Kent Atta and Bread Maker Review – (Buyer’s Guide Included)

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The aroma and taste of freshly baked bread are heavenly, but oven-fresh bread is hardly available, even in a bakery; they are a day or at least an overnight old. However, cherishing the freshness of bread is not out of reach-bake them; and you don’t need an oven. A good recipe from the widely available and a good bread maker is all you need.

Kent has launched its all-in-one appliance, the Atta and Bread Maker, which conducts the entire bread making—from kneading to baking. But, how much it stands out to my expectation, this Kent Atta and Bread Maker review says all.

Is Kent Atta and Bread Maker worth buying?

Top Pick
kent bread maker review

Kent atta and bread maker for home

  • Fresh bread at home.
  • Electric dough maker.
  • Preservative-free bread.
  • 19 programmable menus.

One-minute Review of Kent Atta and Bread Maker

Anyone; who has experience in making bread knows how tiring the kneading process is and, despite all effort, most of the time, the result is not what you have desired. The Atta and Bread Maker eases out the entire process-place the blade, add the measured ingredients, and switch on it. It kneads the dough, ferments it, and cooks it to perfection; while you enjoy a cup of your favorite tea.

This aesthetic and elegant fully automatic appliance makes life easier. It does not just make bread of different types using the 19 pre-set functions; it kneads, ferments, bake, stir fry, makes jam and yogurt, and even defrost.

Why I recommend Kent atta maker: kent atta maker and bread maker 550 w review

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Kent Atta maker review

Kent Atta and Bread Maker Review

  • Mr. Versatile.
  • Self-explanatory one-touch control panel.
  • Hassle-free cleaning.
  • Include accessories.
  • Reasonable with discount.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • The cake takes a long time.
  • Only square-shaped cake.
  • Mr. Versatile.
  • Self-explanatory one-touch control panel.
  • Hassle-free cleaning.

Kent has designed this appliance keeping in mind every user. It has a user-interface self-explanatory control panel with prominent touch buttons and an LCD. The control panel features a start button, 19 pre-set menus sequentially marked and displayed, 3-oaf size settings (weight button), an adjustable timer, and 3-color setting options. These features make the appliance perfect for a beginner.

Now, let’s talk about the add-on features. The lid features a viewing window from where you can watch every step and vertical heat-releasing vents, which also fill the kitchen with a delicious aroma.

kent atta and bread maker review


  • Impressive result.
  • Perfect crust.
  • Auto-bake.

It has been a couple of months since I have been using this atta and bread maker, and I have to say the performance is quite impressive.

It is an easy-to-use appliance delivering consistent results; I have made bread of different types, customized the flavors and textures, and baked cakes, and all turned out so great, even the dough for chappati or poori! It’s hygienic and tasty at the same time.

The adjustable timer is a delay timer using which you can auto-set the appliance- add the ingredients and set the timer, and indulge in delicious hot oven-fresh bread at the breakfast table or after a hectic day at work.

To test how perfect the crust forms: I set the crust setting to my favorite medium. Surprisingly, it came out fluffy and spongy with a slightly crispy golden brown crust. You can set it to light, medium, dark, and fruit. You can make a loaf of 500gm, 750gm, and 1 kg in it.

Installation & Setup

  • Setup in less than 10 minutes.
  • Include attachments.

Being a plug-in appliance, anyone can set it up in less than 10 minutes, following the instructions in the manual.

Place the baking pan, attach the kneading blade, and put the ingredients in the right amount, then select the preferred option. Follow the sequence as instructed in the manual.

Make sure the kneading blade is correctly attached before adding any ingredients.

kent atta and bread maker for home
Kent atta and bread maker for home

Clean & Care

  • Hassle-free cleaning.
  • Cool down and dry up the pan before washing and using.
  • Dishwasher-safe parts.

Cleaning the bread maker after each use is very important to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria, and to be honest, it also maintains the newness of the appliance. Isn’t it? The Kent atta and bread maker is easy to clean. The bread pan and the kneading blade are washable. You can dish-wash them, but I suggest hand washing to expand their longevity. Use warm soapy water.

Be cautious while washing the blades with your hands. Make sure before cleaning the appliance has completely cooled down and completely dry before using it again.

The kneading blade remover and measuring units can only be hand washable.

