Where to buy raw organic honey? Best raw honey brand 2022

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Where to buy raw organic honey? If you are looking for best raw honey brand then please read till the end.

As a grandmother’s remedy, a face mask, or simply for its wonderfully sweet taste, honey comes in all tastes and colors. But what are its virtues and uses? Which honey to choose? What Is the Best Raw Honey to Buy? If the myriad of honeys available will make your head spin, don’t panic! Buy for pantry is here to help you see more clearly in this hive of possibilities.

Why you should consume honey?

Fall is the perfect season for warm, comforting drinks, but it’s also the start of colds and winter ailments. To remedy all these ailments, a miracle food associated with some grandmother’s recipes will be of great help! The honey and its color from dark amber to golden clear is an essential ingredient in any kitchen. Whether it is pure, in a cup of tea, a cake, a marinade, or a treatment for the body (why not?).

Honey has long been recognized for its many nutritional and therapeutic qualities. This is why we make you discover in more detail the gourmet world of honey and its uses!

Real vs Fake Honey – Best raw honey brand 2021

History of honey consumption

If we know honey and its effects so well today, it is because it has been an ingredient present in all cultures for a long time! Indeed, honey has already existed since prehistoric times and we consumed it from then on.

But the cultivation of honey, its production, and the domestication of bees are much more recent (19th century). It is a food known to lend itself to all kinds of uses: religious ceremonies, embalming, medicine, cosmetics, and of course cooking.

This golden liquid has therefore been recognized since the dawn of time and is even frequently used in religious myths and legends. The symbolism surrounding this miracle product is great: it is associated with wisdom, truth, and knowledge. This does not mean that eating a kilo per day is enough to know everything (and yes we are sorry to shatter your dreams but a kilo per day may cause you some problems…).

Nowadays, honey is mostly used in cooking and it comes in as many gourmet pleasures as possible. In US, nearly 45,000 tonnes of honey are consumed each year, and the trend is towards eco-responsible honeys. Honey is produced while respecting the environment and the ecosystem of bees, these foragers of the extreme.

Where to buy raw organic honey? Best raw honey brand 2021
Where to buy raw organic honey? Best raw honey brand 2021

Types of honey – How honey is produced?

If we are talking about what is organic honey, or, Where to buy raw organic honey? You probably already know this. But honey does not make itself (like other bee products for that matter).

This is a meticulous process carried out by the bees. It is from the pollination of the flowers that the bees collect the nectar. Once their small harvest is done, the bees return to the hive and pass the nectar to each other. It is this process of transfer from one bee to another that makes the nectar syrupy. The latter is then deposited in the wax cells in which it dries and becomes the honey that we savor.

The honey is the hive product the best known but not the only one. Indeed, it should not be confused with other dishes produced by apids such as royal jelly, propolis, or pollen. These foods often have the same effects as some honeys, but they are not in the same amount and do not taste the same.

There are many different types and colors of honey, and both of these factors depend on the flower the honey comes from.

For the texture of honey, there are three categories:

The honey liquid / Liquid Honey

All honeys are at harvest, the hardness of the honey is done in time and depending on its storage conditions : certain crystallize more quickly than others because of their sugar composition.

Ys Organic Bee Farms Certified Organic Raw Honey
What is the best raw honey to buy? Where to buy raw organic honey?
What is the best raw honey to buy? Where to buy raw organic honey?

The honey cream

This is simply a honey which has begun to crystallize and that the manufacturer has knead cold to make it creamy. It is a particularly easy to spread honey.

The solid honey

Having fully crystallized, the honey pot has cleared and is much harder to handle, it can result from keeping fresh (it is necessary to keep the honey at room temperature). To soften it, a few minutes in a water bath is sufficient.

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The virtues of honey : Benefits of organic honey

Consuming honey is beneficial for health and we are doing so from pre-historic time. It can keep you away from many health conditions.

Benefits of organic honey:

  • Antibacterial: lavender honey would be ideal.
  • Anti-inflammatory: chestnut honey would be one of the most effective for this purpose.
  • Antiseptic: thyme honey is renowned for its antiseptic and healing qualities, it would even be used by doctors.
  • Antioxidant: many honeys are recognized for this benefit thanks to their strong composition in vitamins of all kinds: manuka, chestnut honey, etc.
  • Relaxing: known to calm anxiety and headaches, acacia and orange tree honeys are said to be rich in minerals.
  • Against fatigue / insomnia: lavender, lime, and orange tree honeys are known for their ability to activate the sleep hormone (melatonin).
  • Moisturizer: most honeys would have this quality because they are partly composed of water (perfect for a facial treatment therefore).
  • Decreases the effects of alcohol: and yes, for party animals, honey is known to alleviate hangovers (or iron for some).
  • Soothes coughs: also one of the most famous benefits of mothers and grandmothers, honey is a natural cough suppressant.

Note that the benefits of honey as well as its consistency depend above all on the flower from which the honey comes and the harvest season.

Raw Premium Manuka Honey – Wedderspoon
What makes honey organic - Genuine New Zealand Honey
What makes honey organic – Genuine New Zealand Honey

The uses of honey : How to use honey in your daily life?

