Best WMF pots review

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Do you love cooking food and do you like to cook for your life? High-quality kitchen utensils are very important to you, and hope you don’t want to compromise when buying a high-quality pot? With the pots from WMF all of these wishes will be fulfilled.

With its pots made of high-quality Cromargan stainless steel and numerous different designs, WMF ensures a true cooking experience with its pot series. In our WMF Pots Test 2021 you will find all the tips and tricks for choosing your perfect WMF pots.

Of course, we also provide you with interesting background information on WMF pots and the advantages and disadvantages of the various pots.

We’ll also tell you where WMF pots are made, what guarantee you can count on and what makes WMF pots so special compared to other manufacturers.

Specialty of WMF Pots

  • WMF pots stand for a modern design, a robust and scratch-resistant material made of Cromargan stainless steel and a wide range of possible uses.
  • WMF pots are available in numerous colors, shapes and with a wide variety of functions. WMF soup and vegetable pots, WMF asparagus pots and WMF meat pots are especially popular with customers.
  • In contrast to other manufacturers, most WMF pots have excellent dishwasher and oven resistance and are suitable for induction. WMF pots are also suitable for gas and electric stoves.

Best WMF Pots

  • The best WMF pots with induction function
  • The best WMF meat pot
  • The best vegetable and soup pot from WMF
  • The best WMF pots with inside scaling

1. WMF Provence Plus Induction cookware (5 peice Pouring Rim Glass Lid Cromargan Stainless Steel)

The best WMF pots with induction function

The five-part WMF Provence Plus pot set made of Cromargan stainless steel has a glass lid and is suitable for induction cookers and as a saucepan. In addition, the pot set is uncoated and suitable for the oven up to 250° C. The pot set can also be used on gas, electric and glass ceramic stoves.

The righteous workmanship of the pot set and the perfect weight and high quality speak for the product, according to customers. Also the pots are useable with different stove types. Constant equal heat distribution is another reason it gained popularity.

WMF stainless steel cookware
WMF Provence Plus Induction cookware


  • High quality.
  • Gentle preparation of the food.
  • Suitable for all types of stoves.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Traditional product “Made in Germany”.


  • Price is high compared to other products.

2. WMF Diadem Plus High Casserole with Lid (The best WMF meat pot)

The WMF Diadem Plus saucepan is 20 centimeters high with a glass lid and holds around 3.7 liters. It is made of Cromargan stainless steel and is uncoated. The high casserole is also suitable for induction cookers and is dishwasher safe.

Customers are impressed by the ease of cleaning and the size of the WMF casserole.

In addition, buyers appreciate the very good workmanship of the product and the low weight as well as its robust material.

WMF stainless steel pots
WMF Diadem Plus High Casserole with Lid

WMF Diadem Plus has a 5 piece set also. If you are looking for a complete set then WMF induction-friendly 5- piece pot set will be best for you. Apart from the glass lid all the pots are dishwasher safe.

WMF Diadem plus pot set
WMF Diadem plus pot set


  • TransTherm-Allherdboden patented floor for even heat distribution.
  • Elegant bulged shape.
  • Suitable for all types of fire.
  • Spill free pouring with a wide pouring rim.


  • Some customers reported scratch marks when the product was delivered.
What customer says about the pot set

I’m very happy with the pots. Everything gets warm and hot super quickly
The handles get a little warm at the very most and can be touched safely while cooking.
I had previously coated pots so I had to get used to the fact that something burns faster with these pots because they also get hot so quickly but that’s not a problem, at some point you will get the hang of it.

The pots will be nice and clean again in the dishwasher.

Only if you e.g. Water is boiling and the lid is bubbling and sometimes it hisses a little bit, but if you wiggle the lid a bit and readjust it, it actually works.

Overall, I am very satisfied and got a good bargain here. Successor models are definitely better and further developed in some categories.

WMF Diadem Plus Cromargan pot set with pan
WMF Diadem Plus Cromargan pot set with pan

3. WMF Vegetable Pot 28 cm

The best vegetable and soup pot from WMF

The WMF pot is ideal as a vegetable, cooking and soup pot and is around 28 centimeters high and holds around 14 liters. The pot is made of matt Cromargan stainless steel and is uncoated and suitable for use in the oven.

The fair price-performance ratio and the wide range of possible applications are appreciated by buyers.