Here are some tips:

  • Turn the bread pan upside down to remove crumbs.
  • Clean the crevices and corners using a brush or toothpick.
  • To clean the exterior, wipe with a damp cloth.

Kent atta and bread maker price

  • Reasonable in the pocket.
  • Heavy discount applied.

Though the appliance uses high-end construction with hi-tech technology, it is reasonably priced. The M.R.P. of the atta and bread maker is 10,000 INR, but at major e-commerce portals, it comes with a heavy discount of 15%-40%, i.e., between 6000-8500 INR.

The 19-Functions Explained: Kent atta maker review

The 19 pre-set functions cover all the bread recipes, most baking techniques, and some unconventional recipes. Here is a brief detail of all the functions available on Kent atta and bread maker:

Basic bread:- Function no. 1 is for making the regular loaf we have at breakfast. It makes the hot, oven-fresh loaf ready to serve in 3 hours.

Quick bread:- If you are running out of time or don’t want to wait 3 hours, go for the quick bread option. The pre-set makes the regular loaf in about 2 hours. It is ideal for loaves that need less kneading, like banana bread.

Sweet bread:- The function is a treat for cinnamon raisin bread, pumpkin spice bread, or any sweet bread. It is the same as the 1st option, only add the sweetening agent, and the loaf is ready in 3 hours and 40 minutes to 50 minutes, as per the size. 

French bread:-To make the classic dense, chewy French loaf with a slightly crispy crust, the appliance features the ‘French bread’ pre-set. It makes the loaf in approximately 4 hours.

Whole Wheat Bread:- To continue to lead a healthy food habit: the 19-pre-set menu features the wheat bread option, which bakes the spongy whole wheat loaf in 4 hours; I made a dozen whole wheat bread in the last few months.

Rice Bread:– Go gluten-free! The pre-set menu includes a rice bread option that makes soft, dense rice flour bread. It makes 1 kg in about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Gluten-free bread:- Not just rice bread, you can make gluten-free bread loaf of jawar, bajra, ragi, maize, and any flour using this option. So, if you are gluten intolerant, suffering from celiac disease, or into a gluten-free diet, get 1000gm homemade soft and moist gluten-free loaf prepared in about 3 hours.

That’s not all folk! The appliance has more.

Dessert:- This atta and bread maker is also a dessert maker; you can make caramel custard pudding, chocolate pudding, or any other version, phirni, kheer, payasam, and many more by selecting the dessert option. It prepares 1 kg of dessert in just 1 hour and 40 minutes.

‘Poori’ Atta:- This atta maker kneads the regular dough for pooris, perfectly stiff and smooth, and it takes only 15 minutes to knead 500gm of the flour. So, struggle no more with kneading and frying out the tempting pooris. The dough is perfect enough to make crispy samosas and mathris too.

Pizza Dough:- Make the pizza base as perfect as the pizza parlor in a couple of minutes-put the ingredients and go for the ‘pizza dough’ option. A quantity of 750-1000 gm soft, fermented dough gets prepared in 1 and a half minutes.

Chapatti Dough:- This is the most used function of the appliance in an Indian home. It gives relief from the job of regular kneading. You can knead 500gm of atta for soft chapattis phulka, naan, and parathas in 8 minutes. Also, knead Missi roti dough.

Cake:- This function makes baking a cake a cakewalk if you don’t have an oven. It takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to make half a kg of eggless or with egg cake. However, a baking oven takes less than an hour to do the same. Despite being time-consuming, the cake comes out tasty, soft, and spongy.

Jam:- No jam is better than homemade jam; after all, it is without preservatives. This appliance makes a great mango, strawberries, mixed fruit, or any favorite fruit jam in 1 hour and 20 minutes. So, make a delightful homemade jam sandwich for your kids.

Yogurt:- Not just jam, this appliance is also a great yogurt maker- put milk, saved yogurt as a starter for the batch, and flavors if want —strawberry, mango, etc. and choose this option. 1-liter yogurt takes 8 hours to get ready. After completion, refrigerate it.

Bake:- This function transforms this appliance into an oven. You can bake anything in it- cake, cookies, and pies-put the dish and set the temperature and time. It has only one drawback, do all in the baking pan, which you can accommodate only 5-6 cookies at a time and make only square-shaped cakes.

