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Why you should know how to clean food processor? Throughout snacks, birthdays and family meals, your food processor struggles by your side to prepare cakes, meringues and brioches of all kinds… And although you don’t use it every day (unless?), your kitchen clerk does not come out unscathed from all these quantities of dough and flour that he sees passing through his bowl!

A hint of sugar here, a touch of egg white there… It’s hard not to put it everywhere when baking! Despite all efforts to clean your food processor, there is always a small stain or food residue hidden somewhere. This is why your food processor sometimes needs a thorough cleaning.

how to clean food processor

What parts of a food processor gets dirty the most?

As you review your entire robot, you’ll notice that some of its parts are trickier to wash than others. Let’s start with the front cover of your food processor: this is the dirtiest part, but a little wipe of the cloth is enough to polish it and restore its shine.

On the other hand, pieces of flour or dough can nestle in the lever or the buttons of the control panel if the screen is not touch-sensitive… These areas must be monitored and cleaned closely! The stand of the food processor collects all the oil and dust from the worktop. Also watch the vents at the back of the food processor, where dust can accumulate easily.

To prevent your food processor from being damaged or spoiling your recipes with unwelcome odors, we advise you to bring the equipment and follow the cleaning steps below.

Here are the materials needed to clean your food processor:

  • Ingredients: dish soap and baking soda.
  • Equipment: microfiber or cotton cloth, small brush, toothpick or cotton swab.
Things you need to clean a food processor
Things you need to clean a food processor

If you are currently using a pressure cooker and want to know about an instant pot then check instant pot vs pressure cooker.


Once equipped with your equipment, we advise you to follow the steps below to clean your food processor:

Step 1: Unplug your multi-function food processor.

Step 2: Detach the accessories from the food processor, and wash the beater, the sheet and the dough hook by hand, with hot water and soap. If they are stainless steel, you can put them in the dishwasher.

Step 3: Clean the mixing bowl with soapy water if it is plastic, or in the dishwasher if it is stainless steel or glass. If your bowl is made of metal, be aware that it is more resistant, but also more sensitive to humidity: so be sure to dry it properly after cleaning it.

Step 4: Remove stains and residue from the engine block, if possible after each use, using a soft cloth. Clean the gaps, especially around the control buttons and the lever, taking care, however, that water does not get inside.

Step 5: Clean sensitive areas with baking soda and water. Using a small brush, scrub away any food residue, paying particular attention to the control screen, and the base of the mixing bowl.

Step 6: Wash the screw used to position the utensils in soapy water, after having detached it from its support.

Step 7: Clean the robot’s head: to do this, tilt it upwards, and then lock it in the raised position. This allows you to clean the part under the robot’s head.

Step 8: Thoroughly clean the robot arm, using the toothpick or cotton swab to remove any dirt lodged in the gaps, especially on the back of the food processor.

Step 9: Remove dirt and dust from the ventilation duct. You can even use a table vacuum to remove any crumbs that may be there.

Step 10: Clean the underside of the robot: to do this, position the robot on its side, then wipe each of the robot’s feet with a cloth and a mild cleaner.

How to clean food processor handle?

Sometimes we touch the handle of the food processor while we have food particles on our handle. Those particles get stuck on the handle. Here is how to clean food processor handle:

  • To clean the handle of a food processor we need a bit of extra care. Take some warm water mixed with dish washing liquid.
  • Now use a soft cloth or a toothbrush and dip into the water we prepared with dish washing liquid.
  • Rub the brush or soaked cloth on the handle until it is entirely clean.
  • If you have disassembled the handle, keep it submerged in water for 10 minutes and the follow the process we followed above.
  • When it is cleaned, wipe with a dry cloth and reassemble the handle.

On the other day someone asked me, how to clean Cuisinart food processor handle? The process is same as we just used to clean handle of a food processor. If you feel the darts from handle is not getting cleaned then use a toothbrush to give it a small rub.

Different parts of a food processor
Different parts of a food processor (Pic credit – Researchgate)

Final Words: How to clean a food processor:

To prevent your food processor from being too difficult to wash, we advise you to clean it after each use, making sure to unplug it each time. Stainless steel accessories are more resistant over time and easier to clean, as they are dishwasher safe.

In addition, the most fragile areas of your food processor are located at the level of the ventilation and the motor. Watch for gaps where dust and dirt can easily nest. Do not forget any part of your food processor when cleaning it: wash it on all sides, and in every corner!

I hope now you know how to clean food processor easily at home! Any questions / suggestions let me know in the comment section below.

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