Should you keep bread in freeze during summer?

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Every summer the same debate: Should sliced ​​bread be put in the fridge? Although this question is surprising to many, there are those who have no doubts, and they keep it without stopping to think if it is really good.

The reality is that the best place to store sliced ​​bread is in the plastic bags where they come from, that is, you have to keep it without removing it from the packaging. Keeping the bag tightly closed, time passes and each day the slices will be less tender. Get used to the idea that the last slice is usually 20% harder than the first.

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Should you keep bread in freeze?
Should you keep bread in freeze?

In addition to being in its own bag, it must be left in a cool, dry place away from light, such as a pantry. With fresh we mean a place where it is not very hot, but not in the fridge, since due to the cold the texture of the bread is altered a lot.

Of course, if it is summer and your house is very hot, it will always be better to keep it in the fridge. If you have no choice but to resort to it, the ideal thing to do is toast or put the bread in the oven, since consuming it directly after taking it out of the refrigerator will be excessively soft and chewy.

Sliced ​​bread and any bread can also be frozen since at sub-zero temperatures the process of recrystallization of starches stops. Therefore, to keep the texture of the bread pleasant when defrosting, use frozen bread for toast, and fresh bread for sandwiches or raw.

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Tips before freezing bread

  • Freeze the bread while it’s still fresh, that is, don’t wait for it to get stale.
  • Chop it up before freezing. In this way, you will only have to defrost the bread you want.
  • Store in a freezer-safe plastic bag. This will prevent the flavor of other foods from sticking to the bread.
  • Write down the date on which you freeze the bread, to start consuming the one that has taken the longest.
  • When it comes to defrosting the bread you have several options: heat it directly in the toaster, take it out of the freezer two hours before, or use the microwave.

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