Best Fissler Pressure Cooker Review

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Pressure cooker! Every kitchen needs this versatile cookware. And when a brand like Fissler fulfills the need, what else remains to say! There is hardly any cook who does not want a Fissler pressure cooker in the kitchen. Well, I want at least one; and so do you, right? Hence, I thought, why not tell you the facts about the best Fissler pressure cooker available and bring the process of getting it a step closer. So guys, here it is, the best Fissler pressure cooker review.

But, before that, let’s know about Fissler the brand.

Fissler: The Living Legend

Living legend Fissler has been in existence since the nineteenth century. This German brand came into being with the introduction of the Goulash Cannon, a portable field kitchen.

But, what made Fissler a renowned name are the electric stove-compatible aluminum cookware and the pressure cooker with pressure control valve, and the patented “thematic” base.

Today, the brand has a vast collection of kitchen and cookware that has always created a buzz. However, the biggest buzz was when the company made the world’s most expensive pan worth £100,000.

Best Fissler Pressure Cookers (based on review)

  1. Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker
  2. Fissler Vitavit Premium Pressure Cooker

1. Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel Induction

This Fissler pressure cooker is the popular creation of the time. Let’s know why? Vitaquick is a 100% stainless steel product. It has 18/10 stainless steel used in the construction, which besides adding attraction and durability, retains the nutrition intact.

The pressure cooker has been designed keeping in mind the safety issues. Its handle positioning aid makes the opening and closing ultra-easy, while the lid lock indicator with audible click ensures it is safely closed and ready to use.

This Fissler vitaquick pressure cooker can hold up to 8 quarts of serving, making it perfect for 4-6 people. So, now prepare the dish in no time with peace in the kitchen and mind. And the factor responsible is the steam release function that quickens the process noiselessly. The cooker comes in a different capacity.

Contain a steam basket of stainless steel.

Fissler pressure cooker review
Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker


  • Super thermic base makes it all cooktop compatible.
  • Designed with safety closure and indicator.
  • Time and energy saver.
  • Lifetime warranty comes with limitations.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Price is high

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2. Fissler Vitavit Premium Pressure Cooker

The Vitavit premium range is a reflection of German quality combined with technology. While it has an elegant, appealing design with polished exterior, it is built with smartness. The construction is done with 18/10 stainless steel in and out, making it highly efficient in carrying out the whole cooking process and retaining the nutrients.

This premium pressure cooker comes with a three-speed setting that is ideal for cooking different types. So, now prepare stew, meat, veggies, and other dishes easily with just a dash of oil. But that’s not all; it has a pressure control system, which informs about when to turn the heat down so that the pressure stays in control.

This revolutionary pressure cooker has a capacity of 8.5 quarts, perfect for your family with 4-6 members. However, there are other capacities available.

Fissler Vitavit Premium Pressure Cooker
Fissler Vitavit Premium Pressure Cooker


  • Elegant, durable, and efficient.
  • Safety closure and lid lock system with indicator.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • All cooktop compatible base.
  • Different capacity is available.
  • Lifetime warranty with limitation.


  • Expensive

3. Fissler Vitavit Pressure cooker set 6L

Do you know that besides the pressure cooker Fissler also has a pressure skillet in their collection? That is quite interesting indeed. But, what is more interesting, is the skillet and the pressure cooker come together as a combo. Fissler pressure cookers are known for their note-worthy construction. And, the pressure skillet has the same construction, the 18/10 stainless steel one. On that note, both the cookware has the same internal marking that Fissler cookers are known for.

The cooker and the skillet are as smart in feature as elegant they are in design. They have a positioning aid handle and a safety lock pressure lid with a lock indicator light that turns green soon after the emission of the click sound. It also has the speed setting dial with a three-speed level and pressure control system indicator that tells when to lower the heat to control the pressure. But that’s not all.

