheck Price
4Glen 3 Burner Built-in Glass Gas HobCheck Price
5Kaff CRH 603 Auto Ignition Tornado Fire BurnersCheck Price
6Whirlpool 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas StoveCheck Price
7Elica 4 Burner Italian Auto Ignition Glass Top HobCheck Price
8Prestige PHTS 03 Best hob for Indian CookingCheck Price
9Wonderchef Octavia Glass Hob Top 4 Burner Gas StoveCheck Price
10Sunflame Excel Best 3 Burner Hob in IndiaCheck Price

1. iBELL AERO – Best 3 Burner Gas Hob in India

The hob that earned the first place in the best gas hobs in India is Aero Hob by iBell. A classy, stylish hob with great design, it has all the essential features for Indian cooking. Its high-end tempered glass top is scratch-resistant. Reviews say such. The 3-burner hob has high-quality burners that can withstand extreme heat and unique pan support to support the heaviest cookware comfortably.

But, the best parts are yet to come, and here they are. All three burners are well-spaced, perfect for simultaneous use. The brand assures a 5-year warranty. I repeat the 5-year warranty, 1-year standard warranty, and 4-year warranty on burners, valves, and glass surface on free registration.

3 burner gas hob in India with auto ignition
3 Burner gas hob in India with auto ignition


  • The classy and chic look complements the kitchen decor.
  • Very user-friendly.
  • Well-spaced burners are perfect for simultaneous operation.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Come with a 5-year warranty.


  • Consume space.
  • No installation is offered by the maker.
  • The auto-ignition system takes little time to light up the burner.

2. Bosch POH6B6B10I – Best 4 Burner Gas Hob in India (Built-in gas hob)

When it comes to quality, durability, and reliability, the German brand Bosch is a name to trust. The performance of its world-class products has always been impressive. And this 4-burner gas hob is no exception. Its sleek, stylish designer build ensures superb usability and saves a lot of space. Its high-class built, great design, efficient performance, and easy installation maintain the brand value, making it one of the best hob brands in India.

The 4-burner hob is designed with a flame failure safety feature that makes it one of the safest gas hobs available. The burner comes with steel support for the proper placement of cookware. And the premium quality connecting cord ensures there is no leakage of gas.

Best 4 burner gas hob in India
Best 4 burner gas hob in India


  • Has a stylish, sleek all-black body.
  • Feature side, sword-control knobs.
  • The glass surface is easy to clean and maintain.
  •  A space-saving hob with flame failure protection.
  •  Highly efficient.


  • Expensive.
  • The European gas input nozzle needs an adapter.
  • Installation is not provided.

3. Faber 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Hob

The next best hob in India review examines Faber’s built-in hob top. The name sounds familiar, right? So many times have you come across the brand name in advertisements while searching for other appliances? Now, let’s come to the subject. If the question is how good the Faber hob is? Then I must say, it is acclaimed as one of the best in-built hobs in India. And here are the reasons.

The Faber Maxus HT604 CRS BR CI AI hob top has every feature that hob tops have in general. It has a sleek and aesthetic look that elevates the decor of the kitchen. Its surface is covered with 8mm thick heat-resistant, scratch-resistant super-strong glass. Just be fearless about using your bulky cookware on it; the heavy-duty cast-iron pan protection supports the heaviest cookware comfortably. And its stylish chrome auto-igniting knobs rotate smoothly to light the flame in one go.

Faber 4 burner auto ignition gas hob
Faber 4 burner auto ignition gas hob


  • A sleek, aesthetic look elevates the kitchen decor.
  • The surface and other parts are easy to clean and maintain.
  • The stylish chrome knobs rotate smoothly.
  • Supports the heaviest cookware.
  • Ensures simultaneous cooking.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Expensive.
  • No built-in flame failure protection.
  • Knobs are close to the burner on the right side.

4. Glen 3 Burner Built-in Glass Gas Hob (1063 SQ DB)

The next best hob stove in India is by an Indian brand operating since 1999. Presenting glen 1063 gas hob. It is accounted as one of the best built-in hobs in India. And the credit goes to its compact, stylish all-black look, impressive auto-ignition, vitreous pan support, and high precision gas valve. But, the best part is its good space between the three burners.

