8 Best Outdoor Propane Deep Fryers (Buyers Guide Included)

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Fried food is a crowd-puller, whether- it is the French fries, the southern-crust crispy chicken, or the gluttonous donuts. And, if you fry them outdoors under the open sky, amidst the surrounding greens, they are tastier.

Outdoors didn’t always have the ease of making these foods, but with portable propane deep fryers: the game changed. With these outdoor fryers, get the delicious fried food experience anywhere– in your backyard, on a picnic, or on camping trips! They are safe and easy.

Here are the 8 best outdoor propane deep fryers in the market. Check them below and get the best deal today!

With our detailed reviews and comprehensive buyer’s guide, you can pick the perfect outdoor deep fryer.

8 Best Propane Deep Fryer for Outdoor Use (Compared)

  • Editor’s choice: Barton High-Pressure Freestanding Deep Fryer
  • Popular Choice: King Kooker 12RTFBF3 Propane Outdoor Deep Fryer
  • Best Equipped: CreoleFeast TFS3010 Propane Fryer
  • Best Price: King Kooker 1618 Propane Outdoor Cooker
  • Best Technology: Bayou Classic 700-725 2.5-gal Stainless Steel Outdoor Deep Fryer
  • Best Safe & Secure: VIVOHOME Propane Turkey Deep Fryer
  • Best Efficiency: Bioexcel Taco Cart Deep Fryer
  • Best Portability: R & V Works Propane Cajun Fryer

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1. King Kooker 12RTFBF3 Propane Outdoor Deep Fryer

The X-factor: This is the propane deep fryer with an auto-shut feature.

Product Details: King Kooker has designed this outdoor deep fryer with an auto-shut feature that automatically cuts off the gas flow, shutting down the flame every 15 minutes. It ensures safe cooking and prevents food from burning. The gas flow resumes quickly and with ease to continue the cooking.

This propane turkey deep fryer consists of aluminum pots of 29-quart, which can hold a 20-pound turkey and 11-quart to fry big batches at once with two aluminum baskets. The kit includes- a splash-proof lid, turkey rack and lifting hook, battery-operated timer, and deep fry thermometer to keep the oil temperature under surveillance.

This portable propane fryer features a heavy-duty welded frame, which sits on any landform– paved or unpaved ground. It is fitted with a 33,000 BTU cast iron burner, listed Hose pipe, and an adjustable regulator, so you can adjust the flame as you need.

King Kooker outdoor propane Fryer review
King Kooker 12RTFBF3 outdoor propane Fryer



  • CSA-certified design.
  • Heat-resistant handles.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Flimsy aluminum.
  • Low BTU range.

2. Creole Feast TFS3010 Propane Turkey and. Fish Fryer Boiler Steamer Set

The X-factor: Pots with oil scale to prevent overfilling and overflowing.

Product Details: The 30-quart and 10-quart aluminum pots of this outdoor deep fryer feature an oil scale in the internal walls so you can put the exact quantity of oil and fry a whole turkey of 20 pounds or big batches without oil spilling or overflowing.

The 2-in-1 turkey and fish fryer features a 50,000 BTU cast iron burner and an air control panel with resistant mesh. The mesh control oxygen and the gas flow resulting in a clean and blue flame. So, even if the weather is windy, cook hassle-free on it. Its welded sturdy steel stand with triangle legs gives a firm grip to the whole unit, preventing tipping.

This one of the best outdoor deep fryer kits includes a lid, two baskets for frying and steaming, a perforated turkey rack, a multifunctional lifting hook, a marinade injector syringe, and a deep-fry thermometer to check the oil temperature.

Creole Feast TFS3010 Propane fryer review
Creole Feast TFS3010 Propane fryer



  • Fry, boil, and cook.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Shorter.
  • Thin aluminum.

3. King Kooker 1618 Propane Outdoor Cooker

The X-factor: The outdoor deep fryer with a recessed top.

Product Details: The 16-inch outdoor propane deep fryer comes with a recessed and heat-resistant top that adds extra safety. While cooking or taking out the batches of fried chicken, fish, donuts, and hush-puppies, your hand remains safe from getting burnt.

King Kooker has designed this fish fryer with a powerful cast-iron burner of 54,000 BTU to serve lip-smacking fries to the guests in no time and listed the lp Hose pipe and adjustable regulator. The hose has a type 1 connection, which ensures an easy connection safe from leakage.

It is an outdoor propane fish fryer consisting of a 15-quart aluminum oil tank and two aluminum baskets, which sit side—by—side. Thus cooking a big batch or varieties for the feast can be done simultaneously. It also features a deep-fry thermometer to check the hotness of the oil.

King Kooker 1618 outdoor propane cooker review
King Kooker 1618 propane outdoor cooker



  • CSA- certified design.
  • Perfect for outdoor parties and picnics.
  • Easy to port and clean.
  • Value for money.


