Bosch AutoCook Review : Read before you buy

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Bosch AutoCook Multicooker – Unmatched performance

Reliability and robustness often make the reputation of Bosch which turns out to be a brand known and recognized by consumers.

One thing is certain, many people trust the brand even before testing its multicookers. Bosch AutoCook review shows why it is popular among users.

Bosch AutoCook raises the bar when it comes to choosing a quality multicooker. It is equipped with a multitude of intelligent programs allowing you to make delicious recipes to delight you with a perfect result on your plate.

The value for money is not as obvious when compared to many other products from competing brands, but again, consumers know what to expect.

Bosch multicookers are sure values. For ease of use, however, this model requires some time to get started, but once the programs are anchored in mind, everything will be better.

Bosch MUC28B64FR Multicooker Metallic 900


  • Design.
  • Robustness and cooking methods, good heat distribution.
  • Diversified accessories.
  • The recipe book.
  • The anti-condensation system.


  • Getting started a little complex.
  • Too many programs.
  • Plastic steamer basket.
Bosch AutoCook Review
Bosch AutoCook Review

Bosch AutoCook review – A concise look into the Multi-cooker

The AutoCook multicooker from Bosch offers a very nice multifunction automatic cooking appliance. You can cook, brown, and simmer with Bosch autocook.

The cooking process is always well suited to the ingredients cooked, only the cooking mode for the rice requires a few small adjustments.

This is good, you can adjust the temperature and cooking time by hand. The cooking programs are all automatic.

The Bosch Autocook multicooker is suitable for both beginners to the kitchen and more experienced cooks.

The “Keep warm” function keeps the food at the right temperature, and with the induction system patented by the brand, the heat is distributed perfectly.

Delivered with the necessary accessories, it will just take a little time to take it in hand easily. Given the diversity of programs and cooking methods, AutoCook requires some adaptation. At the beginning, it will be necessary to refer quite often to the table specified in the instructions for use.

It is an appliance that is efficient, powerful and easy to maintain, there is no doubt that it will very quickly become a precious ally in the kitchen.

Very practical, AutoCook, acts as a yogurt maker, egg cooker, rice cooker, sauté pan, steamer, casserole dish, sous-vide cooker, slow cooker, and all its available cooking modes.

To save time in the kitchen and be able to do other things while cooking your meal, that’s the advantage of a multicooker, AutoCook will not disappoint you.

Bosch multi cooker
Bosch multi cooker

Benefits of Bosch AutoCook Multi-cooker

  1. The Bosch AutoCook multicooker offers the “Keep Warm” functions to keep the dish warm. You can set the keep warm option for up to 10hrs.
  2. “Delayed start” is very useful when you want your food to be cooked at a predefined time. Cooking can be delayed up to 12hrs.
  3. It has an induction system which allows the heat to be evenly distributed during cooking.
  4. It offers 17 cooking modes and 48 programs in total.
  5. The temperature range is 40 to 160 ° C with the possibility of adjustment in 5 ° C steps. Settings can also be done manually.
  6. The tank capacity is 5 L, so the preparations are suitable for a family of 5 to 6 people.
  7. It has a ceramic non-stick coating, so it is very sturdy and food does not stick.
  8. It can cook food with very little to no fat, thus cooking is much healthier.
  9. The AutoCook has a handle to facilitate the movement of the multicooker.
  10. Non-slip rubber feet also ensure its stability.
  11. There are also two small handles for the bowl, which is convenient to take it out of the appliance when serving.
  12. The side walls of the AutoCook remain cold. So there is no risk of burns, for child safety, a locking system is provided.
  13. The automatic shut-off function is also available, which is energy efficient.
  14. The Bosch AutoCook is quite compact in size. Its dimensions are: 26 x 28 x 38 cm and it weighs 5 kg.
  15. The main parts of the device are removable so that they can be dishwasher safe.
  16. The device is guaranteed for 2 years by the manufacturer. The control screen is nice, you just have to get used to it.

On the technical characteristics, it is a really a complete multicooker.

Cooking modes, versatility and design

Once again, AutoCook offers a reliable and technological tool, but it is a very complete appliance that replaces many other appliances in the kitchen.

For the design of the device, Bosch multi cooker is very elegant; the brand has not skimped on the aesthetic aspect. Available in black and charcoal gray brushed steel.

Strong Points found in Bosch AutoCook Review

Ease of use: You have the option to choose between a preset timer or the option to control the time and temperature yourself. It also offers a keep warm function and a generous power of 900 watts.

Maintenance: You can easily remove the 5 liter bowl and the accompanying steam insert from the multicooker and place it in the dishwasher.