Besides conducting less-oil cooking, the skillet, with its novogrill cooking bottom and honeycomb texture, conducts the perfect searing, frying, and grilling. Fissler has designed both the cookware with a smooth, non-riveted cooking surface keeping in mind the hassle we face while cleaning.

Contain a pressure cooker and a pressure skillet.

Fissler Vitavit Pressure cooker set
Fissler Vitavit Pressure cooker set


  • Super thermic base is compatible with all cooking surfaces.
  • Time and energy-efficient.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • It is costly.
  • The combo comes in one size.

4. Fissler Vitaquick pressure pot

In simple words, it is a pressure cooker. Now, you must be thinking, “How is it different then?” let me tell you, this cookware is going to satisfy your major needs while cooking. This is changeable cookware. Simply by changing the lid, the pressure cooker becomes a heavy bottom vessel where you can make gravies, stock, and other dishes.

Made from 18/10 stainless steel: this cookware facilitates minimal oil cooking both as a pressure cooker and a pot. And at the same time, the nutrients remain intact. Like its other pressure cooker, Fissler has designed this cooker with markings on the internal wall. That is a feature very user-friendly!

This pressure cooker-cum-pot has a positioning aid handle with a visual lock indicator that turns green with the emission of the click sound. It has a super smooth internal base that makes cleaning easy, while the bottom is super thermic that works on all cooktops.

Contain a pressure cooking pot with a lid and a separate glass lid.

Fissler Vitaquick pressure pot
Fissler Vitaquick pressure pot


  • Built with elegance and durability.
  • Save both energy and time.
  • Available in multiple capacities.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Assured warranty for lifetime.


  • Available at a costly range.

5. Fissler Electric Pressure Cooker

And now comes the new-age modern pressure cooker, FISS Electric pressure cooker from the house of Fissler. This hi-tech cooker features 18 touch cooking programs that make the appliance multi-tasker. From making stews, soups, meats, boiling grains to making yogurt, baking cakes it does all.

The cooking unit has a high-performing construction. It is made from 18/8 stainless steel, known for its corrosion-resistance nature with an encapsulated sandwich bottom. The bottom has an aluminum layer sandwiched between the stainless steel layers to initiate faster and even heat distribution.

Fissler has designed the appliance with souspreme’s premium pressure seal system that ensures neither the nutrition nor the texture and taste is lost even at a higher temperature. And yes it has a safety lock feature that prevents the occurrence of any mishap.

Fissler slow cooker review
Fissler Electric Pressure Cooker


  • A portable multi-cooker.
  • Pre-programmed setting with child lock feature.
  • Heat-resistant handle and lid.
  • Built with a souspreme pressure seal system.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Little pricey.
  • Available in one size.

What makes the Fissler pressure cooker special?

The specialty of a Fissler pressure cooker lies in not one but many factors. From composition to performance, every aspect levels up its quality. Let’s look at them.

  • Composition: – 18/10 stainless steel is the ideal element for constructing a pressure cooker because it never reacts with any ingredients or brings a change in the flavor. And guess what! Fissler uses this 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum core; to eliminate the issue of even heat distribution faced by stainless steel. The duo adds strength, durability, and non-corrosive feature to the entire unit.
  • Performance: – A Fissler pressure cooker helps in preparing a delicious meal in its healthiest form; means for cooking does not require excessive grease or oil. On the contrary, it relies on the theory of steam cooking produced by the liquid incorporated, released, or formed in the process. So, be sure that your dish will consume less time and energy.
  • Technology: Whether it is a Vitaquick or a Vitavit collection, Fissler designs it’s every pressure cookware with a safety lock feature and positioning aid handles. But, if we consider the Vitavit collection it has another unique feature. It is the speed control setting and a pressure control feature. It tells when to lower the heat to control the pressure.
  • Compatibility: – Compatibility is a big issue for cookware like pressure cookers because a pressure cooker is one cookware that is heavy and does not work on all heat surfaces. But, W-A-I-T. That was an issue once upon a time. Today, we have pressure cookers from Fissler with an all-cooktop compatible base. Now that’s an incredible feature.

