How does a yogurt maker work? Best frozen yogurt maker 2022

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Better for health and the environment, homemade yogurts have gained notoriety compared to industrial yogurts. Do you know how does a yogurt maker work? I am here to help you. Preparing your own yogurts is much more advantageous. Not only does this save money, but in addition, you are guaranteed to eat healthily, because yogurts sold on the market may contain substances harmful to health (dyes, flavor enhancers, etc.).

You can forget about yogurts that are not firm enough with added colors and sugars. With the best electric yogurt maker you can choose the consistency and recipe for your homemade yogurts.

Table Of Contents
  1. List of best yogurt maker 2020
  2. What is a yogurt maker/ how does a yogurt maker work?
  3. How to make yogurt step by step
  4. Things you should remember : Best frozen yogurt maker 2020
  5. Advantages of best electric yogurt maker
  6. What types of yogurt makers are there? Best frozen yogurt maker 2020
  7. Best frozen yogurt maker 2020 : With or without automatic switch-off
  8. Best electric yogurt maker models without a power plug
  9. This is how we tested Best electric yogurt maker
  10. Things to look out for while buying best electric yogurt maker
  11. How does a yogurt maker work? Evaluation of customer ratings
  12. Where to buy best frozen yogurt maker
  13. Things to know before buying automatic yogurt maker
  14. How to make Drinking Yogurt : Best electric yogurt maker review
  15. Useful accessories for Best frozen yogurt maker 2020
  16. Alternatives to the yogurt maker
  17. FAQ – how does a yogurt maker work?

List of best yogurt maker 2020

  • Bar Yogurt Maker
  • MVPower Automatic Yogurt Maker
  • Euro Cuisine best frozen yougurt maker
  • Dash best electric yogurt maker
  • Cuisipro Yogurt Cheese Maker
  • Cuisinart Best frozen yogurt maker 2020

What is a yogurt maker/ how does a yogurt maker work?

A yogurt maker is used to easily make yogurt in your own kitchen. Depending on the size of the device, you can make approx. 1.0 to 2.5 liters of fresh yogurt. A yogurt maker consists of a housing with a lid and 6 to 12 closable glasses that remains in the device during the process.

You can prepare the “batch” within a few minutes and turn on the device: the yogurt matures for a few hours – you don’t need to do anything else! As the yogurt is lukewarm after ripening, put it in the refrigerator for few hours before the yogurt is ready to eat.

Best electric yogurt maker
Best electric yogurt maker

How does a yogurt maker work?

Also, before you start, it seems important to explain the operating principles of a yogurt maker. When this appliance has no more secrets for you, it will indeed be easier to choose the model best suited to your needs, to find the right recipes and off you go!

What is the operating principle of a yogurt maker?

The yogurt maker allows a gentle and gradual heating of the milk with the addition of ferments in order to stimulate the fermentation process. Thus, it will take about 8 hours to make yogurt.

The secret to the success of a yogurt lies in the cooking temperature of the latter. Yogurt is fermented milk, ie it is obtained after the multiplication of certain bacteria in the milk. Their little name: Lactobacillus bulgaricus which transforms the lactose present in milk into an acidic substance and Streptococcus Thermophilus which, in turn, will modify the milk proteins into aroma.

These are activated during the lactic acid fermentation and are effective that between 37.5 ° C and 45 ° C. If the temperature is too low, the yogurt will not take. Conversely, too high a temperature will make it acidic.

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How to make yogurt step by step

Ingredients needed to make yogurt : how does a yogurt maker work?