  • Without lid.
  • The aluminum vessel can be sturdier.

4. Bayou Classic 700-725 2.5-gal Stainless Steel Outdoor Deep Fryer

The X-factor: The deep fryer that keeps the oil clean for a long.

Product Details: This propane deep fryer has an innovative V-bottom that collects the loose batter or the residue under the heat source, preventing it from getting burnt and tampering with the taste of the oil. As a result, the oil stays clean and reusable for a long time.

This fryer features the concept of heating oil “inside out”. Intense hot air from the horizontally mounted rear jet burner passes through the inner vent tub, under the oil, and exits safely through the vertical exhaust. This process heats the oil but does not heat the bottom of the reservoir.

This 2.5 gal’s propane fryer has sturdy stainless steel housing. The housing and the oil draining valve make cleaning easy. Also, the two mesh baskets and the 48-inch braided hose pipe have the same construction. The other attachments are a deep-fry thermometer, a 10-psi preset regulator, and a 3/8-inch Flore swivel setting.

Bayou Classic 700-725 propane fryer for outdoor cooking
Bayou Classic 700-725 propane fryer



  • Convert into table-top or freestanding.
  • Reduce oil expenses.
  • Even uniform cooking.


  • High-priced.

5. Barton High-Pressure Freestanding Deep Fryer

The X-factor: The double-burner portable outdoor deep fryer.

Product Details: To cook a humungous quantity of crispy fried chicken, French fries, and donuts so that no one waits: Barton has designed this portable propane deep fryer with double burners. It features 58,000 BTU range cast-iron burners with flame control knobs for more efficient frying without overcooking.

It is a triple basket outdoor fryer-two medium baskets and one jumbo basket, with big detachable, washable oil tanks to cook big batches and varieties at once. The oil tanks and the baskets are from stainless steel. It also has a third basket for gloves storage.

 Ideal for the outdoor venue: this freestanding propane fryer has a heavy-duty cast-iron frame finished with a heat-resistant coating that gives its long-lasting durability and resistance to corrosion. It has a 10-PSI hose fitted to make the hose-to-burner connection easy and secure.

Barton high pressure propane deep fryer for camping
Barton high-pressure propane deep fryer



  • Easy to clean.
  • 4-swivel caster wheel for mobility.
  • Include an oil-monitoring deep-fry thermometer.


  • High-priced.
  • Devoid of lids and gas-flow regulator.

6. VIVOHOME Propane Turkey Deep Fryer

The X-factor: It is an outdoor deep fryer with zero risk of tipping.

Product Details: Vivohome has designed its outdoor propane deep fryer with extra stability and security. It features a black-painted triangle-shaped steel stand with adjustable safeguard fences that prevent the frying pot from tipping while the base is round to ensure a firm grip over the ground surface.

This propane turkey deep fryer, for faster and more efficient cooking, features a 54,000 BTU cast-iron burner with a 10-psi pressure regulator. So you can adjust the gas flow easily. Its 30-quart frying pot and baskets are of durable aluminum, which conducts optimal heat for cooking the perfectly crispy outside juicy inside fries.

Like its contemporaries, this fryer comes with several equipment-marinade injecting syringes, a long probe precise thermometer, and chrome-plated hangers for taking out the turkey conveniently.

Vivohome aluminum turkey deep fryer review
Vivohome aluminum turkey deep fryer



  • Fry, boil, and cook.
  • Can hold the 20-pound turkey.
  • Easy to move, use, and clean.
  • Reasonable.


  • Short height.
  • Unfavorable to windy weather.

7. Bioexcel Taco Cart Deep Fryer

The X-factor: This deep fryer makes putting and taking out the fries more convenient.

Product Details: This outdoor fish fryer not just cooks the perfect crispy and juicy fries but makes the incorporation and take-outs more convenient. This fryer features a multipurpose stainless steel rack to place the service plates or the ready-to-fry delicacies and a set of hanging rod to drain excess oil.

This outdoor fried chicken fryer comes with two stainless steel frying tanks with an oil capacity of 1.5 to 2 gallons and big chrome-plated mesh baskets to fry large quantities at once. The frying tanks and the baskets are removable and easy to clean. So does the multipurpose rack.

This double burner deep fryer has a heavy-duty construction with detachable legs, which make it a tabletop and a freestanding appliance. It has 65,000 BTU cast-iron burners with temperature control knobs to customize the heat; as needed. For easy and safe portability, it has a handle.

Bioexcel taco cart outdoor propane deep fryer
Bioexcel taco cart outdoor deep fryer



  • Splash-protecting lids.
  • 10-inch heat-resistant handles.
  • 5-PSI hose pipe attached with a pressure regulator.


  • High-priced.