Fissler Pressure Cooker Review: Choosing Criteria

In the past, the pressure cooker used to be a part of every well-equipped kitchen. Nowadays, it has become a necessity of every basic kitchen as well.

But, how many of us really know that which pressure cooker is best for cooking in terms of retaining health and nutrients.

A good pressure cooker combines various advantages, prepares food quickly and saves energy. It preserves most valuable nutrients, especially that of vegetables, which is good for your health.

To benefit from all the advantages of a pressure cooker you need few basic things to consider.

Buy for pantry will guide you with the buying criteria’s. If you have decided to buy a new pressure cooker, check the best Fissler Pressure cookers suggested earlier. And once again, please be assured that our every recommendation is based on best Fissler pressure cooker review.

1. Function of a pressure cooker

Before we go deeper into various purchase criteria, let’s start with a fundamental question:

How does a pressure cooker work?

The special thing about a pressure cooker is the lid. This is closed tightly and airtight on the pot with help of a bayonet lock and sealing ring.

When the heat rises, pressure increases inside the cooker. This is because the steam cannot escape from the pot.

The pressure in the pressure cooker leads to higher temperatures. This high temperature reduces the cooking time, but also saves energy.

The pressure cooker can hold the pressure when it is on low temperature. If the internal pressure in the pressure cooker becomes too high, a built-in pressure regulator, also known as a pressure cooker valve, ensures that the pressure is reduced.

2. Pressure cooker buying advice: Criteria and tips for your purchase decision

If you want to get a new Fissler pressure cooker, you shouldn’t just buy the next best model that you can use.

I recommend you to pay attention to the quality and usability of the pressure cooker. I am listing below criteria’s you should consider when making your purchase decision.

2.1 Material of the pot and type of stove

Stainless steel is always considered as the most safe and healthy material for pressure cookers. It is rust-free and durable, and also very stable. A stainless steel pressure cooker quickly reaches the desired temperature and can also hold it for a long time – ideal for energy saving cooking.

Pressure cookers are not necessarily suitable for all types of stoves. Make sure that the pressure cooker is suitable for induction if you have an induction cooker. Fissler pressure cookers are the best stovetop pressure cooker and are well compatible with induction as well. The easiest way to make a choice is to simply buy a pressure cooker suitable for all types of stoves.

2.2 Cooking levels, safety and capacity: easy handling is the key

An absolutely important criterion is the pressure cooker valve or pressure valve. It must open automatically if the pressure in the pot is too high. Because the pressure cooker seal remains airtight.

This feature is essential for safety and is also an important criterion in pressure cooker tests. However, since commercially available pressure cookers must comply with the relevant standards, safety is guaranteed.

Fissler pressure cooker review
Fissler pressure cooker review
Capacity of a Pressure cooker

There are a few things you should think about capacity before buying.

How big pressure cooker you need to prepare food for the entire family? And if necessary, for visitors?

The average volume of most pressure cookers is around 6 to 8.5 liters. This is sufficient for most pressure cooker recipes, even for large families. Smaller sizes are available for singles or small families. Small pressure cookers take up less space in the cupboard. Some brands even offer sets of different sized pressure cookers.

Heat distribution of a pressure cooker

Even and good heat distribution is an important feature. It is also worth taking a look at the number of cooking levels. Two cooking levels are often offered by many models of pressure cooker. Check out comparison of both variants:

Type of pressure regulatorCharacteristics
Cooking level regulatorPressure is primarily regulated via the pressure regulator.

The pan automatically regulates the pressure through the set cooking level and heat supply
Colored cooking displayIn the case of a pressure cooker with a cooking indicator, usually no cooking level can be set.