  • Milk at room temperature. Essential. Whether it’s cow’s milk (skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole), goat’s milk or soy milk can be used to make yogurts. The other milks do not work (coagulation impossible). Goodbye, homemade yogurts with rice, oat, hazelnut or almond milk.
  • Lactic ferment (which can be replaced by an already existing yogurt). Essential. Using yogurt will make the yogurts more liquid (but this will vary depending on the yogurts initially selected – velvety, Bulgarian…). Using a ferment will make the yogurt firmer.
  • Powdered milk. Optional. Used to thicken homemade yogurt.
  • Rennet. Optional. While curdling the milk, a few drops of rennet make the yogurts firmer.
  • Sugar. Optional. To be adapted according to tastes and recipes.
  • Spices, jam, cake, flavors, herbs, cooked fruits, extracts… Optional. To adapt according to the recipes and the tastes of each one. To vary from time to time why not?
How to make Yogurt step by step : Best electric yogurt maker
How to make Yogurt step by step : Best electric yogurt maker

Seeding by bacteria : how to make yogurt step by step

To start the fermentation process, you can inoculate the milk with the ferments or simply some yogurt from a previous preparation. Avoid using store-bought yogurt and remember to reserve some of your homemade yogurts for the next preparations. So, to start and get a quality yogurt with which you can reseed many other preparations, we advise you to start with a strain of ferments purchased in a specialized store.

Temperature maintenance

This is the time it takes for bacteria to grow properly. An electric yogurt maker will automatically heat up your preparation. All you have to do is mixing these two ingredients together then fill the jars before placing them in the yogurt maker. Follow the instructions specific to each appliance. When you think the yogurt is ready, stop the process by putting it in the fridge. It will be delicious in a few hours after cooling completely.

Flavor your yogurts: how to make yogurt step by step

Plain yogurts, you get tired of them. Give free rein to your imagination to perfume them. However, follow these 2 important rules :

Do not use raw fruit

Be sure to fill the yogurt maker with evenly cold pots. For example, wait until your red fruit coulis, for example, is very cold before placing the jars in the yogurt maker.

How to store homemade yogurts

Homemade yogurts have a good shelf life, between 10 and 15 days , in the fridge of course. They even gain in firmness after 48 hours. Some jars have lids and a mechanism to mark their date of manufacture. But a simple sticker or erasable marker can do just as well!

Either way, your homemade yogurts will be so popular with the whole family that they won’t last long in your fridge!

Best frozen yogurt maker 2020 - Automatic Yogurt maker
Best frozen yogurt maker 2020 – Automatic Yogurt maker

Things you should remember : Best frozen yogurt maker 2020

Milk mixed with lactic acid bacteria (or another yogurt) turns into yogurt provided that:

  • The mixture is not stirred
  • The mixture breathes (no plug on the yogurts)
  • The mixture remains in a closed environment (an oven or under the bell of the yogurt maker)
  • The temperature oscillates between 40 and 45 degrees (this is the most important point).
  • The mixture works for a number of hours.

The two main points are the last: Yogurt is in fact the result of the joint work of two bacteria. These two bacteria which develop ideally at 40 and 45° C will transform the lactic ferment, thicken the mixture and influence the acidity of the final yogurt. For the yogurt to be of good consistency, the bacteria must have time to work. This is why the longer the heating time, the thicker the consistency will be. You should wait for 8 to 10 hours to get the consistent yogurt.

The best electric yogurt maker helps simplify yogurt preparation as it automates tasks and ensures that the temperature settings are ideal. This is why many households invest in a yogurt maker: the production is simple, fast and successful almost every time.

Advantages of best electric yogurt maker

With a best electric yogurt maker, you can make yogurt to your taste: you determine the ingredients. In addition, homemade yogurt is much cheaper than the purchased yogurts. In contrast to products from the supermarket, these homemade yogurts last 7 to 10 days in the refrigerator.

Energy saving automatic yogurt maker : how does a yogurt maker work?

Suitable for family with children

Since automatic yogurt makers only reach a temperature of 40° C, they consume very little electricity. These best electric yogurt makers are particularly suitable for families with children. Your little ones can not only determine the taste themselves, but also learn from their own experience how yogurt production works.

Best option for Vegans

All other households who like to eat a lot of yogurt will also delight these devices with their ease of use. Since yogurt can also be made from soy milk with automatic yogurt maker, these devices also appeal to vegans. A good solution to vegans who are looking for an inexpensive and natural alternative to soy yogurt from the supermarket.