The hob has forged brass burners with a double flame ring that promotes faster, efficient cooking. Its super strong enameled pan support supports large bulky cookware to cook a big batch of food. One of the best features the gas hob has is its high-precision gas valve. The valve keeps the simmer setting of the flame on in the presence of gusts of wind. The hop top gas stove is compatible with LPG and can be converted to PNG connections.

Glen 3 burner glass top cooktop
Glen 3 burner glass top cooktop


  • Impressive battery-operated auto-ignition.
  • Dual ignition facility; can be light manually.
  • Enough space between the three burners facilitates simultaneous cooking.
  • Flame stays on in a gust of wind.
  • Compatible with LPG, can be converted to PNG.
  • Compact and affordable.


  • No flame failure mechanism.
  • Does not have a stand.

5. Kaff CRH 603 Auto Ignition Tornado Fire Burners Gas Hob

One of the best-trusted appliance brands of India presents one of the best hobs for Indian kitchens. Presenting, Kaff CRH 603 Built-in Hob with dual and triple-flame ring and heavy-duty enameled pan support. It has an 8 mm thick tempered glass surface that can withstand high heat and temperature. It is one of the compact kitchen hobs that fit perfectly in a small kitchen.

Being one of the best hob top gas stoves in India, it has high-quality fixtures. They are heavy-duty enameled pan support, easy-grip auto-ignition metal knobs. There is no doubt that this hob is a worthwhile investment.

Kaff CRH 603 Auto Ignition Tornado Fire Burners
Kaff CRH 603 Auto Ignition Tornado Fire Burners


  • Compact and space-saving.
  • Heavy-duty pan support supports bulky cookware.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Promotes faster and efficient cooking.
  • Come with a 2-year warranty.
  •  Affordable.


  • The surface gets hot at times.

6. Whirlpool 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Brilliant performance and excellent quality are synonymous with Whirlpool. That is why the brand has held its place despite tough competition. And now, it has entered the world of gas stoves and hob tops. Presenting one of the best gas hob brands in India with its best hob for Indian cooking. Presenting, Whirlpool Elite HD 604 Gas Hob.

Built with 6th Sense technology, its Intellicook brass burners offer efficient multi-control flame levels. In simple words, it has a high flame and simmers option that perfectly suits Indian cooking. Its heat-resistant, toughened glass surface can withstand years of use. And, the best part is, there is 10 years warranty on the glass surface. But, that’s not all.

You get an additional 5-years warranty on the brass burners and gas valve. And let’s not talk about the sleek auto-igniting knobs. We know how heat-resistant they ignite the flame in one go.

Whirlpool 4 burner auto ignition gas stove in India
Whirlpool 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove


  • Designed with 6th Sense technology.
  • Has Intellicook brass burners.
  • Cook food in no time.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • 10-years warranty on the glass surface and 5-years on brass burners and gas valves.


  • Expensive.

7. Elica 4 Burner Italian Auto Ignition Glass Top Hob

Elica is known for its budget-friendly, high-performance products. And this time also maintained its reputation in the Flexi HCT 470 DX Lotus hob top. It is a sophisticated, chic hob top with Italian Sabaf burner. The burner has multiple flame rings that initiate faster, efficient cooking. Elica has designed the hob as a free-standing hob top and a built-in hob top. And that makes the installation very easy.

But, do you know the best thing about this kitchen hob? It has a 360-degree rotating knob. With an ultra-slim structure, it consumes less space in the kitchen. And it consumes less LPG.

best gas hob in India
Elica 4 Burner Italian Auto Ignition Glass Top Hob


  • Sleek, sophisticated, ultra-slim design.
  • Initiates faster and efficient cooking.
  • Consumes less LPG.
  • Scratch, heat, and corrosion-resistant glass top.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Affordable.
  • Both a free-standing and built-in hob top.


  • The auto-ignition feature needs improvement.
  • Large burners need flame precision.

8. Prestige PHTS 03 Best Hob for Indian Cooking

Prestige brings a dual functional gas top. What is a dual-functional gas top? A stovetop you can use as an in-built hob and as a free-standing stove. The hob top has a dual-tone toughened Schott glass surface that imparts a sophisticated, modern look.

Prestige has used 3 Sabaf burners that consume less energy and distribute heat evenly to the cookware. This is the world’s slimmest stovetop that gives a joyous cooking experience. It is the only cooktop with a returnable policy. Just, return it in 10 days if its performance is unsatisfactory or you face any issue.

