Small Appliances

A well-equipped kitchen is what all who loves to cook desires. After all, it is the place of our creations. As tools are important for an artist, a functional kitchen is important for the chefs in us. Cooking is an art. And this art gets enhanced by the intervention of science and technology.

From small appliances to cookware every kitchen item has undergone innovations and modifications. We’re here to tell you about them. So, welcome to our world.

Small appliances in a kitchen

We all have at least one kitchen appliance. Now, what is the need? Well, they make cooking easy and hassle-free. But is that all, what they do? The small kitchen appliances upgrade our kitchen.

Their usage helps us to cook like professionals. Besides, these appliances are so handy that we can create a temporary kitchen anywhere in and out of the house. Come and know everything about them.

Air fryer

If one tells you that he does not like fried foods then, he is lying. Fried foods are “guilty pleasures”. In this world of healthy eating, a cheat day in a week is always there. But, now it is of no need. Rather we can have those fries anytime in the healthiest way using an Air Fryer. Yes, that appliance that cooks food with almost no oil. Want to know more? We have enlisted the details about air fryers that you need for cooking healthy fries.

Deep fryer

Though an air fryer is the best option for making healthy fries, certain foods are meant for deep frying. When we say deep-frying, the image of a deep bottom vessel with oil on a gas stove comes to mind. But this traditional method has changed. Now, we have deep fryers for home cooking. A deep fryer is an appliance with many benefits. What are they? All details are shared here.

Food steamer

Our adaptation to a healthy lifestyle is commendable. And when we talk about sucha lifestyle; healthy eating get the first preference. Steamed food is the first choice in healthy eating. Traditionally usual cookwares were food steamers. But, now food steamer is an appliance.

A food steamer cooks varieties in a good quantity in less time. There are both electric and non-electric steamers available. We have come up with details about them to help you continue the healthy eating habit.

Slow cooker

What if you get an appliance that takes hours to cook and you can go to work, setting it? Sounds interesting. Well, with slow cookers you can do that. Also known as a crock pot it is an appliance that cooks at a low and steady temperature.

These cookers are great for healthy slow cooking recipes. And food remains safe in it untouched for hours. Here are more details about the slow cooker.

Pressure cooker

Common cookware that has been ruling the kitchen for decades is the pressure cooker. A pressure cooker is a must-have cookware in every house. It is so versatile that you can do any kind of cooking in it.

You can even bake and make popcorn in it. And its benefits are countless. Bulk amount of food get cooked in less time in pressure cooker. Energy consumption is also less. This is not all. More details are shared here.

Rice cooker

Rice, the staple food of half of the world’s population in very easy to cook. Traditionally it is cooked in a heavy bottom vessel or in a cooker. But, study says in this method of cooking the nutrients get drained out.

So what is the solution? Rice cooker. This Electric cooker not only cooks rice perfectly but also retains its nutrients. Over the time rice cooker has undergone many modifications. Now, it is not limited to rice cooking. It is a multi-cooker also. Here is a detailed guide on it.

Microwave and Grill

Microwave oven is that appliance we use the most. From cooking to reheating; baking to defrosting we do everything in it. But grilling is something we always look into in a microwave.

The feature is so popular that 2 out of 3 versions of the oven have it in-built. The grill feature can easily replace a barbecue. How successful it has been? Here is a compilation of everything about microwave and grill.


Baking is therapy. And this therapy works great, with the correct quantity of ingredients and the right bakeware. It doesn’t matter if you are a new baker or an accomplished one.

Bakeware is as essential as the procedure of baking. The cake tin, muffin molds, loaf tin, etc. are a very integral part. We have come with good detail about this baking equipment.

Waffle maker

“Fluffy crisp waffles”! Mouth started watering right? Well, you can have those tasty delicious things anytime at home. Yes, at home. All you need is the recipe and the Waffle maker.

The waffle maker is a new entrant in the world of kitchen appliances. And since the time of entry, it is created a buzz. Even the renowned cookware and appliances brand launched with their Waffle makers. Check out the details to know more.


“Blend blend blend!” we have often come across this word in cookery shows or recipe books. Blending gives foods such a smooth and velvety texture. Besides it also makes work in the kitchen easy. How? A good Blender not only blends but dice, chop, crush and puree ingredients. Sounds unbelievable? Then the details we have come up with will make you believe it. Check them.

Yogurt maker

Who doesn’t love homemade yoghurt! It is such a rich source of probiotics. Homemade yoghurt is highly recommended over those available in the market. Yoghurt making is not an as easy job as it seems to be. It requires technique. Our grandmas and moms were well-versed with it. But, to be honest many of us know little about them.

That does not mean we could not make yoghurt at home. Of course, we can. The yogurt maker is there. And this is all about yoghurt maker.

Ice cream maker

Ice-cream! The word is enough to awaken the kid in us. Whatever our age may be, our craving for ice cream remains the same. Till the last spoon or last bite, the kid in us stays unsatisfied.

Now, think if the word is enough to excite us, how much fun the making of the desert will be. I assure ice cream maker will give an amazing experience. Thus, we bring here the details of the ice-cream maker. Enjoy making ice cream at home.

Water purifier

Since time immemorial, boiling of drinking water is prevalent. After all, boiling purifies water completely. With this concept and the use of technology, we are presented with water purifiers. Here is a detailed presentation about water purifiers.


The one task I hate doing is washing utensils. But being a part of cleanliness, it is very important. And here dishwasher has been a savior. As the washing machine cleans clothes, the dishwasher cleans utensils. Isn’t it wow? And this wow factor is continued through the details of the dishwasher below.

Kitchen DIY

DIY- is a trending term of today. The “Do It Yourself” idea works everywhere, even in the kitchen. As we go for look change, our kitchen also wants one. But, every time a complete makeover is not possible. It is not needed. Certain DIY gives freshness to the kitchen. And the best part is, they are cost-efficient and easy to do. Here we have brought some DIY that you can try in your kitchen.

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