Benefits of Best frozen yogurt maker 2020
  • A homemade yogurt costs less than a store-bought yogurt.
  • You forego unwanted ingredients.
  • All yogurt makers are characterized by their uncomplicated operation.
  • Yogurt makers are usually not expensive.
  • Yogurt makers are also suitable for a vegan lifestyle.
Disadvantage of homemade yogurt
  • Homemade yogurt doesn’t last as long as store-bought yogurt.
  • The first attempt may not lead to the desired consistency immediately. (not a disadvantage actually)
  • The ripening process takes several hours but you get hygienic yogurt.
How does a yogurt maker work? Discover your own flavor
How does a yogurt maker work? Discover your own flavor

What types of yogurt makers are there? Best frozen yogurt maker 2020

Yogurt makers can be divided into two different types of devices, which you can recognize at first glance:

  • Automatic yogurt maker models with single glasses
  • Best electric yogurt maker with only one large yogurt container.

While the devices with glasses have a flat shape, the other models immediately attract attention due to their compact and taller housing shape.

However, both types of device work on the same principle. The glasses are also used for storage in the refrigerator and usually hold 150 or 200 ml.

For yogurt makers with only one large container, transfer the finished yogurt into another container that you put in the refrigerator. These containers usually have a volume of 1.0 or 1.5 liters.

Best frozen yogurt maker 2020 : With or without automatic switch-off

High-quality yogurt makers have an automatic switch-off or a timer. After specifying the runtime, you do not need to worry about these devices any further, as they switch off automatically. Although the devices only generate a temperature of approx. 45 ° C and therefore there is no risk of fire, the ripening process will continue if you do not switch the device off in good time.

Yogurt makers without a timer therefore often have a memory aid (memo scale). This is a printed scale from “1” to “12”. When you start your yogurt maker you set this time on the scale: you have to switch off the device yourself, but you don’t forget what time.

Best electric yogurt maker models without a power plug

While yogurt makers usually require electricity, there are also individual models without a power plug. These devices consist of a heat-insulated housing and a slightly smaller container for the yogurt. Pour hot water into the gap, which provides the temperature required for yogurt making. The yogurt container “floats” in the device.

Although, according to the manufacturer, these devices “work without electricity”, of course they need electricity to heat the water. Only the ripening process in the yogurt maker does not require electricity.

This is how we tested Best electric yogurt maker

For the Best frozen yogurt maker 2020 test we took different criteria into account and compare all tested models based on these evaluation criteria. This is how you get the direct comparison :

The processing quality of best electric yogurt maker

Good workmanship promises a long service life. We therefore examine the quality of plastics processing. Does the device cover close properly (gap dimension)? In addition, clean processing ensures safe use. If the plastic parts still have sharp burrs, you could injure yourself if you use them carelessly.

Therefore, particularly high-quality / best electric yogurt maker have a metal housing or at least a metal cladding. The on / off switch and the connection between the power cord and the device provide information on the quality of the electrical components used.

Can I make yogurt without a yogurt maker? Best frozen yogurt maker
Can I make yogurt without a yogurt maker? Best frozen yogurt maker

The equipment details of best frozen yogurt maker

Yogurt makers with timers increase convenience and therefore contribute to a good rating. The time display should be clearly visible and the setting of the running time should be straightforward. If models do not have an automatic switch-off, they should at least have a memory aid.

The glasses of best electric yogurt maker

The yogurt jars should have a large opening so that filling and cleaning are not a problem. In addition, if you have a large opening, it is easier to serve the yogurt directly from the glass with a spoon. We also check that the lids close securely?

In everyday life, the possibility of labeling the yogurt jars also proves to be very helpful. You can then note the date of manufacture on the respective jar in order to keep track of the shelf life. Some manufacturers even include a second set of glasses with the package delivery.

Things to look out for while buying best electric yogurt maker

Are you wondering how much yogurt your family eats? Then choose a device whose amount of yogurt preparation suits your needs. Then the question arises, whether you prefer a model with portion glasses or a yogurt maker with a large container? Both types of device have advantages and disadvantages.