Prestige PHTS 03 best hob for Indian cooking
Prestige best kitchen hob in India


  • A built-in hob as well as a free-standing cooktop.
  • Has an ultra-slim body with a convertible design.
  • Consumes less gas.
  • Come with a 2-year warranty and a 10-day returnable policy.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Affordable.


  • Glass quality is not up to the mark.
  • The auto-ignition system needs improvement.

9. Wonderchef Octavia Best 4 Burner Hob in India

Are you reluctant about the auto-ignition feature and want a gas hob with a manual ignition feature? Then the Wonderchef Octavia glass hob top is a recommended product. It has forged brass burners that save fuel by distributing the heat evenly and ensuring faster cooking.

Its smart-pan lock feature ensures stability and no wobbling during placing and removing the pan. The hob includes a square drip tray so that spills do not create mess or grease. And last but not least, it has manual-igniting elegant, comfortable knobs with precision flame control.

Wonderchef Octavia best 4 burner hob in India
Wonderchef Octavia Glass Hob Top 4 Burner Gas Stove


  • Fuel-efficient burners.
  • Sleek, elegant hob top.
  • Manual ignition knob.
  • Has smart-pan lock feature.
  • 2-years warranty on the glass surface and 5-years warranty on burners and gas valves.
  • Affordable.


  • Heavyweight.

10. Sunflame Excel 3B Countertop Hob

In the list of the best-inbuilt hobs in India, the next slot goes to Sunflame Excel 3-burner Countertop Hob. Sunflame is a reputed name in the world of gas stoves and hobs. The brand is known for its quality ranges at pocket-friendly prices, which is found in this hob top.

Available at a very economical price, the Excel hob top has a forged brass burner, which boosts hassle-free efficient cooking. It comes with a stainless steel drip tray to absorb the spillage and promote no messy cooking. You can easily wipe off the contents after cooking. Its elegant, stylish appearance is simply irresistible.

Sunflame excel best 3 burner hob in India
Sunflame Excel best 3 burner hob in India


  • ISI-certified cooktop.
  • Ergonomic flame-precision knob.
  • Well-spaced burners.
  • Easy to clean surface and drip tray.
  • 5-years guarantee on the fuel-efficient brass burners,
  •  Affordable.


  • Users have not mentioned any negative points yet.

Buying Guide for Kitchen Hob

The first thought to strike is what factors should be considered while choosing a kitchen hob. Of course, they are size, types, number, and types of burners, pan supports, surface, etc. Down below is detailed information on every factor:

1. Types of Hobs

The market offers a variety of kitchen hobs. And here is the detail about every type so that you can choose the correct one you need.

i. Gas hobs

Gas hobs are the most prevalent hobs in an Indian kitchen. There are three reasons for it. It is easy to operate, supports the use of all cookware, and has impressive accessibility. Gas kitchen hobs have a smooth, easy-to-clean glass surface that has a good lifespan. Equally brilliant is the flame control feature.

ii. Electric hobs

You will admit to me that induction hob top is the most popular electric hobs around the world. However, electric hobs have 2 more types besides induction hobs; solid plate hobs and ceramic plate hobs. Each of them is briefly described. But, before that, what is an electric hob?

An electric hob uses electricity for cooking. And the whole process is done through the heating system placed below the ceramic plates. On that note, the added safety features protect the ceramic plate from over-heating. Electric hobs are stylish and can be used for baking also. And now, it is time for the 3 types of electric hob.

iii. Solid plate hobs

 Solid plates are the budget-friendly electric hob. If your budget is limited and you want an electric hob, solid plates are the best. But, yes, they consume more energy than the other two, so the heating and cooling process is slower in comparison to the other two. Also, for the same reason controlling heat is a bit difficult.

iv. Ceramic hobs

Ceramic hobs are stylish, chic, and expensive electric hobs. They are easy to clean but a bit difficult to control heat. On a ceramic hob, there are pattern zones that indicate the size and location of the heat source.

v. Induction hobs

The most energy-efficient electric hobs are the induction hobs. And we know that very well. Induction hobs are the modified, expensive version of electric hobs. But, induction hobs consume minimal energy.

 Induction hobs get activated when the cookware placed on it heats up through the iron-based magnetic type spiral copper coil placed below the surface. In simple words, it has a unique heating system that works by heating the cookware. And once the cookware is removed it cools down fast, reducing chances of burning.

