Electric Vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker

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Electric Pressure Cooker Vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker – Introduction

Pressure cooker is an essential element in the kitchen. In the category of household appliances, the electric pressure cooker is one of the most comfortable devices in use. Today we are going to discuss electric vs stovetop pressure cooker.

With the increase of innovative and environmentally friendly technology, this type of device guarantees comfortable use. You can say that the electric pressure cooker is the most practical and intuitive device for the perfect cooking of food.

However, many models of multifunctional pressure cookers are flooding the market today. This great diversity tends to increase the difficulty of finding the model that best suits the needs and cooking habits of each one.

To make your choice easier, it’s important to ask yourself the right questions. For example:

  • What budget should I reserve?
  • What are the most popular models currently in vogue?
  • What are the advantages of this type of device?

These are the questions that should guide you while buying your electric pressure cooker. Of course, it will be important to refer to the basic criteria so as not to get lost.

Electric Vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker - what to buy?
Electric Vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker – what to buy?

The difference between these two devices : Electric Vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Stovetop Pressure cooker

First, a smart cooker or pressure cooker is specially designed for any food that requires a long cooking time. It can’t be plugged in anywhere, it needs a fire. Stovetop pressure cooker needs constant monitoring or regulating for cooking to avoid burning food.

Electric Pressure Cooker / Slow cooker / Instant pot

An electric pressure cooker on the other hand is very easy to use. Just plug it into an electronic outlet and start cooking. It does not require any supervision. It is up to you to choose the cooking time and the cooking mode. Your electric pressure cooker will take charge and make tasty food for you!

Electric Pressure Cooker Vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker
Electric Pressure Cooker Vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker

What you can cook with a Stove top pressure cooker?

First of all, you should know that the cooker offers different types of cooking, including:

  • Steam cooking: to cook vegetables or fish
  • Stew cooking: marinate vegetables such as courgettes, leeks, endives, etc.
  • Simmered dishes: like beef bourguignons for example.
  • Sterilization: for culinary uses such as jam jars, baby bottles, etc.

What Foods you can cook with an electric pressure cooker

As for the electric pressure cooker, it is more versatile and smarter. There are different types of electric pressure cooker models. With this appliance, it is possible to cook everything, sometimes even with small surpluses like a yogurt maker or a piece to make a cake.

You can use it for Steam, Slow Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Saute, Sterilizer, Egg Cook, Rice Cooker and to Warm food. It can even reach 10 cooking options at once. You don’t have to sit around waiting for it to be done. Just set the ideal cooking option, temperature and cooking time and the pressure cooker will do its job.

Electric Vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker – Detailed Guide

We have already talked about the advantages of having an electric pressure cooker at home. But it’s natural that you wonder if the investment is really worth it. After all, both the electric pressure cooker and the conventional pressure cooker end up having the same basic function: cooking food under pressure.

And if you’re still wondering if one of these trendier ones is really worth buying or not. We think this chart can help you decide once and for all.

We can summarize it as follows: An electric pressure cooker does everything the conventional pressure cooker does, but the reverse is not true. See for yourself:

Electric pressure cookerConventional pressure cooker
UseNo monitoring required, it works automatically from the start of the brew until readyRequires constant supervision
SecuritySafer due to all the safety systems that can be between 6 and 10. Automatically shuts off after cooking is completeLess secure, you generally have only 2 security systems. Doesn’t turn itself off, requires constant monitoring
CleaningEasy to clean as the bowl is removable and non-stickHeavier and harder to wash, over time food can stain the bottom of the pan
NoiseSilent operating systemSqueaks throughout pressure cooking
CookingTastier foods with aroma, strong colors and nutrient preservation by using less water.You need more water to cook and this can make the food runny, steam coming out of the pan and causing a loss of nutrients.
DesignModern design, usually stainless steel that serves as a decoration for your kitchen and can be displayed on a countertopOld-fashioned and robust iron model.
costInvestment between $ 200 and 500Investment between $ 150 and $ 250, considering the most modern.
ConsumptionAs it retains the internal heat when it reaches the ideal temperature and turns off at that moment. It does not require electricity consumption during the entire preparationRequires gas consumption from start to finish
Electric pressure cooker vs Stove top pressure cooker

Electric Pressure cooker / instant pot vs stovetop pressure cooker, I always recommend an Electric pressure cooker because of its advantages. An electric pressure cooker has many benefits over a simple stove top pressure cooker and those benefits make it the supreme choice.