You can clean a large container faster than several small glasses. However, if the yogurt should go bad, throw away all of the yogurt – not just one glass. With a large container, this may happen when you take out a portion of yogurt with an unclean spoon. This problem does not arise with individual glasses.

The portion glasses can also be transported so that you enjoy homemade yogurt during breakfast break. If you tend towards a device with single glasses and are thinking of buying additional glasses, choose a yogurt maker that already has additional glasses included.

A switch-off timer adds to the comfort, as you do not have to switch the device off yourself: an advantage in hectic everyday life.

The decision-making aid for buying Best frozen yogurt maker

  • Which size corresponds to your yogurt consumption?
  • Which device type suits you best?
  • Do you need the convenience of a timer?
  • Do you need additional glasses and are they already included in the scope of delivery?

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How does a yogurt maker work? Evaluation of customer ratings

Yogurt makers are especially popular with people who eat a healthy diet and like to have natural ingredients in their food. This is also noticeable on Amazon, where many yogurt makers have over 500 or even over 3000 customer ratings. Here’s an evaluation of what the top rated yogurt makers offer and what customers are saying about it:

1. Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker : best electric yogurt maker

Over 3300 customers give this visually appealing yogurt maker with 7 portion glasses of 170 grams each an average of 4.5 stars. In the many reviews, buyers exchange extensive information about recipes and how you first have to get your children used to the natural taste of real fruits.

Euro Cuisine Yogurt make : how does a yogurt maker work?
Euro Cuisine Yogurt make : how does a yogurt maker work?

2. MVPower Automatic Digital Yogurt Machine: best frozen yogurt maker

This inexpensive yogurt maker with 8 glass Jars was rated 4.4 stars by over 800 customers. You can use it to fill the large tub with up to a liter of milk (including soy milk, etc., of course) and yogurt cultures – it’s best to leave it overnight and voila – it’s that easy for the satisfied customers who especially praise the model is so affordable. However, some customers are of the opinion that the yogurt maker would overheat the yogurt.

Best frozen yogurt maker 2020 - MVPower Yogurt maker
Best frozen yogurt maker 2020 – MVPower Yogurt maker

3. Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker : how does a yogurt maker work?

This affordable best yogurt maker has been positively 4.6 rated by 2900 customers. Customers are happy that this yogurt maker works without electricity. They also praise the low price here too.

Best frozen yogurt maker : Euro Cuisine
Best frozen yogurt maker : Euro Cuisine

4. Cuisinart 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt ICE-21P1 Ice Cream Maker

The BPA free container holds eight glasses for 1.4 kg of yogurt. A timer, temperature control and date display round off the higher-priced device. Over 10000 customers rated with 4.7 stars, are mostly satisfied with the yogurt maker and the yogurt made with it.

Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream Maker
Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream Maker

5. Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker Machine with One Touch Display

If you like to eat thick fresh yogurt, the Dash yogurt maker could be just the thing for you. It has more than 500 customers rating with 4/8 on Amazon. The sleek and compact powerful yogurt maker loved for its performance.

Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker : how does a yogurt maker work?
Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker : how does a yogurt maker work?

Where to buy best frozen yogurt maker

The best way to buy your yogurt maker is online. If an electronics retailer stocks yogurt makers at all, it often only has one model. When it comes to yogurt makers, there are smaller manufacturers that are not part of the range of large electronics retail chains. In contrast, when buying online, you can choose between numerous models and brands.

Buying electrical appliances over the Internet is uncomplicated, as the “size problem” like shoes or clothing does not arise. Our Best frozen yogurt maker 2020 test not only introduces you to the comparison winner, but also explains the differences between the various models.

This gives you a comprehensive overview of these practical electrical devices and lets you know which features to look out for when buying. You can also use the 14-day exchange right when ordering on the Internet if you do not like the device you have purchased and would rather order a different yogurt maker.

