Magimix Ice Cream Maker Review

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We all love ice creams right? I love pineapple flavor. What is your kind of ice cream?

Whatever the flavor you like, just visit an ice cream parlor and you got it. Are those ice creams having the ingredients that you wish they had? Maybe no.

How about making your own flavor at home? I do that. I make ice cream at home.

It is not that tough to make ice cream at home. If you have a good ice cream maker in your kitchen, you can make it easily.

I have Magimix ice cream maker at home (Turbine Magimix Sorbetière 11680). This device is specially designed for making ice creams, sorbets and granules easily at home. You do not need any special skills to use this Magimix ice cream maker.

Magimix Gelato Expert ice cream maker

Is the Magimix Sorbetière recommended?

It is a highly recommended device. This is a super high performance ice cream maker that you can definitely buy. You can make all the ice creams of your choice and enjoy with your guests or your family.

It’s easy to use nature has made it popular. You can make several types of ice creams with different flavors in a very short time.

The large capacity of the tank allows sufficient quantity for several people. You can make a very smooth texture with the spatula you get with the machine.

Every product available in the market has some advantages and disadvantages. Let us check Magimix ice cream makers pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Magimix ice cream maker


  • Great ease of use
  • Sufficient power
  • Good tank capacity
  • Several automatic cycles
  • Very practical device
  • Supplied with one spatula
  • Detachable cord


  • Supplied with very few accessories
  • bulky

Great ease of use

Many people think it requires special knowledge to use ice cream make. They are deprived of homemade ice cream. Magimix Sorbetiere is very easy to use. You can just go through any of the ice cream recipe and make it.

It is certainly an electronic device with an incredible ease of use. You can set the program from the fully visible buttons of the machine.

Each of these keys corresponds to a main function with inscriptions next to the key to guide you. You also have two tubs which make this machine even more functional.

You will see a removable bowl and a fixed bowl that helps you quickly prepare your ice creams. If you are completely novice then also it will not be a problem for you to use the machine.

Magimix ice cream maker review
Magimix ice cream maker review

Sufficient power

Power is an essential element to achieve good ice cream with thick textures. The Magimix Sorbetière machine is a powerful example of what an ice maker should be. It incorporates a cooling unit operating with a power of 180 watts.

This power is sufficient to allow you to make large quantities of ice cream in record time. This Magimix is really an advanced and latest generation device well designed to give you complete satisfaction with each of your preparations.

You can be reassured that using this machine you will have results in terms of speed and texture of ice cream. The powerful motor helps the ice cream maker to run continuously until you get the texture you are looking for. The motor is made to withstand this type of work and your device is not at risk of abnormal and unexpected heating.

Good tank capacity

You must buy a turbine with right capacity to serve all your family members at one go. A small or large ice cream maker will cause either less quantity or surplus amount. In both the cases it is not quite expected.

You will not need to go through this kind of situation with the Magimix Sorbetière 11680. It is a machine that has a fixed and removable 2-liter tank, with a capacity of 1 liter for ice cream and 1.3 liter for granitas and sorbets.

I can gladly assure you that the Magimix Sorbetière 11680 is the ideal device for preparations intended for several people. It would be a waste to make just one ice cream in an ice cream maker because of an insufficient tub.

Take advantage of this machine to enjoy with all your family without having to provide the slightest effort.

Magimix ice cream machine
Magimix ice cream machine

Several automatic cycles

You will find the machine is integrated with different types of cycles to make perfect ice creams. It ensures delicious taste and texture.

It has 3 automatic modes. You can select Italian ice cream mode to make light and abundant ice creams. The artisanal mode will make creamy sorbet and frozen yogurt.

Use the granite mode to make refreshing sorbets.

The cooling unit is capable to prepare ice cream within 30 minutes. You can store the ice cream for two hours inside the gelato maker.

The pause mode comes handy if you want to check anytime while the preparation is going on.

Now you can prepare ice cream in both the tanks or you can just take out the removable tank depending the quantity you need. You are not limited with single flavor or texture. You can have 3 different textures of ice cream at one go.


Lightweight and practical device

The Magimix Sorbetière 11680 is quite light at 10.9 kg. It is easy to transport from one point to another for use anywhere in the house.

The machine is plug n play. So you can make ice cream anytime and anyplace. We can cite some practical features such as the way it is stored. With this mode, once the ice cream is ready, the appliance maintains it at an optimum temperature and texture for at least 2 hours.

You even have a pause function that allows you to stop brewing at any time to check your ice cream first before restarting it. Another function is its ability to stop on its own once the ice cream is already ready. You have with this machine enough to make 100% homemade ice cream and more natural.

Supplied with a spatula

The Magimix gelato maker comes with a spatula. It helps you to prepare ice cream and handle the ingredients. You don’t need extra spatula to mix them.

This spatula is an important part of properly turning the ice cream once it is in the appliance. The spatula helps creating creamy texture of an ice cream of any flavor. Buying a spatula from the market maybe not a good idea as it needs to be compatible with the machine.

As you are getting a spatula with the machine itself, you do not need to fine one suitable for the machine.

Detachable cord

A power cord is the most important part of any electricity run machine! Many of us find it annoying during storage of the machine if the cord is not detachable.

Magimix ice cream maker has detachable cord. You can just take out the cable and store your machine at a suitable place.

After you have finished using your device, all you need to do is disassemble the cord to store it in a safe place without difficulty. It is more convenient to operate with this type of cord rather than using the cords stuck to the device.

Supplied with very few accessories

Normally, the Magimix Sorbetière 11680 has several accessories as we have already said above. However, the designer only provides one spatula in the delivery box of this powerful machine.

You will need to buy accessories extra if you need. It should have more equipment included.

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A little bulky

It is a bit bulkier. You will need space to store the gelato maker. Though this weight is not too much to transfer the machine from one room to another, but there are other ice cream makers with much less weight.

It is not possible to store it in a cupboard as the size is 260 x 290 x 370 mm. However, you do not use an ice cream machine every day.

You can stow away the machine after making ice cream.

Final words

Magimix is a known brand for its sturdy kitchen equipments. The equipments are long-lasting and good value for money.

It will be a good buy considering all the advantages you get from the machine. If you have any question about ice cream makers you can message me from contact page of

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