Unveiling the Unbiased Smeg Coffee Maker Review: The Style, Functionality, and Flavor

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Designed with a stylish throwback to the 1950s era, this coffee machine is complete with anti-slip feet, a user-friendly control panel, and a water level indicator.

Whether you need a 4-cup brew or a full carafe for larger gatherings, the Smeg Coffee Maker offers multiple brewing options.

Here is our Smeg coffee maker review after we tested it: What sets this coffee maker apart is its customizable features, including an automatic start mode, aroma intensity function, and adjustable water hardness feature.

And let’s not forget its eco-friendly design, featuring a reusable filter with a user-friendly handle. Embrace the future of coffee brewing with the Smeg Coffee Maker.

One-minute review: Smeg Retro Coffee Maker


  • Capacity: 10 cups
  • Dimensions: 13″ x 17″ x 11.25″
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power: 1100W
  • Keep Warm Function: 60 minutes
  • Available colors: Cream, black, pastel green, pastel blue, red, pink, and stainless steel.

Smeg retro coffee maker is an elementary model that reminds us of the old days when things were simpler. So, if you love old-school aesthetics, the Smeg coffee maker will draw your attention. It has a durable stainless body with smooth curves loaded with features.

You can program the brew for 12-24 hours, according to preferred water hardness and brew strength between light and intense modes. It brews up to 10 cups of decent and smooth coffee with slight bitterness and character in 2 minutes, which stays warm in the carafe for 1 hour. But, if you want less, brew 4-cups.

Throughout the process, it neither beeps and screeches nor spills. Thanks to the sound-control function and anti-drip system.


  • Permanent, reusable filter.
  • Available in colors.
  • Descaling indicator.


  • Expensive.
  • Water filling is difficult.
Smeg coffee maker review

Smeg Coffee Maker review: Detailed analysis of the coffee maker

Is Smeg Coffee Maker good?

Compared to the myriad of drip coffee makers in the market: this Smeg coffee maker stands out. Of course, the reason that lies behind this is the following factors:


This coffee machine’s USP (Unique Selling Point) is its design. Smeg Coffee Maker boasts a stunning aesthetic retro-style design with smooth curves, fun colors, and chrome accents that resemble the 1950s diner. So, if, like me, that appeals to you most, this could be a score. You would get it in pastel and vibrant colors to match any décor.

Though the machine has a minimalistic design with fewer bells and whistles, it is sturdy and durable. It has high-end stainless steel and metal exterior with a powder coat enamel finish. The built slows down regular wear and tear better. It is another feature to make it stands out.

Smeg coffee maker has a unique shape and is a little large—13″ x 17″ x 11.25″ (dimensions may vary with different colors). This shape and size require open kitchen space. So, if you feel it might be a tight fit, measure the vacant space before buying. But it is still a nice size for a typical home or office.


Smeg Retro is a drip coffee maker where you can make 10-cup coffee in 2 minutes. It comes with a 1.4L water tank, not super-big but perfect for brewing coffee for the entire family. You can brew from 4 cups to a full carafe.

Coffee Quality

Now, let’s get to the prime factor- how good is the coffee quality? After all, for true coffee enthusiasts, the brew quality matters the most. Coffee taste predominantly depends on the beans and their grind texture. That’s why sourcing high-quality beans and grinding them fresh in a good burr grinder is crucial. Paired with these variables: the caffeine mix the Smeg coffee maker makes tastes pretty good, even though it is not the best.

The coffee I brewed is smooth and consistent, having slight bitterness and character. However, the nuance from a well-made pour-over was missing. In other words, it is a stylish way of preparing the same coffee as brews a Mr. Coffee machine.


Smeg retro coffee maker comes with a bunch of impeccable features. The control panel is straightforward and intuitive, and it has an LED display and a toggle switch to adjust the settings. But there is more. It features a water hardness indicator, ant-drip system, sound control mode, auto-brew mode, and many more. Here are those factors in detail.

Auto-brew mode

One of the most-loved features this appliance possess is the automatic brewing mode. You can pre-program the brew for up to 12 hours or 24 hours so that you can wake up to a cup of freshly brewed coffee. I had an impressive experience in the morning and after returning from work.

Aroma Intensity Function

This coffee maker possesses an aroma-intensity function which I liked the most. The feature allows you to choose a coffee aroma between light and intense which is a brew strength to create a personal feel. I tried both and was satisfied. The coffee had a slight bitterness, character, and aroma.

Smeg pink coffee maker review

Water Hardness and level indicator

This retro coffee maker possesses a truly groovy feature, the water hardness indicator. Many coffee machines have a water level indicator featured in this one, but water hardness is rarely found.

You can adjust the water hardness level according to the taste based on your palette. The machine thus makes subtle changes and works with maximum efficiency, adding a personal touch to every coffee. This feature ensures that the manufacturer cares enough for the user.

The stylish water level indicator at the side tells you when it needs to refill and helps to fill the tank from a minimum of two cups to 10 cups.