Safety: The multicooker is finished with a child lock and an automatic switch-off function at the end of each program. In addition, the outside is heat resistant so that it will always feel cool and the rubber feet provide a little more grip and stability

Weak point:

Pricey: compared to some other multicookers, the price tag seems to be a bit higher here.

How do I clean the Bosch AutoCook?

For the exterior structure of the multicooker, you simply need to use a slightly damp microfiber cloth. You do not need to add cleaning soap to it.

For the accessories, these are removable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

However, the manufacturer’s recommends washing them by hand for extended life of the pressure cooker / multi-cooker. During cleaning operations, make sure to unplug the appliance.

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AutoCook Bosch - Bosch MUC28B64FR Multicooker
AutoCook Bosch – Bosch MUC28B64FR Multicooker

Bosch AutoCook Vs Moulinex Cookeo

  1. In terms of design and for starters, the two devices are totally different. If AutoCook looks more like a motorcycle helmet in its shape, Cookeo does look like a casserole dish.
  2. Colors: Cookeo offers different colors, AutoCook is black and gray with a mixture of brushed steel.
  3. On the aesthetic level both the models are very successful.
  4. Capacity: AutoCook offers 5 L, Cookeo models offer 6 L.
  5. Recipes: For the recipes that are offered, AutoCook offers 100 basic recipes. This is also the case for the Cookeo Basic and USB. The Connected offers 150.
  6. App: Cookeo offers many more cooking options with an application provided for this purpose. Bosch also offers other recipes from its own app. In this regard, the devices are equal.
  7. The advantage with Cookeo connect is the possibility of displaying the recipe like the Thermomix in another register.
  8. Programs: In terms of programs, Cookeo is much narrower, since they all offer only 7 programs, while AutoCook offers 48 programs and 17 cooking modes. But this has an impact on the ease of use. Cookeo therefore remains simpler to use. AutoCook offers more varied and diversified preparations.
  9. Power: In terms of power, Cookeo is more powerful 1200 Watts against 900 watts.
  10. Accessories: Overall with regard to accessories, multicooker models often offer the same basic accessories which are, the steam basket, the spatula, the ladle, a measuring cup and yes or no a recipe book. Between AutoCook and Cookeo, little difference, the main ones are provided.
  11. Weight: In terms of weight and space, AutoCook is lighter and less imposing than Cookeo, however, both will easily find their place on a kitchen counter. With a beautiful aesthetic allure, one and the other, we do not hide them.
  12. Delayed Cooking: Cookeo offers delayed start for 15 hours and Bosch AutoCook has delayed cooking for 12 hours.
  13. Keep Warm: The duration of the “keep warm” function is also much shorter for Cookeo. For Cookeo keep warm duration is only 1 hour 30 minutes compared to 10 hours for AutoCook. The data may vary depending on the models in the Cookeo range.
  14. Cooking Time: In terms of power, where Cookeo stands out, with 1200 watts, it is able to cook faster, this is its main advantage. Bosch Auto Cook multi-cooker is not far behind. It has 900W power and it is quite efficient.
  15. Price: We also note that between these two models, the value for money is not the same, Cookeo remains more expensive. Cookeo or AutoCook one thing is certain, these two multicookers are reliable, robust devices that will satisfy their users.

The geeks will undoubtedly turn to the ultra-connected version and application “My Cookeo”, but the choice can also depend on the looks of these devices.

AutoCook is more complete in terms of technology, however Cookeo with more simplicity offers equivalent results.

Cookeo has limitation in number of programs, on the contrary AutoCook is very versatile.

Moulinex Cookeo Intelligent Multi Cooker
Moulinex Cookeo Intelligent Multi Cooker

Bosch AutoCook Review: Final Verdict

Bosch, and as we have said, is a brand that has a great reputation. AutoCook multicooker is definitely an achievement for Bosch cooking appliances section.

At first glance, we notice a robust device, very stable, with perfect finishes, a well thought out look, it is a very elegant multicooker.

For use, it is a bit complex at first, but by taking the time to study the instructions and, the table of programs, we get started quite quickly.

During our test, and for the different recipes we made, the results met our expectations. No unpleasant surprises, except one, for the cooking of the rice which according to the data, was not cooked enough. But nothing dramatic, a little bit of adjustment and it’s perfect.

Bosch AutoCook can do everything, it is well equipped, and it is efficient. So we have very little to say against Bosch AutoCook multi-cooker. Certainly we recommend it as a good equipment in the kitchen.

It also offers good value for money, although it may seem a bit more expensive than other competing models that offer equivalents. But, it must be accepted that with this model, you have a sure value in your hands.

All in all, it can be said, AutoCook really won us over. Once you get well acquainted, it will become an essential ally in the kitchen.

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