Sticky Rice:- Go Asian and cherish the versatility of sticky rice! You can make Sushi, Rice cakes, Chinese sticky rice, rice dumplings, Suimai, desserts, and many more because this appliance makes 500gm of that glutinous rice in about 2:45 minutes.

Rice Wine:- The most surprising function of this bread maker is rice winemaking; you can prepare homemade rice wine with sticky rice made in the appliance, water, and Distillers yeast. It takes a total of 36 hours to make the wine.

Defrost:- Put frozen foods-bread slices or packaged food in the appliance and select the defrost function to thaw. It is ready to use in 30-40 minutes. If the quantity is more and is more chilled, it may take longer.

Stir Fry:- This function exceeds the level of versatility. The bread pan becomes your deep-bottom wok where you prepare your delicious healthy stir fry. Select this function, and the bread pan gets ready to do the job.

Accessories included with kent atta and bread maker
Accessories you receive

What do you get with Kent atta and bread maker?

  • Measuring cup and spoon.
  • Kneading panel remover.
  • Easy to read instructions.

You don’t need any separate measuring cup for measuring the ingredients; the kit includes a cup and a spoon. And for removing the kneading panel, you get a kneading panel remover. Of course, no appliance comes without an instruction manual, and so does this.

The user manual has clear, detailed instructions and information, easy to understand. It also includes a handful of recipes for each function.

Want to take a sneak peek at the kent atta and bread maker manual, click here to download it.

Customer Care & Warranty

  • 1-year warranty.

The Kent bread maker has a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects and prompt customer care service. Until now, I didn’t feel the need for warranty service or customer care. If I do it, I will share my experience.

Kent Atta and Bread Maker: My Opinion

The Kent atta and bread maker has a sleek, aesthetic, and compact design. Its versatility is par excellence.

Should you buy it?

  • If you want to experience all kinds of bread making and want to serve fresh bread.
  • If you are a beginner in the kitchen and struggle a lot with kneading but want to become proficient.
  • If you are cooking a big batch of Indian bread or flour-based snack.
  • If you are health conscious and rely more on homemade food than readymade one.
  • If you are making sticky rice, jam, and rice wine fascinates you.
kent atta maker review
Kent atta maker review

Easy steps to use the Atta and Bread Maker

For Bread (Regular & Sweet):

  • Choose the best recipe or refer to the instruction manual.
  • Add the correct proportion of refined flour (maida), water, salt, sugar, oil, and activated instant yeast and the sweetening agent for sweet bread.
  • Choose the appropriate option.

For French Bread:

  • Either select the best recipe for French bread or follow the one in the instruction manual.
  • Add refined flour, water, salt, sugar, oil, and activated instant yeast in the correct proportion.
  • Select the ‘French bread’ menu.
  • Remember, French loaf requires more water and a longer rising time than the usual bread.

For Gluten-free bread (Rice & other flour):

  • Use the correct proportion of rice flour (for rice bread) or gluten-free flour ( for gluten-free bread) with the regular bread ingredients.
  • Follow the method as instructed in the recipe.
  • Press-select the related menu.

For Jam:

  • Select the best jam recipe.
  • Put the fruit pulp, sugar, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt.
  • Choose the ‘jam’ option.

For Sticky Rice:

  • Soak the rice for at least 30 minutes.
  • Add the rice and more water than usual.
  • Select the pre-set option.
  • After completion, let it sit in the appliance for 10 minutes.

FAQs about the Kent Atta and Bread Maker

How much electricity does Kent’s bread maker consume?

This multi-functional atta and bread maker uses only 550 watts of electricity.

Can I make wheat sweet bread using the ‘sweet bread’ option of the Kent atta and bread maker?

The ‘sweet bread’ of the appliance also bakes whole wheat or multigrain sweet bread loaf.

How do you reset a Kent bread maker?

To reset the appliance:
Press-hold the Start button to shuts it down.
Wait a minute.
Press- hold the start and again.
The screen starts, and it is ready to use.

Final Words: Kent Atta and Bread Maker Review

Kent atta and bread maker makes it easy to make fresh atta and bread at home. If you love the idea of having fresh bread without any preservatives then this is the product you will need in your kitchen.

With so many happy customers, I can say the Kent atta and bread maker for home is a useful appliance for every day. It can make healthy slices of bread and atta without you leaving home.

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