Anti-Drip System

To avoid coffee wastage: the appliance has an anti-drip system. A valve at the filter basket bottom and the custom-designed carafe lid is part of the system. This system avoids spillage and lessens the chance of coffee dripping onto the hot plate, which otherwise smells awful and is hard to clean up.

Permanent filter

A superb aspect the Smeg drip coffee maker comes with is the compatible permanent filter. It is a reusable nylon mesh filter, which means no more wake-up to the empty filter box. You can use the filter with filter paper if you prefer more refined filtration. I used the filter and got consistent coffee with little sediment in the cup. But, when I used #4 filter paper, I got smooth, clean, and consistent coffee.

Descaling indicator

So the appliance lives long with proper maintenance: it comes equipped with a descaling indicator. The indicator light notifies when it needs descaling. It is no less than a sigh of relief.

Smeg blue coffee maker review

The Smeg DCF02 Upgrade

You may be confused about little inconsistencies in the product specifications on different websites. It is because the coffee maker comes in two versions.

Smeg has upgraded the DCF01 model to DCF02, focusing on the issues raised. The new version has an extended keep-warm mode and sound control along with all the features of the former model.

Sound Control mode

In the new version of the retro coffee maker, Smeg introduced a sound control function to silence the irritating beeping. The former SMEG coffee machine (DCF01 model) received mixed reviews and complaints for being noisy. It emitted a beep and screech that can irritate. Smeg looked into the complaint and modified the appliance so that you can control the sounds. I tested the control, and now it pleasantly gurgles.

Keep Warm Function

For a coffee maker with a glass carafe: ‘keep warm,’ mode is an essential feature. The former Smeg machine had the function but for a short span. Coffee in the previous version carafe stayed warm only for 20 minutes before shutting down. But, it modified this feature also. Now, a full carafe stays warm for an hour.

However, being easy to use, there is no reason not to make a fresh coffee batch in this coffee maker when you need more.


To be honest: this coffee machine is neither budget-friendly nor a value-for-money option. You need to spend a handsome amount of $229, which you are paying for style and the brand. So if design and aesthetics are your goal, the Smeg drip coffee maker is an affordable way to add a state-of-art piece to your kitchen and makes a decent cup of coffee.

Low points: The Smeg Drip Coffee Maker Review

With so many high points: this coffee maker has some low points. Here are those low points:

  • Paying huge for aesthetics.
  • Only 1-hour keep warm mode.
  • The permanent filter may drip some sediment into the cup if used alone.
  • Water filling is difficult.

What is in the Smeg Retro Coffee Machine Box?

Here is what comes within:

  • The Smeg retro coffee machine
  • Glass carafe with custom-designed lid
  • Permanent reusable filter
  • Filter holder with anti-drip valve
  • Instruction manual

Smeg: The Brand

Smeg is a renowned Italian brand founded by the Bertazzoni family in 1948. Specializing in home and kitchen appliances, it has a wide range of appliances-from fridges, ovens, and dishwashers to small appliances-toasters, blenders, and kettles.

Lately, Smeg has expanded into the coffee machine domain by taking over the renowned La Pavonicompany. Smeg offers two elementary models-a drip coffee maker and an entry-level espresso brewer.

Smeg’s popularity and why it is most loved lies in its design and quality. All Smeg products are sturdily built and have a signature chic, retro design that enhances the beauty of any kitchen.

Their products typically feature pastel and vibrant colors, curve lines, and smooth edges. You perhaps have seen their characteristic pastel-painted bubble fridges on some home renovation show.

Final Verdict: Smeg Automatic Coffee Maker Review

There is no doubt about the Smeg coffee machine meeting your expectations in design and adding a beautiful touch to your kitchen. But we wanted to look into it closely and know how it meets expectations in functionality.

The drip coffee maker meets the taste expectations and produces a consistently smooth and delicious brew. It is easy to operate and clean, and you can program the brew time to get the coffee ready every morning with the chosen flavor intensity.

Our Verdict

Smeg Coffee Maker Review

Don’t buy The Smeg Drip Coffee Maker if:

  • Coffee quality matters the most: Though the coffee brewed in this coffee maker is smooth and consistent with slight bitterness and character, it misses the nuance of a well-made pour-over. It brews a very standard pot of drip coffee. So, if you want a rich and bold extracted brew, go for an SCA-certified home coffee machine. Coffee makers with this accreditation have Specialty Coffee Association recognition for meeting the exceptionally high standard.
  • You want more customizable options: If you prefer more brew strength options than regular and intense for your coffee, other coffee makers with more settings will interest you. You can adjust brew time, temperature, coffee bloom time, flow rate and etc.
  • You want single-serve coffee: If sometimes you enjoy one coffee cup or are not a staunch coffee lover: consider buying a dual coffee maker, where you can brew a single cup to a full carafe. In it, you can prepare at least 4 cups of coffee.

If you are buying a new coffee machine, you should check our Ninja coffee maker review for the best coffee maker for home use.

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