How to clean a hob? Clean your cooktop / stove in easy steps

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We all use hobs in our kitchen. In day to day use kitchen appliances as well as hobs gets dirty with spilled oil or food particles and sometimes dusts. How to clean a hob? Let’s face it: a stove full of stains and residue doesn’t look very good in the kitchen! How to clean your hobs without damaging them? Follow me till the end, I will guide you through.

Types of hobs:

  • Hotplates
  • Gas burners
  • Glass ceramic or induction
how to clean a hob easily
How to clean a hob easily

How to clean a hob easily?

You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, or good little dishes without messing up your stove! It’s all natural. But as we are always in a hurry, we do not necessarily take the time to clean after each use. The result: rusty electric rings, a gloomy enamel or stainless steel plate, dirty burners or a glass plate that remembers the very last menus! It’s time to do something.

Yes, but how do you remove dirt without scratching the stove? Each hob has its own specific cleaning tips! Let’s take a look at how to clean a hob, with the most common types of hotplates.

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How to clean an Electric hob / induction?

How does an electric hob work? It’s very simple: a resistor is hidden under a round and gray cast iron plate, and the intensity of the current, controlled by the button, modulates the temperature obtained. Around: a stainless steel or white enamelled support. Cheap, their only drawback is their thermal inertia.

How to clean an induction or Electric hob
How to clean an induction or Electric hob

Induction / Electric hob cleaning steps :

  • For normal cleaning, wipe with a sponge and dry after each cooking, after, of course, their complete cooling.
  • The plates are prone to rust. To avoid this, you can occasionally run a lightly oiled paper towel (edible oil) over it.
  • To remove the encrusted residues, the trick is to do… like pyrolysis in your oven: burn the dirt! To do this, you have to light your plates “empty”, without anything on them, and let the residue burn. Attention danger ! Watch over the children… ! After complete cooling, remove the “ashes” with a sponge.
  • For the enamel or the metal of the support, if a little washing-up liquid is not enough, sprinkle with white vinegar and let stand for a quarter of an hour before rinsing.

How to clean a Gas hob /Gas burner / Gas stove?

Gas hobs are still very widespread because they are efficient and inexpensive. Gas hobs are the favorites of chefs: rapid and economical heating, good visualization of the intensity of the heat … However, they are a little more complicated to clean because they have recesses and removable parts!

How to clean a gas hob
How to clean a gas hob

Gas hob cleaning steps

  • As with the other hotplates, the regular sponge wipe is a good start!
  • For basic maintenance, remove the grids (clean them under the tap with washing-up liquid), and remove the burners. These can be washed in the same way. But it is even easier: soak them for at least two hours in a basin containing water with two or three tablespoons of coarse salt added, and d ‘as much vinegar (white or food, it doesn’t matter). The dirt will then come off very easily.
  • Do not forget, during this soaking, to carefully clean the locations of the burners on the stove. At the same time as the surrounding support plate, because dirt easily slips into them during overflows. Be careful that water does not get into the holes, otherwise your cooker may lock itself out and stop working.
  • Dry all the elements well before putting them back in place.

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How to clean a Glass hob: Cleaning Induction or Glass Ceramic cookers

How does the induction hob works? Fast and precise, the induction hob works because of the coils located under the glass plate. These create a magnetic field in the presence of a compatible receptacle (metal reacting to magnets). The container heats up quickly and transmits its heat to the food.

The ceramic hob is just a more modern version of the good old electric hob, heated by resistors. Induction or vitroceramic hobs have one thing in common: a glass plate conducive to traces of grease and stains!

how to clean a glass hob
How to clean a glass hob

Cleaning steps for Glass hobs

  • At each cooking, pass a sponge on the plate, and then wipe it.
  • There are special cleaning products, but they are generally not very good for nature!
  • A tip? Make a paste with baking soda and lukewarm water. Mix well, and then spread this paste over the entire baking sheet. Avoid rubbing. Leave it for at least twenty minutes, then remove everything with a damp sponge: the baking soda has lifted off and absorbed the dirt!
  • For a streak-free finish or daily cleaning, run a clean tea towel soaked in white vinegar on your glass plate. The vinegar removes traces of fat and evaporates quickly without leaving unwanted streaks.

Conclusion – How to clean a Hob

Whatever cook top, stove you are using, keep it clean for healthy and hygienic kitchen. If you have any question please send me a mail from contact.

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