WMF vegetable pots review
WMF Vegetable Pot


  • The huge capacity is ideal for making sauces.
  • A large saucepan, ideal for making three kilos of jam.
  • Good shape, very good heat distribution, good handles.
  • Handles don’t get hot.
  • Light metal lid.
  • Heats up quickly and is easy to clean.
  • Works with all types of fire.


  • Some customers complained that the bottom is not flat and the pot can tumble a little.
  • The price is a bit high.

In addition, the very good heat distribution and the use on an induction stove are convincing.

4. WMF Function 4 Cookware 8 Pc. Set

The best WMF pots with inside scaling

The WMF Function 4 pot set uncoated with glass lids is uncoated and has a practical inside scale. In addition, the pots have a pouring function and even and long heat retention capability. The set consists of a casserole and three meat pots.

You will not notice any discoloration or rust even after prolonged use. The pots are induction-ready and dishwasher-safe.

WMF Function 4 Cookware review
WMF Function 4 Cookware

WEM Function 4 pot set is a complete value for money.


  • Beautiful design and finishing.
  • Heats up pretty quick.
  • Handles are ergonomically positioned, you can hold them without burning your hands.
  • Even heat distribution and heat good retention.
  • Saves on the energy bill.


  • If water is hard in your area, the pots can get stains easily. (It gets burn stains mainly because of heating empty pot on the fire)
  • WMF pots set price is high.

Things to consider before buying WMF cookware

What is the price of WMF pots?

WMF pots/cookware prices can fluctuate significantly. It depends on the type of pot, product series, design and supplier.

The cheapest type of WMF pots are WMF saucepans in mini format with a height of around 10 centimeters. You can buy these in stores at a price of $30 onwards.

WMF meat pots are also among the cheaper WMF pots. This type of WMF pots can be purchased at a price of $50 or 25-30 Euros.

However, pots for special dishes or vegetables are more expensive. This includes, for example, the WMF Diadem Plus. WMF Diadem Plus pots can be bought in stores or online with a price starting at $60.

Pot typePrice range
Saucepansfrom $30
Meat potfrom $50
Asparagus potfrom $90
Vegetable and soup potfrom $75
Price of WFM pots
WMF  Nobile Cookware Set review
WMF Nobile Cookware Set

If you want to dig a little deeper into your pocket, a WMF vegetable and soup pot could be your interest. With a price starting at $75, this model is a little more expensive than other WMF types of pots. But you can use this pot to process numerous different types of vegetables and also to cook soups.

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What is the difference between WMF pots and other manufacturers?

Thanks to their high-quality material, WMF pots are very robust and durable, and the quality is very good.

In addition, WMF has a very large selection of different types of pots that other manufacturers can hardly surpass.

In contrast to pots from other manufacturers, WMF pots come with their exclusive design and high quality, which is guaranteed by the use of selected, high-quality materials.

Most of the WMF pots are dishwasher compatible and you can use them on multiple types of hobs.

The flawless designs made of Cromargan stainless steel and the exclusive glass lids also trump other pot manufacturers.

Where can I buy WMF pots?

You can buy pots from WMF in numerous department stores, furniture stores, hardware stores and also in household goods stores. You can also buy WMF pots easily from the online shop and have them conveniently delivered to your home.

Amazon is a trusted place to buy from. Select a product to your choice and budget and place an order. You will save the time that you need to visit local stores.

WMF Gourmet Plus Casserole Dish with Lid
WMF Gourmet Plus Casserole Dish with Lid

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WMF pots?


  • WMF pots are made of high-quality Cromargan stainless steel.
  • They are also available in numerous different sizes and variants, so you can choose a pot that suits your individual cooking needs and your stove.
  • The high-quality glass lids, which are often included in the scope of delivery of WMF pots, are elegant and of the same high quality as the pots themselves. One advantage of the WMF glass lids is that you can easily watch the cooking process.
  • Due to the very good workmanship, WMF pots are also very robust and durable. The premium Cromargan stainless steel and glass ensure a chic and modern design.


  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Signs of wear and tear after a long period of use.

On the other hand, high quality and exceptionally good workmanship also go hand in hand with a higher price. Compared to other manufacturers, WMF pots are a bit more expensive.

You can notice signs of wear and tear after a longer period of time compared to other manufacturers.

WMF pots are known for their longevity, but frequent use of the pots and cleaning with chemical detergents can also leave their mark on WMF pots.

WMF 17 2824 6040 9.5 quart Concerto Stock Pot
WMF 17 2824 6040 9.5 quart Concerto Stock Pot

What alternatives are there to WMF pots?

