Nespresso Breville vs DeLonghi: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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It is decided that the Nespresso machine is the best espresso maker, but which one? Here comes the Nespresso Breville vs Delonghi discussion. The buyer faces the same confusion, which one will be the best? Buy for Pantry is here to help you choose the right one.

Nespresso has a manufacturing partnership with Breville and De’Longhi. The two brands use the same technology, yet they have differences.

I bring in detail the difference that tells you which coffee maker is the best-Nespresso Breville or DeLonghi.

Check out to choose the right appliance and enjoy the rich flavor of Nespresso.

Breville and De Longhi- The Nespresso Machines Manufacturers

Nestle’s Nespresso not only launched espresso pods but invented single-serve coffee makers. They developed the technology, and for designing, they shared their invention with leading manufacturers across the globe-Breville, De Longhi (in the U.S.A.), Krups, Magimix (in the U.K.), Siemens, and Miele (in Germany). The appliances are labeled “Nespresso by Breville” or “Nespresso DeLonghi” at the retail store.


At the Nespresso store or website, the appliance has only the “Nespresso” branding; despite being designed by Breville and De’Longhi.

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Nespresso Breville vs Delonghi a complete buyer's guide to help choose the right one

Nespresso Delonghi vs Breville – Snapshot

Breville Coffee Machine Makers

This Australian brand got its name from the last name of its founders- Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville. The company started with radio manufacture in Sydney in 1932 and later expanded to home appliances like blenders, coffee machines, toasters, kettles, microwaves, and toaster ovens. Today, it is a renowned name in the home and kitchen world and is one of the manufacturers and distributors of Nespresso coffee makers.

De’Longhi Coffee Machine Makers

This renowned Italian brand started its journey as a small appliance manufacturer in 1920 in Treviso, Italy, by the De’Longhi family. In 1950 the company incorporated and expanded, including almost every category of home and kitchen small appliances. Today, it is a global brand famous for its espresso machines, gelato maker, and signature portable air conditioner and heaters.


When it comes to performance, you will not notice any significant change in the coffee of the Breville and De’LonghiNespresso coffee makers because of the same patent technology they have.


The notable difference between NespressoBreville vs. De’Longhi lies in their look and aesthetics. The Breville machine has a rounded top, while the one by Delonghi has a square aesthetic. The two brands also differ in the luxurious line of Nespresso coffee machines they deal in. Breville deal in the Creatista line, and De’Longhi in the Lattissima line.

To know more about how these two brands successfully stand up against each other- know the strengths and weaknesses the models and lines have.

Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine
Nespresso Vertuo

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Breville vs. DeLonghi Nespresso Machine: A Detailed Comparison

Nespresso Breville and De’Longhi have several coffee makers, all are single-serve. Some of the lines are manufactured by both brands, while there are Nespresso lines manufactured only by each.

Here are those lines manufactured by Breville and De’Longhi.

1. Nespresso Vertuo

NespressoVertuo is the first single-serve coffee maker of the line, popular and budget-friendly. It is that coffee maker, which brought immense success to the line through centrifusion extraction technology. De’Longhi and Breville manufacture and market the appliance, having many differences except the operation technology.


In the list of NespressoVertuo Breville vs. De’Longhi, the first difference is in the reservoir- Breville has a water reservoir of 40 oz., and De’Longhi has 54 oz.

Breville’s disposable bin can hold 12 pods, while De’Longhi’s can store up to 17 pods.

They differ in design too. Breville has a rounded top and bottom, while De’Longhi’s has more straight lines.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus, differences between Nespresso Breville and Nespresso Delonghi
Nespresso Vertuo Plus

2. Vertuo Plus

NespressoVertuoPlus is the modified version of the Vertuo line designed for all kitchen types. This single-serve coffee maker features an adjustable water tank which you can place at the side or at the back of the appliance according to space availability. This coffee maker features centrifusion extraction technology, where the pod spins 7,000 times in a minute to extract the best flavors.


You will get the VertuoPlus model by Breville and De’Longhi, who differ in looks and design. Breville’sVertuoPlus has a round top, while DeLonghi’s has a flat head.


However, the two models have nearly the same aesthetics-cylindrical water tank, spout, and drip tray.

3. Vertuo Next

VertuoNext is the updated version of the Vertuo line, manufactured by both Breville and De’Longhi, which features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.


NespressoVertuoNextBreville and De’Longhi differ only in aesthetics. You will get BrevilleVertuoNext in rose black, red, chrome and grey finish, while Delonghi comes in white, black with metallic rose gold, matte black, and also in chrome versions.