Ninja multi-cooker : instant pot vs stovetop pressure cooker
Ninja multi-cooker : instant pot vs stovetop pressure cooker

List of best electric pressure cooker / slow cooker

  1. Instant Pot Smart WiFi
  2. Presto Electric Pressure Cooker
  3. Ninja Pressure Cooker
  4. COMFEE’ Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Stewpot, Sauté All in One
  5. MOOSOO Electric Pressure Cooker with LCD, Instant Programmable Pressure Pot
  6. Yedi Total Package Instant Programmable Pressure Cooker
  7. Rozmoz Electric Pressure Cooker Instant Stainless Steel Pot
  8. Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker
  9. CHEF iQ World’s Smartest Pressure Cooker, Pairs with App Via WiFi for Meals in an Instant Built-In Scale & Auto Steam Release. 300 + preset cooking
  10. Gourmia Digital Pressure Cooker with LCD Display
  11. Chefman Multi-Function Programmable Multicooker
  12. TEKAMON Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Egg Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Sauté, Steamer, Stockpot, Sous Vide Cooker, Warmer and More with Deluxe Accessory Set.
Hawkins stovetop vs electric pressure cooker
Hawkins stovetop vs electric pressure cooker

List Of Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker

  • Presto Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
  • Barton Stovetop Fast Cooker Pot
  • Hawkins Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker
  • Culina One-Touch Pressure Cooker With Steamer Basket
  • Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker
  • T-fal Clipso Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe pressure cooker
  • Aramco Stainless Steel Stovetop Pressure Cooker
  • Viking Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with Easy Lock Lid
  • Fissler vitaquick Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel Induction
  • Zavor Pressure Cooker and Canner – Polished Stainless Steel
  • Buffalo Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
  • IMUSA USA Gourmet Pressure Cooker

Why should you buy an Electric pressure cooker?

When you look at the characteristics of an electric pressure cooker, you can see that a modern food processor has nothing to envy. In fact, both are practical, powerful, and suitable for any type of kitchen with intelligent programming. The real advantage of these appliances is the healthy cooking they offer.

This is possible because of the innovative technology of the device, which provides a wide range of functions.

If we analyze the recently launched multi-kitchen models, even more advantages can be seen. Advantages that are aimed at both individuals and professional chefs. We are talking about gadgets that can revolutionize everyone’s daily life!

A better grip on the modern electric pressure cooker – Advantages of Electric Pressure Cooker

On average, an electric pressure cooker weighs only 3-4 kg. Other models can reach a curb weight of up to 6 kg. In all cases, the device is particularly light. It is easy to handle, move and store. Whether in the kitchen or camping, transporting an electric pressure cooker is always easy.

 In addition, the design of this type of electrical appliance has been specially developed to make it easy to handle. The on and off mode of the latest generation pressure cookers is proof of this.

Quick Cooking With An Electric Pressure Cooker

For daily use, it is recommended to use the slow cooker or multi-cooker. These models are ideal for frequent use. Modern slow cookers/ instant pots are made to deliver fast. Individuals and professionals alike can easily use a multi-cooker to prepare a meal in a few minutes.

This is a quick cooker that can increase the cooking speed up to four times faster than conventional cookers. Of course, this depends on the amount of food to be cooked as well as your preferences! For example, if vegetables cook in less than 8 minutes, a chicken in a pot will cook in 25 minutes, compared to 15 minutes for a roast dish.

Electric vs stovetop pressure cooker
Electric vs stovetop pressure cooker – advantages

Design and automatic functions of a multi-cooker / slow cooker

Originally, the electric pressure cooker was designed to cook all foods quickly and perfectly under pressure. However, new manufacturers have introduced new features in this appliance such as the rice cooker. The use and purpose of the appliance have remained the same. Rather, it is the ambition of the new brands that has evolved considerably.

Instant pot vs stovetop pressure cooker : The pressure cooker is connected today

Contemporary models have multiple functions. Such as adjusting the cooking time, the cooking mode, the automatic shut-off. And even Wifi connected devices like Instant Pot Smart WiFi 8-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker. Thus, it is possible to directly integrate various recipes. Like the CHEF iQ World’s Smartest Pressure Cooker connects with your cell phone. This is to save time!

The more advanced models also have new functions. Like the pressure regulator or the delayed start option to control the cooking start time. The option to keep warm is also part of the characteristics of the new models.

Of course, it is not mandatory to use the automatic mode, like the pre-programmed recipes on Yedi Electric pressure cooker models. All kitchen models have a manual mode so you can simmer delicious dishes according to your recipes.

Electric pressure cooker / multi-cooker / slow cooker benefits
Electric pressure cooker / multi-cooker / slow cooker benefits

Slow cooker a multifunctional device : Instant Pot Vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker

An electric pressure cooker is, above all, a multifunctional appliance. Therefore, it offers various ways and options for cooking different dishes. For example, a pressure cooker is an appliance that offers steamed, sterilized, or cooked with water or broth.