To know more about portable induction cooktops, check the 10 best induction ovens in India.

2 burner gas stove in India
Choose number of burners you need carefully

2. Size of the Hob:

Kitchen space is a prime factor while choosing a hob. After all, will you like to face a space crunch after getting a new hob? Of course, not. So, have a good idea about the space on the kitchen platform, and the feasibility of the gas connection. For reference, the size of a hob ranges from 60 cm-90 cm. and 60 cm is the most preferred size.

i. Consider the number of burners

The more the burner, the faster cooking you can do and wind up the task; or, the more dishes you can make at a time.

In general, hobs come with three burners or four burners. Four burners or less are perfect for a medium-sized family or when you don’t have to cook large quantities. In fact, they are the most chosen burners.

But, large hobs with five burners are also available. They have four small burners at the corner and one WOK burner in the middle. 5 burner hobs have more space than the four burners, but it is not spacious to cook five dishes at a time.

ii. Consider the type of burner

There are 3 types of burners; sealed burners, standing pilot, and electric ignition.

Sealed burners are fused with the gas stove by a bowl that collects spills and debris.

Electric ignition is the most common type of burner. With a clicking sound, electric sparks ignite the burners and can be regulated by a rotating knob.

Standing pilot

Standing pilot burner refers to the burner with a constant burning flame beneath the gas stove. They consume more energy.

3. Hob surface:

The surface of hobs is made up of stainless or tempered glass that is easy to clean and maintain, resistant to temperature, scratch, and corrosion. The tempered glass surface imparts a stylish, elegant, and sophisticated look that complements the kitchen decor.

4. Ignition system

Gas hobs come with auto-ignition features. This allows us to ignite the burners by simply turning the knob. The auto-ignition system is connected to an electrical source with a chord that produces the spark. Some hobs have batteries for this purpose. However, certain hobs also have a manual ignition system, like Wonderchef Octavia. And some both of them like Glen 1063 hob top.

5. Pan supports

Cookware is of two types; flat-bottom and round-bottom. And a gas hob is designed to support every cookware. So, every burner of a kitchen hob comes with pan support which allows proper placement of the utensils and prevents them from wobbling.

Pan support must be detachable for easy cleaning. And it should have a cast-iron composition with an enamel coating that adds strength, durability and prevents chipping.

6. Control and safety features

Every kitchen hob is designed with an appealing flame control knob placed upfront or on the side of the surface. Moreover, the knobs have rubber gaskets that prevent the seepage of water.

Now, let’s come to the safety features. Most gas hobs are built with a flame guard that prevents any kind of gas leakage or accidents. The flame guard actually stops the gas supply in case the flame extinguishes.

7. Enough Space to Cook

While choosing the kitchen hob, check the space between the burners. Whether it is a 3-burner or 4-burner hob, ensure each burner has a distance between them. Else, the flame won’t reach the cookware, and you won’t have a joyous experience. Well-known brands design their hobs with adequate distance between the burners based on that reference.

8. Easy to clean and maintain.

Kitchen hobs are built with a simple, sturdy design that requires little maintenance and cleaning. Make sure to clean the surface with water and liquid soap once a week. This frees it from rust, dust, and food particles and retains the shine of the surface.

9. Performance

Performance is the most important feature. The same is true for a hob. Top-class models have outstanding performance without any disturbance.

But, a poor performance kitchen hob will generate unsatisfactory results, and it cannot be replaced by arguing with the maker.

10. Quality of the material

Every hob has a stylish, appealing look, and that is not the crucial factor. What is important is the quality of the composition. Steel and glass are the primary materials used in the making of a kitchen hob. But, your choice should be based upon the quality of the material. Else you have to invest more in repair than you did on the purchase.

11. Price and Manufacturer’s warranty

We have reached the last segment of the buyer’s guide, and it is price and warranty. Well, price is significant for any product you buy. But, a high-end hob from a renowned brand with outstanding features and performance requires a good investment.

Now, it depends upon your requirements and your wallet what is best for you. But, yes, always go for a reputed brand with a good warranty so that you may face no issues.