VertuoNext uses the signature centrifusion extraction technology, so both the brewed coffee both the models taste the same. But the surprising part is the design. The Breville and De’LonghiVertuoNext models are identical in look and design.

Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee machine
Nespresso Vertuo Next

4. Essenza Mini

Nespresso Essenza Mini is the budget-friendly coffee maker of the line. Furthermore, it is so compact that you can carry it while traveling. This coffee maker also has a manufacturing partnership with Breville and De’Longhi.


Of all the Nespresso coffee makers: Essenza Mini of Breville and De’Longhi have the most striking differences in appearance. BrevilleEssenza Mini is rectangular-shaped with sharper edges. De’LonghiEssenza Mini is dome-shaped. They also differ in dimension; Breville’sEssenza Mini is slightly smaller than De’Longhi’s.


However, they have a number of similarities- 20.3 water tank,19 bar pressure pump, and a 9-minute auto-shut feature. Moreover, in both machines, you can brew espresso and also lungo.

Nespresso CitiZ coffee machine
Nespresso CitiZ

5. Nespresso Citiz

For coffee lovers with short kitchen space, NespressoCitiz is an excellent option. This compact coffee machine features a milk frother, making it ideal for lattes and cappuccinos. Like all other Nespresso machines, Breville and De’Longhi manufacturers have similarities and dissimilarities.


Delonghi’sCitiz is taller and slimmer, while Breville’s is short and wide. Another notable difference is the spout, which is short tube-like on De’Longhi and is wide on Breville’s version.


Their similarities are the the19-bar pressure pump, the removable drip tray to fit tall mugs, and the water reservoir of 34 oz. They also use the same brewing technology.

Breville Nespresso Machines:

BrevilleNespresso machines are not only impressive in look but more beginner-friendly. It has the world-famous budget-friendly Vertuo line, Essenza line and Citiz line and the luxurious and hi-tech Creatista line. The best part is the high-end design, which will give you the experience of barista-style coffee for years. Let’s check out the Creatista line for the comparison.

Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus coffee machine
Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus

The Breville Creatista Line

The Creatista line is Nespresso semi-automatic espresso machine with a milk frother. It is one of the fastest coffee makers, which heats up in 3 seconds, making it a deal to seal for those who want a caffeine mix in a hurry. Creatista is manufactured and marketed by Breville. The line has a variety of editions, all propriety by Breville.

i) Creatista Uno

It is the basic Creatista model, which features three milk froth options. It is a fully equipped coffee maker having an in-built steam wand and a stainless steel milk jug.

Creatista Uno features better pressure than Vertuo’sCentrifusion technology, making the appliance capable of brewing 6 beverage types. It even boils water.

The Creatista line has descaling and cleaning indicators for easy maintenance. This model is no exception.

Creatista Uno comes in a matte black exterior.

ii) Creatista Plus

Creatista Plus is the all-in-one barista where you can brew cappuccinos, lattes, latte macchiatos, flat whites, espresso, ristretto, and lungo. Thus, there is no chance of sticking to one caffeine mix in a single cup size every day. Fill any cup or mug. What makes this edition more user-interface is the LCD screen that makes brew selection easy.

Creatista Plus is a coffee maker and a milk frother (featuring a built-in steam wand and a stainless steel milk jug) where you can customize the temperature and texture of the milk foam. It is a self-clean steam wand that cleans up after each use ensuring less work for you. Creatista Plus comes in an elegant brushed stainless steel finish.

iii) Creatista Pro

Creatista Pro is a modified version of the Uno and the Plus. It is a high-end, polished stainless steel model with multiple options. It has 9 options for brews, 11 for temperatures, and 8 for froth texture. You get the barista-style frothy milk for the trending latte art at home. The steam wand purges automatically on completion of steaming milk.

Creatista Pro is also an energy-saving appliance featuring a 9 min auto-shut mode. Its disposable bin can hold 12 used pods.

What I like

  • The Creatista line is a luxury espresso maker with high-end stainless steel housing and the convenience of technology.
  • Every version is compatible with 3rd-party reusable capsules, so you are not limited to only Nespresso pods.
  • The 19 bar pump pressure generates super-fast and better results than the Centrifusion technology of the Vertuo line.
  • It has a steam wand for frothing milk.
  • You can control the temperature and the milk texture as you want
  • You get the cup filled with the authentic rich beverage having the beautiful thick crema on the top effortlessly in no time.