Some models come with steamer baskets and have airtight lids for faster cooking. So whatever type of food you want to cook, there has to be a proper mode on the electric pressure cooker. You can go for Chefman Multi-Function Programmable Multicooker.

All the electric pressure cookers do not have a steamer basket. If you are particularly looking for a steaming option then pick up the right model that offers this function.

Better preservation of nutrients- pressure cooker electric vs stovetop

Buying an electric pressure cooker also means benefiting from a device that perfectly preserves minerals and vitamins. In addition, thanks to the cooking time specially adapted to each dish, the electric pressure cooker preserves the flavor!

Pressure cooker - What is the best size for you?
Pressure cooker – What is the best size for you?

Electric vs stovetop pressure cooker : An ecological and economical device

Its low energy and water consumption is a great advantage of the pressure cooker. Thanks to its faster and shorter cooking time, it helps to avoid consuming too much energy. In addition, its control valve signals when the temperature is optimal for good and fast cooking. This contributes to a further reduction in energy consumption. It is also possible to reduce the intensity so that the temperature is perfect for cooking while further reducing energy consumption.

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A quality pressure cooker is easy to maintain

It only takes a few minutes to maintain a pressure cooker. What’s more, it is simple. Thanks to its non-stick walls, it is often enough just to put water in the tank to clean it. Alternatively, for a thorough cleaning, the bottom of the pressure cooker can also be sprayed with maintenance products.

Pressure cookers are safe

As a general rule, multi-cookers are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is recognized for its robustness and durability, always ensuring safety at its best. Also, stainless steel is suitable for any type of fire, such as gas or charge. However, if you are looking for lighter models, you should look at aluminum pressure cookers.

Pressure cookers – The best of fashion!

There is a lot of competition in the home appliance market. And reputed brands are coming up with more useful devices with more efficiency. This makes it much more difficult to choose the best model. After all, this constant competition makes innovative products look dated.

It can be clearly said that the best models are therefore the ones that have remained at the top of the list for as long as possible. These pressure cookers are famous for their authenticity, robustness, and popularity.

Electric vs stovetop pressure cooker - benefits you can enjoy
Electric vs stovetop pressure cooker – benefits you can enjoy

The pressure cooker: for flavor

When food is cooked, it certainly degrades. Vitamins contained in food are destroyed by the oxidation process. Also, between food storage and cutting, this degradation becomes increasingly important. The longer the steps, the greater the degradation!

According to the figures, the nutrients destroyed as a result of oxidation range between 10% and 50%. For example, cooking green beans for half an hour in a normal pot will remove more vitamins than cooking them for ten minutes in a pressure cooker. Clearly, cooking time tends to alter the composition of a food.

A pressure cooker preserves vitamins

A vegetable loses its nutritional properties at temperatures above 40° C. Vitamin C degrades gradually from 75° C. Vitamins A and B deteriorate once the temperature reaches 90° C. This flavor conversion is the main advantage of these modern cookware.

The pressure cooker has revolutionized the world of cooking. It has succeeded in preserving the integrity of the nutritional value of all foods. Various physicochemical transformations take place during cooking. But studies have shown that the pressure cooker plays an important role in preserving flavors.

We are talking about several nutrients that are destroyed at this stage. If we mention only vitamins C, B1, B6 and B9. According to these studies, vitamin C has persisted after the use of a pressure cooker. It should be noted that vitamin C is a fragile and water soluble nutrient. Using a pressure cooker, therefore, would preserve all the vitamins from the cooking process!

Electric Pressure cooker, unlimited possibilities

A pressure cooker for steaming : Electric Vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker

To validate the truth of these claims, another study showed that more than 95% of a vegetable’s vitamin C would be preserved after being cooked in a pressure cooker. On the contrary, only 38% of these vitamins would still be present in the vegetable after being cooked in a traditional pot.

Although the results of this study vary from vegetable to vegetable. In a general situation, the level would remain well above 80% after cooking in a pressure cooker. This will really answer questions from skeptics about adopting the steam cooking method.

Based on all this information, the electric pressure cooker is therefore the best way to preserve vitamins. This is possible because the appliance ensures that food does not come into contact with water. Use atmospheric pressure to cook food. After all, it is the contact with water that considerably reduces the vitamin content of food. The pressure cooker cooking process removes oxygen to ensure food tastes good and is healthy.