Things to know before buying automatic yogurt maker

The history of the yogurt maker

The Thracians, who lived on the Balkan Peninsula from around the 6th century BC, are considered to be the inventors of yogurt. As goatherds, they filled the animals’ milk into animal skins and carried it around their stomachs. The body temperature together with the microflora in the animal skin caused fermentation, so that yogurt was created. Thus the Thracians invented the forerunner of today’s yogurt makers.

How yogurt maker became popular : how does a yogurt maker work?

Yogurt is mentioned both in the Bible and in Ayurvedic scriptures. In addition, different historians of antiquity such as Herodotus (approx. 490 – 424 BC), Pliny the Elder (24 – 79 AD) and Homer (probably 850 BC) report on the food. The yogurt spread not only in the regions around the Mediterranean, but is also said to have inspired Genghis Khan (approx. 1155 – 1227). He encouraged his warriors to eat yogurt made from horse milk.

In addition to having a positive effect on health, the Mongol Khan said the food also had an encouraging effect. Historical sources show that a Turkish doctor in the 16th century cured the stomach and intestinal problems of the French King Francis I (1494 – 1547) with yogurt made from goat’s milk.

People valued the food because of its good taste and beneficial effects on health: But nobody knew what happened when yogurt was made? It was not until the early 20th century that a scientist discovered the basis of yogurt production.

The discovery of lactic acid bacteria : best electric yogurt maker

In 1905 the Bulgarian doctor and microbiologist Stamen Grigorow (1878-1945) discovered the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt. In the same year, the founder of immunology, Ilya Iljitsch Metschnikow (1845-1916), established a dependency between diet and the high life expectancy of the Bulgarian rural population.

Since the rural population traditionally ate a lot of yogurt, he blamed the bacteria it contains for the above-average life expectancy. His thesis led to an increase in yogurt consumption in Central Europe – a little later also in the USA.

From 1907, German dairies also produced yogurt, although the lack of refrigerators initially limited consumption. The first scientific description of the bacterium, however, was not made until 1919 by the chemist and bacteriologist Sigurd Orla-Jensen (1870-1949).

How does a yogurt maker work? – Making Yogurt is easy!
How does a yogurt maker work? The industrialization of yogurt production

Isaac Carasso (1874-1939) industrialized yogurt production in 1919 when he founded Danone in Barcelona. Today the multinational corporation is considered the second largest milk producer in the world. In 1947 Danone first launched yogurt pots with a fruit mixture under the yogurt.

The advent of the yogurt maker in USA

In the 1970s, yogurt makers for home use became very popular. Due to the simple operation of the devices, consumers who otherwise only bought yogurt, produced their own yogurt for the first time. Although not every electrical retailer sells yogurt makers these days, the devices have not disappeared from the market.

How lactic acid is fermented to make yogurt : how does a yogurt maker work?

The metabolism of lactic acid bacteria breaks down the milk sugar (lactose), producing lactic acid (lactate), which lowers the pH value. As a result, the protein molecules denature : They lose their protective cover and therefore stick together. Whey collects in the spaces between the molecules.

The production of other foods such as soy sauce, beer and wine require fermentation. Because the protein molecules clump together, fermentation in milk is also called curdling. The required temperature for the lactic acid bacteria is in the range 42-45 ° C.

At temperatures above 50 ° C, the bacteria die. This is why pasteurized yogurts are not suitable as starter cultures: if the yogurt is heated during pasteurization, all lactic acid bacteria die.

People with Lactose intolerance:

Since the lactic acid bacteria partially break down the lactose in the milk during fermentation, people with lactose intolerance often tolerate yogurt better than milk.

How does a yogurt maker work? Best automatic yogurt maker functions
How does a yogurt maker work? Best automatic yogurt maker functions
The nutritional values of a yogurt

In addition to a high protein content, natural yogurt also contains numerous minerals and vitamins. These include:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
  • Vitamin B6
  • and vitamin B12

The teeth and bones in particular need calcium. Riboflavin is good for your metabolism and is considered a “growth vitamin”. In contrast, the muscles and nerves in particular need potassium and magnesium. Thus, yogurt contributes to a healthy diet for both children and adults.