Indicator light system shows the pressure inside Regulation of the pressure by adjusting the stove.
Type of Pressure Regulator – Fissler Pressure Cooker

2.3 The cooking level regulator offers the following advantages and disadvantages over the single-level color scale cooking display:

  • Easy handling
  • Automatic regulation of several cooking levels
  • Mostly more expensive
  • Excessive pressure can only be recognized by noise (whistling) (no color scale)

The handling and operation of the pressure cooker should be as simple as possible. This means that the lid of the pressure cooker can ideally be opened and closed with one hand. Simple operation without having to look into the instructions for the pressure cooker is definitely not a disadvantage.

Measuring Scale - Fissler Pressure Cooker
Measuring Scale – Fissler Pressure Cooker

2.4 Other useful equipment features – Fissler Pressure Cooker

In addition to these elementary criteria, which should not be missing in any pressure cooker, there are a few other equipment features that are also warmly welcome.

  1. Removable Handle: This includes a removable handle. If you can remove the handle, the pot takes up less space in the cabinet.
  2. Stowing: It is also an advantage if the weight of a pressure cooker is as less as possible. You don’t have to lug around when you pull the pot out of the cupboard and stow it back in it after use and cleaning. The weights (g) of most pressure cookers are around 3 kg.
  3. Measuring Scale: It is practical if the pot has an inner scale. You can see how much water is in the pot. With the help of a scale, you save yourself from ending up with bad cooking experience. You can measure the water beforehand with a measuring cup.
  4. Dishwasher Safe: Dishwasher safe pressure cookers are easy to clean. The lower part of the pot can always be put in the dishwasher. The pressure cooker lid, however, is not dishwasher-safe for every model. You should look into it when making a purchase decision.
  5. Steam Basket: A good pressure cooker is rounded off with the right accessories. If a steam basket is included, this enables an even more diverse use of the cooking device, e.g. for steaming.
  6. Pressure Cooker Manual: Instructions in major languages should be included with every pressure cooker. It provides you valuable information about cooking time and time taken for a food to cooking on a certain cooking level. Like, how long Potatoes should be cooked in a pressure cooker for boiling.

3. Well-known manufacturers of pressure cookers

We have learnt most important aspects of buying a good pressure cooker. Now it is time to consider a trusted brand.

There are several good brands offering innovative products with unique features combined with latest technology. I can suggest you some best brands for pressure cookers. Following are the list of my favourite list of brands:

  • Fagor
  • Fissler
  • NuWave
  • T-fal
  • Cuisinart
  • Breville
  • WMF pressure cookers
  • Instant pot
  • Hawkins
  • Prestige

Do not get confused with the brands. Choose the most useful one that meets your need. The list above has some of the most trusted pressure cookers popular all over the world.

Fissler Vitavit Premium Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
Fissler Vitavit Premium Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Alternative of Pressure cooker

As an alternative to the classic pot for the stove, some manufacturers also offer electric pressure cookers.

An electric pressure cooker, sometimes also called a multi-cooker. They are pressure cooker that does not have to be placed on a stove, but simply plugged into a socket.

These pressure cookers can replace many of your kitchen appliances. They have slow cooking, timer and delayed cooking options.

Here is a guide to Electric pressure cooker vs stovetop pressure cooker.

Frequently Asked Questions on the best Fissler Pressure Cooker

What is the difference between the Vitaquick and Vitavit pressure cooker?

Being a Fissler product, they are high-end cookers. But, Vitaquick is easier and more maneuverable, which is perfect for beginners.

Are Fissler Pressure Cookers the best stovetop pressure cooker?

Without any iota of doubt, Fissler makes one the best pressure cooker for all cooktops.

What material is used in the Fissler pressure cooker?

Fissler uses 18/19 stainless steel with an aluminum core at the base in the construction.

How vast is the collection of Fissler?

Fissler has a vast collection of kitchenware and cookware that includes kitchen knives.

Conclusion: best fissler pressure cooker review

In a nutshell, this 170-year-old brand has been in fame for its remarkable creations. And the pressure cookers are one of them. The five enlisted here belong to the best in the collection. So, go by the one you feel apt for you, or if chosen, get it delivered at your doorstep and enjoy the experience.

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