Pots are available in a wide variety of shapes, designs and with numerous functions. Of course, there are also numerous manufacturers of pots in addition to WMF who have made a name for themselves in this industry. Every pot manufacturer convinces with an individual design.

In the following section, we will give you a brief overview of alternative pot manufacturers to WMF.

AMCAMC pots have optimal heat distribution and a practical temperature sensor. AMC customers also receive a 30-year guarantee. AMC pots are mostly made of robust stainless steel.
BEEMBEEM pots are characterized by an energy-saving capsule base, dishwasher-proof and a liter scale. They are also heat-resistant and suitable for allergy sufferers as they are PFOA-free.
Le CreusetLe Creuset pots are suitable for all types of stoves and have a non-stick coating and very good heat distribution. They are also dishwasher safe and made of high-quality materials.
TefalTefal pots have cold handles and a practical non-stick coating. They also have a capsule base for rapid heat distribution. Most Tefal pots have matching lids with a modern design and are oven safe.
WMF pots review

Every alternative to WMF pots has certain advantages that have to be weighed up individually. Nevertheless, WMF pots seem to outperform other pot manufacturers in numerous features.

Decision: What types of WMF pots are suitable for you?

If you are interested in WMF pots, there are three alternatives you can choose between:

  • WMF meat pots
  • WMF soup and vegetable pots
  • WMF asparagus pots

Each pot has its own advantages and disadvantages like – suitability for the induction stove and the oven. There are different sizes and functions available.

Depending upon your purpose you can choose WMF pots and pan. With the following section, we would like to make your decision easier.

WMF Pot Provence Plus Review
WMF Pot Provence Plus

Advantages and disadvantages of WMF casseroles

In contrast to other WMF pots, WMF high casseroles have a medium height, which is ideal for preparing most recipes.

You can cook meat dishes along with braised and seared in WMF vials. Also try vegetables, pasta and rice.

The height of WMF meat pots are around 2/3 the diameter of the pot. Low height makes them space-saving and you can stack them in the kitchen cupboard.


  • Suitable for making numerous dishes with and without meat.
  • Very easy to handle due to the low weight.
  • Stackable and space-saving due to the low height.
  • Inexpensive to buy.


  • Lower volume than WMF soup and asparagus pots.
  • Not suitable for preparing large quantities.
  • Not particularly good use of the rising heat due to the low edge.

WMF casserole pots are also a lot lighter than other WMF pot variants due to their small size. They are relatively low weight and easy to handle while cooking.

Another very practical advantage of WMF meat pots is their purchase price. In contrast to other WMF pots, WMF meat pots are relatively cheap. However, they are still of very good quality.

WMF pots for induction cooktop
WMF 0718826040 18 cm Mini Pasta Cooker with Lid Insert

Advantages and Disadvantages of WMF Soup and Vegetable pots

WMF soup and vegetable pots are of course ideal for making soups and stews. You can also use WMF soup and vegetable pots optimally for the preparation of pasta dishes and dumplings, as these dishes require a lot of water.

You can also master other recipes with WMF soup and vegetable pots. For example, this WMF type of pot is very suitable for boiling down food all year round.


  • Suitable for all types of soups, stews, pasta dishes and dumplings
  • Suitability for boiling down
  • Ideal for producing large quantities
  • Optimal use of the rising heat due to the high rim


  • Takes up a lot of space due to its great height
  • Relatively high acquisition costs
  • Less manageable due to the great height

WMF soup and vegetable pots have a very high rim. This pot rim is even larger than the pot diameter. As a result, soup and vegetable pots have a relatively large capacity.

WMF soup and vegetable pots are therefore ideal for preparing large quantities of food or for large families. On average, WMF soup and vegetable pots have a capacity of over four liters.

Advantages and disadvantages of WMF asparagus pots

In contrast to other WMF pot variants, WMF asparagus pots are relatively cheap. With a low purchase price of around 35 euros (starting price from $30 in USA), buyers do not have to dig too deep into their pockets when buying.

Another advantage of the WMF asparagus pot is its large capacity. This means that asparagus can be prepared evenly and gently without having to cut the end of the asparagus.


  • Relatively low acquisition costs
  • Gentle steam preparation of the asparagus
  • Large capacity
  • Preservation of taste and vitamins during the cooking process


  • Takes up a lot of space due to its great height
  • Not stackable
  • Not suitable for preparing other dishes

Due to the relatively large height of the asparagus pot, all of the asparagus, except for the tips, is cooked evenly in the water. The tips are not boiled, but rather stewed in the gentle steam of the asparagus pot.