Therefore, the multi-cook is the key to preserving micronutrients in food. In addition, it is recommended for cooking foods such as fish or vegetables. Only chicory, tomatoes and salad are exceptions. Also, legumes and cereals should not be steamed.

How to choose the best electric pressure cooker / multi cooker

Given its many advantages, buying an electric pressure cooker becomes a given. After all, it is a “masterpiece” device, practical and accessible to all. However, there is a great diversity in pressure cooker models. Manufacturing is carried out by many brands. Of course, there are specialist brands that are recommended, like the Russell Hobbs Mutilator or the Tefal pressure cooker.

Despite this, you must follow some criteria to find the model that best suits your needs.

know your pressure cooker electric vs stovetop
know your pressure cooker electric vs stovetop

The capacity of your electric pressure cooker

Capacity is an unavoidable criterion. Of course, it is according to your needs that you will determine. In general, the larger models of pressure cookers can have a capacity of up to 10 liters. These models are perfect for large families.

On the other hand, singles, students and even professionals can turn to smaller models such as 4 or 5 liters. Of course, families will turn to greater capacities.

Types of foods you can cook with your muti-cooker

Models with many cooking modes are the best. This will greatly increase your wearing comfort, whether you want to steam, press, heat, sterilize or staute!

The Safety Features Your Electric Pressure Cooker Offers

A good device is a safe device! In the case of the electric pressure cooker, prefer the models with a safety valve. This will allow you to maintain the ideal pressure for best results. Of course, other safety devices can be added, but it depends mostly on the model.

These devices include pressure regulation, screw or hand wheel torque control. For the rest, following the rule is also a good alternative. Therefore, check that the model you have chosen complies with the NF EN 12 778 standard.

Material used to make multi-cooker

Generally, the pressure cooker is made of stainless steel or aluminum. The material should not be taken lightly. Here, they prefer stainless steel, which is a “passe-partout” material, but above all check that the model has a non-stick coating. Note that the construction material determines the robustness, durability, but above all the price of the appliance.

The opening system of your kitchen appliance

The opening system is very important in an electric pressure cooker. In fact, a dangerous system can be dangerous during cooking. Therefore, it is advisable to use models with an opening system that complies with safety regulations. The best options are the stirrup lock or a bayonet system that is more flexible. For the rest, there are smart options that are very interesting like the lever system.

Parts of Electric Pressure Cooker- How to maintain a pressure cooker
Parts of Electric Pressure Cooker- How to maintain a pressure cooker

The brand of your electric pressure cooker

Of course, the brand is the guarantee of quality. Opting for the best brands means opting for the best products. There are many brands on the market that you can choose from, such as Instant Pot, Presto, Yedi, Cuisinart or Chefman. In general, the products of the big brands are always very functional.

The price of a reputed branded electric pressure cooker

Price is, of course, a criterion that must be taken into account. It is based on the functionalities you are looking for that you will have to define your budget! Otherwise, for the smaller models with a capacity between 4 and 8 liters, you will have to count between 100 and 250 dollars. For the 10-liter models, the price can reach 350 dollars.

Digital panel in electric pressure cooker

There are the trays that have the digital panel and those that work with a scroll button. They both work simply. Obviously, those with the digital panel end up having a more complete menu.

This criterion fits with the previous one. If you want a more basic electric pressure cooker, the digital panel may be unnecessary for you. Some people may even have a hard time using it if you decide to give it to your grandmother, for example.

For those looking for something more modern and technological, this is a must. Check on the usability of these panels and see what benefits it brings to your kitchen routine.

Timer settings option of an electric pressure cooker

And lastly, if you liked the idea of getting out of the house and scheduling your lunch or dinner, you should consider the timer feature.

Most of them offer a timer for up to 24 hours. More than enough time to program your pressure cooker in advance.

But pay attention to the product description to make sure it has this function so as not to be disappointed after purchase.

Multi-cooker  : electric vs stovetop pressure cooker
Multi-cooker : electric vs stovetop pressure cooker

Conclusion – Electric Vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Many household still use stovetop pressure cooker. They are pretty functional also. However, when we talk about electric vs stovetop pressure cooker my recommendation surely goes for electric pressure cooker.

Electric pressure cookers are hassle free, easy to operate. You can prepare food of your choice from the pre-programmed recipes. Electric pressure cookers are energy saving and there are so many advantages that we already discussed.

Even you are a beginner in the kitchen, single or with a family and going to buy a pressure cooker. Invest your money wisely. Buy a good branded electric pressure cooker that will serve you for a long time. Don’t forget to share your opinion. If you have any question or suggestions leave me a message. We at buyforpantry wish you to have tasty food and happy cooking!

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