8. R & V Works Propane Cajun Fryer

The X-factor: A wheeled deep fryer to serve hungry party-goers.

Product Details: So the hungry invitees do not have to wait long, this outdoor Cajun fryer comes with a 4-gallon capacity and two big frying baskets, each of which can serve 25-30 people in an hour. But the best part is the 8-inch rubber wheels with a stand that make portability easy and lock it to the ground while cooking.

This Cajun deep fryer has a specially designed burner/heating element of 90,000 BTU placed 6 inches above the oil tank at an angle of 45˚ so that the residue does not fall at the bottom and collect on the heating element. The oil heats up, cooks, and stays clean for reuse.

The deep fryer features a thermometer at the front wall that monitors the temperature of the oil while cooking and a drain valve near the bottom of the oil reservoir to drain and store used oil for future use.

R & V Works Cajun Fryer
R & V Works Cajun Fryer



  • Elegant charcoal black model.
  • 70% oil expense reduction.
  • Attached shelf.


  • High-priced.

Benefits of Using a Propane Deep Fryer:

When you have electric options, why go for an LPG or propane deep fryer? Well, there are good reasons why people still look for propane fryers. Here are those benefits that convince you to get them.

1. Easy to set

Designed for outdoor cooking: the propane fryers are easy-to-set and use the appliance. You can use it anywhere, without any fuel connection line-electric or gas line. Just hook it to a natural gas tank, and it is good to go.

2. Fry, boil, and cook in no-time

Deep frying is so tasty and quick that you won’t revert to roasting or baking once you go for it. But, the functionality of outdoor deep fryers extends beyond frying. Besides preparing those lip-smacking dishes, you can also boil and cook in them. And with a large appliance, you can do big-batch cooking.

3. Steady source of power

Propane deep fryers come with a steadier source of energy. Electric deep fryers may get underpowered if built with electric strips, while propane fryers have a connection to an LP tank. Even they have higher than 30,000 BTU burners which are efficient outdoors.

4. No mess and odor

The annoying thing about deep frying in the kitchen is the odor of cooking oil that gets filled in the air and the mess it creates. But a portable propane deep fryer meant for outdoor cooking keeps your kitchen clean, and you won’t heat the home. 

5. Go for as big as you want.

Another benefit of an LP deep fryer is its outdoor accessibility. If you have room in your backyard, buy a large unit.

6. It is safe

One of the major concerns of outdoor deep fryers is how safe the appliance is. An uneven landscape can fall the frying pot, whereas frying inside the house can cause a grease fire. Deep fryers that are sturdy keep the frying tank secure while you cook outside without any chance of grease fire.

Best outdoor propane deep fryer

Types of Outdoor Deep Fryers

Selecting the best fryer is necessary for making the fried foods you want to consume. The factor to consider for choosing the appliance is the type of burner, which make the fryer unique.

1. Open-pot fryers

Open pot fryers are a first choice for the food business, where frying means tons of chicken, French fries, and crumb-coated foods. With the heating elements or burners on the exterior, these fryers are easy to clean, but they may require more time for preheating.

2. Tube-type fryers

Tube-type fryers are perfect where the used oil needs to be long-lasting and odor-free. Additionally, its fast efficiency makes it suitable to work with batter-coated foods-mozzarella sticks, fried chicken, or fish. However, it is hard to clean owing to the design, which makes it switch to alternatives often.

3. Ribbon fryers

Ribbon fryers are the cream of the crop. Outfitted with energy-efficient technology: this fryer preheats faster. The ribbon-like elements attached at the bottom ensure faster heating, preserving energy. The ribbons are a little tough to clean, and the models aren’t for those who want hassle-free cleaning.

4. Flat-bottom fryers

The flat-bottom fryers are the best option for user-friendly deep fryers. The usage and maintenance are so hassle-free. They feature separate heating components, which make it easier to reach the interior for cleaning—making it apt to cook messy foods like funnel cakes, battered shrimp, and donuts.

Factor to consider while buying the outdoor deep fryers

Besides the basics-size and capacity of the appliance, there are many other factors you must consider.

1. Quality

Deep frying requires gallons of boiling oil, which is dangerous. That’s why you can never compromise on the quality of the used materials. Ensure the deep fryers you choose for outdoor cooking have sturdy and durable housing to withstand high temperatures, bulk, and uneven landscape.

2. Cooking capacity

To make the most out of your deep fryer, you should also be careful with its size. If you cook a big batch for your family or friends, choose a deep fryer with a large frying tank to cook fast and efficiently. Propane deep fryers are available in various sizes, so choosing the right size may become easy.

3. Durability

Brands manufacture deep fryers according to the frequency of use. Before picking or deciding on one, check its durability and know the frequency of use. Here is a brief about the various type of sturdiness.  Light-duty model

Built for minimal use: these fryers are one of those models you can easily take outdoors at a picnic, camping, or even in the backyard for a mini get-together.