This guarantees that the taste and vitamins of the asparagus are retained despite the cooking process.

WMF Concento 7 Qt Casserole
WMF Concento 7 Qt Casserole

Thing to consider before buying WMF pots

I will show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate WMF pots. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a certain WMF pot is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Suitability for the induction cooker
  • Suitability for the oven
  • Size
  • Material
  • Characteristics of the pot lid

Suitability for the induction cooker

Most WMF pots are suitable for induction. The Transtherm all-stove base, which most WMF pots have, is a so-called capsule base and consists of magnetic stainless steel and aluminum.

The WMF pot can be used on an induction cooker and even heat distribution is guaranteed.

Suitability for the oven

All WMF pots are not oven-proof. You should exercise caution before you put your WMF pot in the oven and, preferably, read the user guide.

Some pot series from WMF are perfectly suitable for the oven. These include the Passion pot series, pots from the Quadro, Vignola and Vitaliano series, as well as Vision pots and those from the MiniMax and Bueno Induction series.

Especially pots with wooden handles do not get too hot at the high temperatures in the oven and are ideal for the oven. You should never take the pot out of the oven without proper gloves, as the handles and the edge of the pot can get very hot.

Size WMF stainless steel pots and pans

WMF manufactures pots with different shapes and sizes.

The sizes of the Passion pot series, range from 16 to 24 centimeters in diameter, and those of the MiniMAX pot series are only from 14 to 16 centimeters in diameter.

It gives you the choice to choose the best pot for your kitchen need. There are also WMF pots that are suitable for large families or large events. If you are having a small family then choose a smaller capacity.

Material of WMF pots

WMF is known for the main material that is used in almost every WMF product. This has been known as stainless steel Cromargan since 1927 and is also used in most WMF pots.

With a proportion of 18% chromium and 10% nickel, the stainless steel is robust, rust-free and acid-resistant and is ideal for healthy cooking.

Due to the rustproof and stable material of WMF pots, they are also suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. This means that burnt pots can also be brought back into shape.

The stainless steel Cromargan used in WMF pots makes the pots durable and noticeably reduces scratches.

Pot lid

Most of the lids from WMF pots are heat-resistant quality glass lids with stainless steel snap-on rim and handles made of the same material. The glass lids allow visual cooking. A few WMF pot lids are also made of stainless steel.

WMF pot lids are also suitable for low-water cooking and temperatures in the oven of up to 180° C.

The lids for WMF pots, developed in Germany, fit perfectly and close the WMF pots that go with them.

The lids have a practical profile handle that does not heat up during cooking. Another practical advantage of the WMF pot lid is that it is dishwasher-proof.

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Where are WMF pots made?

WMF products have been manufactured in Geislingen since 1853, where the company’s main location is still today. WMF pots are partly made in Germany and partly abroad.

But all the products are of high quality wherever it is produced. There is no compromise in quality standards.

The WMF Group has been part of the French company SEB since 2016. It indicates WMF now has multiple production units in multiple locations.

Guarantee of WMF pots

In general, there is no cross-product guarantee from WMF. As a result, different WMF products have different warranty periods.

Some WMF casseroles come with a guarantee of up to 30 years, which, unlike other manufacturers, is relatively long. However, lids and handles are usually excluded from this 30-year guarantee. A four-year guarantee applies to other WMF pots.

If the guarantee is not specifically stated on your WMF pot set, the manufacturer’s statutory period of 6 months applies.

You should check individual products warranty/guarantee before buying.

What other products does WMF offer?

WMF has a wide range of products. Kitchen appliances, coffee machines – including WMF coffee pad machines – tableware, children’s dishes and knives are very popular.

WMF has also made a name for itself in the areas of fondue pots, pans, waffle irons, smoothie makers and steamers. WMF also produces special devices such as dehydrators and ice machines.

WMF also produces kitchen machines, small electrical appliances, mixers, cutlery and baking molds.

Final words on WMF pots

WMF pots and pans are hardy, long-lasting. They are good for hygienic cooking. WMF pots are a bit pricey but worth it.

If you buy WMF pots, they will serve you for a long time. Considering all the advantages comparing with price, I found it as a good choice for my kitchen. If you have any different thoughts please let me know.

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