Use a kitchen chimney
Don’t forget to install a kitchen chimney

Some Exciting Features of Kitchen Hobs

Apart from the basic features, both electric and gas hobs have certain added features that are really smart. However, only some are available depending upon their construction, design, and usage, and the best kitchen hob should have at least one of the added features. Here are the features in detail.

i. Child safety control

Children are known for their inquisitive minds. As a result of their curiosity and unawareness, they are more prone to danger. Hobs are therefore designed with child-safe controls to prevent misuse of the stove setting.

ii. Auto-shut feature

Hobs are designed with an auto-shut feature that shuts off the power as soon as cooking is done.

iii. Overspill protection

Overspill protection is a feature that detects the spillage on the burner and turns them off immediately. This feature is prevalent in electric stoves and helpful to homemakers who do multiple chores at a time.

iv. Flame failure protection feature

Flame failure is dangerous. There can be many reasons behind flame failure like over-spillage on burners, interrupted gas supply, faulty chimney, and many more. As prevention of such danger, flame failure protection has made entry.

The flame failure protection feature prevents the entrance of flammable gas into the burner. The electromagnetic coil within the valve holds the device and turns off the flame when there is a flame failure, thereby eliminating the chance of an attack.

v. Timer

Most kitchen hobs come with an added timer that turns off the hob automatically when the time is reached. You just need to set the appropriate time for cooking and do the other works. It will shut off as soon as the set time is reached.

vi. Removable control knob

The removable control knob is nothing but a rotary knob that controls the knob with input. A removable control knob will not change the flame until the position knob is changed to high-medium-low levels.

Simple Tips and Precautions for Using Kitchen Hobs

You already know about the best kitchen hob in India. Now learn the tips and tricks about its installation, use, and maintenance.

  • Have enough space on your kitchen counter to install the hob.
  • There should be enough space in the kitchen to move and maintain distance after installation.
  • Tilting of cylinder horizontally is strictly prohibited when the flame is on.
  • To switch off the flame, first, close the regulating valve, then turn off the burner. The process cut down the gas supply, and no gas remains back in the pipe
  • Turn off the flame before removing the cookware from the burner.
  • Never place any flammable items, boxes, and plastic items on the top of the burner.
  • Over-boiling food causes spillage that puts out the flame leaving the gas on. This increases the chance of a fire outbreak or explosion.
  • Clean the hob burners with liquid detergent or soap and water and keep under sunlight for 15-20 minutes for drying. The whole process will free them from grease, dust, and food particles.
  • To clean the surface, remove all the removable parts of the burner and the cooktop and soak them in hot water mixed with liquid soap.
  • Please contact the applicable authority if you encounter difficulties.

Best Hob Brands in India

  1. iBELL AERO3BGH 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Hob
  2. Bosch Built in 4 Burner Gas Hob
  3. Faber 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Hob
  4. Glen 3 Burner Built-in Glass Gas Hob
  5. Kaff CRH 603 Auto Ignition Tornado Fire Burners
  6. Whirlpool 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove
  7. Elica 4 Burner Italian Auto Ignition Glass Top Hob
  8. Prestige PHTS 03 best hob for Indian cooking
  9. Wonderchef Octavia Glass Hob Top 4 Burner Gas Stove
  10. Sunflame Excel 3B Countertop Hob

Frequently asked questions about best kitchen hobs in India

Which is the best hob in India?

The best kitchen hob in India is the Bosch POH6B6B10I glass hob.

Which is the best 3-burner hob top in India?

Ibell Aero Hob is the 3-burner hob in India.

Is a hob suitable for Indian cooking?

Initially, a European concept, hobs are now designed with double ring flame that is suitable for any Indian cooking.

Which is the best stainless steel hob in India?

Kaff, one of the best kitchen hob brands in India, manufactures the best stainless steel hob.

What is the kitchen hob price in India?

The price of kitchen hobs in India ranges between 9000 and 27000.

Which burner is better, brass or aluminum?

Brass burner is always the best. It has great longevity and durability. Moreover, many reputed brands offer warranties on brass burners.

Which is better, gas stove or hob in India?

A hob is a smart, compact gas stove with great functionality. But, if you are still reluctant, you can prefer a classy, elegant hob-cum-gas stove. And the best freestanding gas-cum-hob stove is the Prestige 40557 gas stove.

Final Words – Best Kitchen Hobs in India

And with we come to the end of the article. We hope you have chosen the hob best for your kitchen at your price range. And if you want something different, the buyer’s guide will be of great help. Whatever you choose, please follow the do’s and don’ts to have a lovely experience.

And meet you soon, with some other kitchen tools.

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