4. Medium-duty model

These are the outdoor deep fryers whose sturdier and heavier construction are apt for frequent use and in small businesses without hassle. But, being bulky, these deep fryers need more labor and space for mobility. Heavy-duty model

This unit is the one that best suits busy food trucks, restaurants, and catering. From the basket to the feet- every part of this deep fryer is durable to use daily. However, they are difficult to move.

5. Oil filtration system

The first concern about a deep fryer is the shelf-life of the used oil. An oil filtration system keeps the oil clean and preserves its quality for long service life. So, opt for a model with an oil filtration system to save your oil expense.

6. A set of safety features

Though deep frying has few dangers, fortunately, they are manageable through the safety features embedded. Most outdoor deep fryers come with a sturdy stand, auto-shut, hooks to hang baskets, and splash-protecting lids to avoid accidents. Make sure the one you choose has at least these safety features.

7. BTU ratings

For fast and efficient frying, you need sturdy and potent burners. So, consider the BTU ratings of the burners. This help to determine how fast they can heat the oil for frying the batches of chicken, fishes, donuts, etc.

8. Reviews

All hail to the power of reviews! Real-time feedback has been the easiest way to know about the products. So, always read the reviews to know about the appliance. Carefully read as many reviews as you can since most are very subjective.

Safety Precautions for using the Outdoor Propane Deep Fryer

When it is about making fries outdoors under the open sky, certain safety precautions are necessary to take so you have an experience worth remembering.

  • Be cautious about open flames and hot oil.
  • Never overfill your frying pot with oil. It has the risk of overflowing into the open flames.
  • Always use a deep-frying thermometer.
  • Avoid uneven ground for setting up the deep fryer outdoors.
  • Never set up the outdoor fryer close to your vehicle.
  • Ensure the pressure regulator is properly connected to prevent gas leaks.
  • Always keep a minimum distance between two food items while frying or boiling, or oil can splatter.
  • Cool the oil properly in the frying pot before draining it out.

Frequently Asked Questions on Outdoor Deep Fryers

Which outdoor deep fryer has the best capacity?

Barton High-Pressure Freestanding Deep Fryer has the best capacity. It comes with three baskets- one jumbo and two big to cook huge batches.

Which is the best durable outdoor deep fryer?

Barton High-Pressure Freestanding Deep Fryer has a heavy-duty cast-iron frame finished with a heat-resistant coating that gives its long-lasting durability and resistance to corrosion.

Which are the top outdoor deep fryer brands?

The brands ruling in the market with their propane fryers are:
King Kooker.
Bayou Classic.
These three brands offer varied ranges of propane fryers. The others, with their limited range, are worthy contenders.

What can I cook in propane deep fryers?

Deep fryers- propane or electric are meant for making all types of crispy fries in no time. But, when it comes to propane fryers, the functionality extends beyond frying. Besides preparing those lip-smacking dishes, you can also boil and cook in them. And, if you are stuck with what to fry for the next gathering, look up recipes on Youtube.

Can I use the outdoor deep fryer in windy weather?

Any deep fryer, including electric fryers, can be used for outdoor cooking, though they are not meant for the purpose. When it is about propane deep fryers with BTU burners are designed for outdoor use and work efficiently even in windy weather.

Can I use a propane deep fryer inside the house?

A propane deep fryer is not for indoor cooking-home or garage. Even governments prohibit indoor use. There are two reasons behind such prohibitions.
·         Firstly, there is a risk of the formation of hazardous carbon monoxide from the propane gas.
·         Secondly, there is a high possibility of fire hazards from the open flame.

How much oil should be used in the deep fryer?

Four to six cups of oil is enough for cooking most fries. Hence, the pan you use should be large enough to contain the oil, leaving enough space for the food to cook. If you are concerned with over or under-filling, check if the interior has oil markings.

How much does a propane deep fryer cost?

The price of an outdoor deep fryer varies according to its features. It generally ranges from $100 to $230, as most of them here are. But, some high-end models may cost $500 and above.

How much benefit is the ‘no cold zone’ in a deep fryer?

Buyers, note it down, the ‘no cold zone’ in the deep fryer reduces the shelf-life of the used oil. It means that the oil is likely to lose its goodness faster.

The Final Word: Best Outdoor Propane Deep Fryers in the Market

As dropping a battered item in hot oil is easy, choosing the right outdoor deep fryer was apparently tricky, but not anymore. Convinced that an outdoor propane deep fryer is what you need for an outdoor gathering, these outdoor deep fryers are the best options in terms of price, capacity, versatility, safety, portability and etc. 

So, buy the one you find apt and make the lip-smacking delicacies for your next outdoor gathering.

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