Vegan yogurt not only made from soy milk

Instead of normal cow’s milk, yogurt can be made from soy milk using a yogurt maker. Rice or coconut milk also work for vegan yogurt production. Whereby a mixing ratio of 1: 1 delivers very tasty results.

How to make Drinking Yogurt : Best electric yogurt maker review

Drinking yogurt differs only in consistency from regular yogurt. Manufacturers use less ferment in production, so the consistency remains more fluid. In addition, it is smoothened in order to achieve a homogeneous consistency. In contrast to mixed yogurt drinks, drinking yogurts do not have water added.

Mixed yogurt drinks in India

If you whip yogurt and water in a ratio of 2: 1 to 1: 1 with a little salt, you get a refreshing drink for hot summer days. Use a whisk and season the drink with a splash of lemon juice. This drink, which is particularly popular in Turkey, is called Ayran.

In India this drink is called Lassi, and milk is sometimes used instead of water in its production. There is also this drink in sweet variants, the fruit pulp of contain mangoes (Mango Lassi). Other flavors use spices like cardamom, cumin, or rose water.

BPA Free Best electric yogurt maker
BPA Free Best electric yogurt maker

What is Frozen Yogurt?

“Frozen Yogurt” is a type of ice cream made from yogurt and milk. Compared to regular ice cream, “frozen yogurt” has a low fat content and is therefore a healthier alternative. As with ice cream, manufacturers produce many different flavors.

How to clean yogurt maker? Best electric yogurt maker

Make sure to always clean the jars and their lids thoroughly and also to dry them. Some manufacturers make these glasses suitable for the dishwasher. It is best to rinse the glasses with boiling water before use ! This is the only way to prevent contamination from fungus or mold cultures in the yogurt.

You should also only use clean spoons or whisks when “preparing” the yogurt. In addition, do not put your fingers in the glasses before filling the “vaccinated milk”. With the slightest contamination, there is a risk that the yogurt will go moldy.

Therefore, pay close attention to cleanliness! In addition, a yogurt maker requires little maintenance or cleaning, as the milk and the finished yogurt only come into contact with the glasses or the large preparation container.

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Useful accessories for Best frozen yogurt maker 2020

Yogurt ferment

You add yogurt ferment to milk to make yogurt. Alternatively, you can use a cup of yogurt you have bought as a starter culture. However, the use of ferment results in a firmer consistency of the finished yogurt. You can also use the ferment used to determine which lactic acid bacteria you use for your yogurt – manufacturers usually indicate the types of bacteria used on the packaging.

Kephir ferment

If you’re not using ferment for yogurt but for kephir, make kephir in your yogurt maker too. Manufacturers often point out this possibility of using their yogurt maker. This acidic drink supports digestion, is particularly refreshing in summer and contributes to well-being.

Best electric yogurt maker - Make it - but don't Shake it!
Best electric yogurt maker – Make it – but don’t Shake it!
Which yogurt to use as a starting culture?

As an alternative to yogurt ferment, you need a purchased yogurt as a starting culture. Only natural yogurts without additives are suitable for this. Lactic acid bacteria no longer live in heat-treated yogurts, so that they are not suitable as a starter culture for yogurt production.

There must be living bacteria in the yogurt!

Yogurt thermometer for best electric yogurt maker

If you use fresh milk to make yogurt, you must first heat it to 95 ° C and then let it cool down to approx. 45 ° C. A thermometer can be used to check the temperature. Various manufacturers offer special yogurt thermometers for this, with a scale ranging from 20 to 100 ° C.

Timer for Best frozen yogurt maker

Some yogurt makers do not have an automatic switch-off, so you have to pull the power plug after a certain time. If you use a timer, you can turn it on in the evening and the timer automatically stops the preparation process at night.

Additional glasses for automatic yogurt maker

Most manufacturers who produce yogurt makers with several individual glasses also offer a complete set of glasses individually. On the one hand, these are used to replace glasses that have fallen down and, on the other hand, you can prepare new yogurt even though you have not yet emptied all the yogurt jars. So if you and your family eat a lot of yogurt, a second set of glasses is a good idea, as you will always have a couple of glasses of yogurt in the fridge.