As you will have understood, the benefits of honey are numerous, but so are its uses, so a new list is needed:

  • Sugar replacement: With better sweetening power than refined sugar and more easily assimilated by the body, honey is an excellent replacement solution (there are many other alternatives to sugar).
  • Cure everyday ailments: As we saw just above, honeys are known to be effective natural medicines, a spoon of honey and your worries are gone!
  • Honey candies : These little treats are popular with children and are perfect for calming coughs.
  • Beauty cream / masks: You would be surprised at the number of creams and treatments containing honey, it is also possible to make it yourself.
  • Base for essential oils: Herbal medicine also uses honey as a base, after all it’s good and it smells good!
  • Preserving fruit: Nothing like honey to be able to enjoy our fruit for longer (we offer you some ideas to save your damaged fruit)!
  • In the kitchen: Of course, the best for last! An astronomical amount of savory and sweet recipes contain honey, whether to marinate meat, enhance tea, chocolate, or cake, anything is possible!
Where to buy raw organic honey
Where to buy raw organic honey

Which honey to choose in the kitchen? What is the best raw honey to buy?

Even if you now know more about the composition of honey and its virtues, the hardest part remains: choosing a honey that suits what you are preparing. Indeed, the honeys are more or less strong in terms of taste, and go more or less well with certain other ingredients. Here are some tips to help you choose your honey more easily.

The honey most used in cooking for its neutral flavor is Mujeza. It is perfect for a lot of dishes, especially vegetables and pastry. For sweet and savory dishes, prefer honeys with a stronger scent. Such as chestnut which goes well with cheese and dried fruits, and can also be cooked in a marinade. For game and all kinds of meats, it is linden, heather and lavender honeys that are often used. For fish, on the other hand, choose an acidic honey like lemon tree. If you only want to enhance a hot drink, sweet or flowery honeys will be needed: orange, rosemary for example. For dessert, besides acacia honey, the honey lavender or forest are often used. These are the most common combinations, but you are free to test according to your tastes.

Manukora – Multifloral Raw Mānuka Honey / Organic honey
Best raw honey brand : Where to buy raw organic honey
Best raw honey brand : Where to buy raw organic honey

What is organic honey / What makes honey organic?

PURE HONEY is that produced by bees from sugary vegetable substances, collected from floral or extra-floral sources.

ORGANIC HONEY is the one that bees produce from these sugary substances, but from plants that have not had any contact with agrochemicals for a long time.

When they offer you organic honey, make sure it is produced in native forests, not intervened and of great extension; or that the hives are associated with extensive organic crops. In both cases, they are located within a radius of 3 km around the apiary (set of hives).

Be careful, honeys associated with commercial crops such as coffee, citrus, avocado or other fruit trees; being pure, they usually have had contact with agrochemicals, unless these crops are organic, or at least clean.

Difference between organic honey and conventional honey

What is the difference between solid honey and liquid honey?

Nectar honey is made by bees from flower or plant nectar.

There are two different types of sugar in nectar: fructose and glucose. If glucose prevails, honey crystallizes and becomes “solid” (more precisely “crystallized“), while if fructose prevails, honey will remain more liquid.

Some factors facilitate or reduce the tendency to crystallize:

  • Temperature: below 10 ° C, honey tends to crystallize, while above 45 ° C it tends to be liquid (the same honey, stored at different temperatures, may have a different crystallization);
  • Humidity: a humidity percentage between 17 and 19% makes crystallization difficult. A humidity higher than 18% can allow honey fermentation processes, useful only if you want to obtain mead;
  • Time: if a honey crystallizes, over time it will become more and more dense and solid;
  • Impurities: wax, dust and foreign bodies facilitate the formation of sugar crystals, while honey without impurities tends to be more liquid.

Crystallized honey can have a different consistency. The consistency of a solid honey depends on the size of its crystals.

As we have seen, the ease of crystallization depends substantially on the type of nectar and, therefore, on the species of flower used by the bee. Similarly, the size of the sugar crystals depends on the flower, therefore the different flowers correspond to different consistencies.

Some varieties of honey are presented with thick crystals mixed with liquid honey, while others have a micro-crystallization that makes the honey like a kind of cream. Between the two extremes there are different types of crystals, always bearing in mind that, thanks to homogenization, larger crystals can be split by mechanical action, making the honey creamier.

Mujeza Black Seed Honey with Green Propolis
Mujeza Black Seed Honey with Green Propolis - Where to buy raw organic honey
Mujeza Black Seed Honey with Green Propolis – Where to buy raw organic honey

Liquid or raw / solid honey: which one to prefer?

If it is a quality honey, both are excellent, but generally a liquid honey has been subjected to high temperatures to avoid crystallization, which can diminish its nutritional qualities.

A solid honey keeps its qualities intact, however, it does not have the same flavor and versatility as the use of non-crystallized honey.

Conclusion – Where to buy raw organic honey?

You can always buy raw organic honey from local store, or from online store. I have mentioned benefits of organic honey and its uses. Buy your honey following them and as per your requirement. Let me know if you have any question. Leave a comment or mail me from here.

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