What I dislike

  • Despite 19 bars of pressure, the machine sometimes becomes inconsistent.
  • The overwhelming price with limited additional features may not find worth it to most budget buyers, especially when affordable models are available.
  • It has no cold frothing option.

The Bottom Line: Nespresso Breville

Both Nespresso and Breville know what espresso lovers want. This high-end luxurious machine is the result, where you can control the temperature and create rich barista-style coffee topped with latte art. Creatista is compatible with any reusable coffee pod. That is the USP of the line.

The major drawback of this line is the price which practically may not be a good option for budget buyers.

The DeLonghi Lattisima Line:

The Lattissima is a more technologically advanced high-end line for those who need a convenient brewing experience. Lattisima is one touch espresso maker featuring a built-in milk frother or an automatic dispenser. Here is the all the comparison models.

Nespresso Lattissima Touch by Delonghi
Nespresso Lattissima Touch

i) Lattisima One

It is the basic model of the line and a good option if you have a tight budget. This compact espresso maker can make three kinds of beverages of any size with a touch of a button.

Lattisima One features a detachable milk frother and an auto-clean system descaling alarm, a signature feature of the Nespresso machine, and an energy-saving mode that switches off automatically after 2 minutes.

This model comes in a matte black finish. Lattisima One is a small coffee maker having a water reservoir of 34 oz., a removable milk container of 4 oz., and a used capsule container of 8 capsules.

ii) Lattisima Touch

The feature of the Lattissima Touch that makes it demanding is the adjustable milk frother, which creates frothy foam for a macchiato, cappuccino, or latte in 40 seconds. It has 6 one-touch recipes and intuitive descaling indicators. It auto-shuts in 9 minutes.

Lattisima Touch is a more premium model. You will get color options.

iii) Lattisima Plus

Lattisima Plus is the updated version of the previous Latisima models, designed for those who love coffee with milk. This model looks a little different because of the dual color- some elegant and some vibrant.

Lattisima Plus has an adjustable flow-stop milk dispenser, which automatically controls the volume of milk in the cup. You can adjust the foam amount, too.

Like the Lattisima line, this machine alerts of descaling. It also has a water-hardness setting. The only drawback is the 4-drinks option.

iv) Lattisima Pro

Lattisima Pro is the modified and hi-tech edition of the line. It is a user-friendly model with a pre-programmed multi-language display from where you can set the language of the appliance. You can make incomparable versions of the beverage (6 types) in this sleek, robust aluminum-finished coffee maker.

This premium model also features an empty water tank detection and water hardness setting and a semi-auto cleaning system.

What I like

  • The one-touch brewing function makes it simple and easy for any brewer.
  • The automatic milk dispenser adds a new element to the convenience.
  • The 19-bar pump pressure pushes water to extract rich flavor for a great caffeine mix.
  • The pre-programmed multi-language display.
  • The exquisite sturdy design and play of colors.

What I dislike

  • The machine takes only the expensive Nespresso capsules.
  • Like the Creatista, Lattisima is also an expensive line with limited additional features compared to the affordable models.
  • Absence of temperature control.
Nespresso Inissia coffee machine
Nespresso Inissia

The Bottom Line: Nespresso DeLonghi

Nespresso De’ Longhi Lattisima line is for a coffee lover who loves convenience and experimentation with espresso and can adjust with frothy milk. This automatic coffee machine has features that do the entire job with a touch of a button. But, if you love to control the temperature of your beverage, create cafe-style latte art, or use other in-budget espresso pods, this line is not for you.

Nespresso Breville vs Delonghi: Which is your Nespresso Machine?

You know how trusted brands Breville and De’Longhi are, and when they team up with Nespresso individually, the products ought to be one of the best.

Since both brands use Nespresso’s patent technology in single-serve coffee makers, the taste and flavor of the coffee do not have much difference.

Now, the question is, what do you prefer—control over your beverage making or the convenience and let the machine do the things?

Do you want compatibility with any reusable pods or content with Nespresso’s pods? Both machines differ in look and design; hence it is upon you which aesthetics appeals the most.

Breville and De’Longhi have a wide range of Nespresso machines for budget-friendly buyers—from the NespressoVertuo line to Pixie, the Inissia and Essenza Mini, Citiz line. And if you want a more high-end version, the exclusive models by Breville or DeLonghi are always there.

Whichever you choose: make sure to learn the ins and outs of the machine thoroughly, and also ensure it is properly cleaned and maintained so that your coffee tastes the same delicious every time in the long run.

Till next time Happy Caffeinating!

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