Additives for tasty Yogurt

If you use a purchased yogurt as a starter culture, you influence the taste and consistency of the finished yogurt with various additives. Two tablespoons of powdered milk per liter of milk will give the yogurt a firmer consistency. With a tablespoon of inulin the yogurt becomes a little creamier and a tablespoon of Oligofructose gives the yogurt a slightly sweet taste.

These two additives represent complex sugar molecules and count among the prebiotic substances. In some cases, manufacturers already add Oligofructose and inulin to their yogurt ferment, whereby the packaging often only says “prebiotic”.

Tasty homemade yogurt with Jam

If your favorite food is fruit yogurt, you can make this one too. To do this, fill the individual yogurt glasses only three-quarters of the way with “vaccinated milk” and put jam on the finished yogurt – before you put it in the refrigerator. Homemade jam goes best with homemade yogurt. Alternatively, red groats or syrup also tastes delicious.

Cream Cheese Maker : how does a yogurt maker work?

With a cream cheese maker, you can turn your yogurt into cream cheese. These preparers consist of a small plastic box with a sieve insert and lid: You put the yogurt on the fine sieve and place the closed maker in the refrigerator. For a few days, the liquid from the yogurt drips into the container and the cream cheese remains in the sieve.

The liquid collected in the container, which consists of water and lactose, is called whey. Since whey contains various B vitamins as well as calcium, potassium and phosphorus, it is very healthy. This means that there is no waste product when making fresh cheese from yogurt.

Best frozen yogurt maker 2021
Best frozen yogurt maker 2021

Alternatives to the yogurt maker

The principle of yogurt production also works without the use of a yogurt maker. The lactic acid bacteria and the right temperature determine whether the yogurt is successful.

Yogurt from the thermos

You first heat the thermos with hot water. Then heat the fresh milk up to 95 ° C while stirring – do not boil! UHT milk does not need to be warmed up to 95 ° C. After cooling to approx. 45 ° C, stir a suitable yogurt into the milk and pour the mixture into the thermos flask. The yogurt needs about 7 hours to mature in the closed thermos. Do not move the jug during the ripening process! After 7 hours, pour the yogurt into a bowl or glasses and place them in the refrigerator to cool.

Alternatives to the thermos : Best frozen yogurt maker

Do not fill the warm milk-yogurt mixture in a thermos, but in glasses and then put them in an insulating box to ripen. Since the lowest setting in some ovens heats the oven to approx. 40 ° C, these devices are also suitable for making yogurt.

The disadvantages of alternative methods of making yogurt

Since these preparation methods do not necessarily guarantee a constant ripening temperature, these alternatives require some experimentation and a lot of experience. The electric yogurt makers from our test, on the other hand, work reliably and require less experience, as they keep the optimal temperature constant for the ripening process.

FAQ – how does a yogurt maker work?

Is Homemade Yogurt Healthier?

Homemade yogurts are made from natural yogurt or powder that contains yogurt bacteria on a natural basis. This should make it clear that home-made yogurts are a healthy alternative to the finished products from the supermarket, which are usually provided with countless additives.

What does a yogurt maker cost?

The prices for yogurt makers for private use range between $25 and $200. Depending on the price range, the different yogurt makers mainly differ in size.

How does a yogurt maker work?

Simply put: Milk is heated and converted into natural yogurt with the addition of yogurt bacteria. This process is called fermentation. And this is exactly how it is made in a yogurt maker for home use.

Where can I buy yogurt makers?

Yogurt makers are available from several different kitchen appliance manufacturers. You can find them both in retail and online shops. The most popular option is buying on the Internet, as conventional shops usually only have a small selection of devices available.

What should you know before buying best electric yogurt maker?

Before buying a yogurt maker, a few basic facts should be clarified, which can be read in detail in the guide.

How warm does a yogurt maker get?

An electronic yogurt maker reaches a maximum temperature of up to 45 °. The optimal temperature for ripening the yogurt cultures is always between 42 ° and 45 ° C.


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