WMF Wok Review

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Cook dishes in a wok if you like Asian cuisine and cook them frequently. Cooking with a wok is not only suitable for Asian cuisine, but also for steaming, braising, stewing and deep-frying vegetables, fish and meat. You can use a wok universally and is ideal for every occasion.

I want to introduce WMF Wok to you. Yes you already know what WMF WOK is. I will mostly discuss on why WMF Wok is better than other brands available in the market.

I want to make your decision-making easier with my guide. You will find everything you should know about in this WMF Wok Review. At Buy For Pantry we summarize purchase criteria for you. You can easily compare different WMF models with each other.

WMF Wok Party Taiwan
WMF Wok Party Taiwan

Why you should buy WMF Wok

  • WMF woks are more heat-resistant and offer comfort thanks to the ergonomic handles.
  • WMF woks differ based on their material and can be classified by the type of coating.
  • A coated wok from WMF is suitable for beginners due to its easy handling.
  • If you want perfect frying results, you should choose a coated WMF wok, which is significantly more expensive and heavier.

Best WMF woks

1. WMF Party wok set 4-part (WMF wok review)

The easy-care material makes the WMF Party Wok a bestseller. The TransTherm universal base (wmf transtherm pfanne) retains heat for long time. Also, this model is suitable for every type of stove. This guarantees energy-saving cooking.

If you have a large family this 36cm diameter wok is perfect for your kitchen. This model is not only suitable for Asian dishes. This wok is also an all-rounder for steaming, stewing, braising and roasting various types of meat and vegetables.

WMF Party wok set (cromargan WMF)
WMF Party wok set (Macao Wok)


  • Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel wok pan
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean, tasteless and acid resistant.
  • Ideal for hot grilling at high temperature
  • Wide pouring rim for drip-free pouring
  • Safe handling thanks to the ergonomic stainless steel handle


  • Food items may stick to the bottom, specially Asian food.

2. WMF wok 36 cm cast iron with glass lid cast iron enameled glass suitable for induction

The best WMF cast iron wok

This model comes as a 4-piece set. A glass lid, tongs, storage grid and a pair of chopsticks are available in the package. If you are going to cook food that requires high temperature, this model is suitable. You can achieve unique roast result only with a cast iron wok.

If you love a traditional wok to achieve a unique aroma, it is best to use a WMF cast iron wok. The model has the highest heat resistance and is also very stable for stir-frying.

WMF cast iron wok review
WMF Cast Iron Wok


  • Even heat distribution and long heat storage
  • TransTherm universal base
  • Dishwasher-safe, easy-care, tasteless and acid-proof
  • Made of Cromargan stainless steel
  • Rust-free, dishwasher-safe, dimensionally stable
  • Eyelet for storage
  • Functional parts are firmly cemented in the handle


  • It may get rust if not cleaned and dried straight after using.
  • Bit heavier in weight.

3. WMF Wok Multiply 28cm with Metal lid, Cromargan polished stainless steel

The best WMF stainless steel wok (WMF wok review)

WMF Wok Multiply with steamer insert. The WMF wok consists of a metal lid with an infinitely adjustable vapor extraction and steamer insert.

Even and fast heat distribution right up to the edge. The lid regulates the controlled escape of steam and the control of the moisture inside the cookware.

Cooking in a wok according to Asian recipes is more popular than ever, because the exotic taste brings variety to the kitchen! Due to the deep and semicircular shape, the heat in the wok is distributed very well and above all evenly.

The wok is particularly suitable for cooking vegetables and fish. The best-known cooking method is what is known as stir-frying, in which the ingredients are briefly fried while constantly stirring. You can stew, fry or blanch in the wok just as well.

WMF Wok Multiply 28cm with Metal lid
WMF Wok Multiply 28cm with Metal lid


  • Suitable for all heat sources, including induction
  • Dishwasher-safe, easy-care, tasteless and acid-proof
  • Base with even heat distribution for an even roasting result


  • As the quality is high, the price is a bit higher.

WMF wok Vs other manufacturers

Patented non-stick wok : a high non-stick property supports a healthy low fat cooking. This means dishes can be fried gently and save calories at the same time. In the WMF wok range you can choose between two non-stick coatings: CeraDur and PermaDur.

Higher heat resistance: Coated woks cannot tolerate high temperatures. WMF has woks with ceramic coatings that do completely without PTFE.

This means that coated woks from WMF can withstand heat of up to 400° C.

Ergonomic handles: The handles of a WMF wok are not only ergonomically shaped, but also have flame protection.

WMF woks price

On average, a WMF wok costs $ 120.

Basically, the type of material makes the cooking utensil more expensive.

If you are looking for a robust and traditional wok, you should expect a higher price.

Where can I buy a WMF wok?

You can either order a WMF wok online or buy it in brick-and-mortar stores.

Especially when you order online, customer reviews can help you choose a product. Stationary dealers who have a cooking department or have WMF kitchen appliances are also suitable for buying advice:

A specialist advice service can answer product-specific and manufacturer-related questions and go into more detail about your personal preferences.

WMF Wok Multiply
WMF Wok Multiply

What are the cooking types supports a WMF wok?

You can achieve following cooking techniques with a WMF wok:

  • Blanching – This technique is used primarily for vegetables by dipping the raw vegetables into boiling water for a few minutes.
  • Roasting – woks are also suitable for roasting by adding vegetable oils.
  • Steaming – A sieve is used here, whereby the food is cooked in the sieve in the steam.
  • Steaming – vegetables or fish are gently cooked over medium heat and a little oil.
  • Deep-frying – You can enjoy deep fry. The high side walls are good for this purpose. A wok can also serve as a deep fryer. Vegetable oils are suitable for frying the food in them.
  • Cooking – Woks can also replace pots. It is possible to boil water, make soups and cook other dishes in a wok. Thanks to the shape of a wok.
  • Braising – Meat or vegetables are generally braised by briefly searing the contents and then slowly cooking them in their own sauce (or in a stock) with the lid closed.
  • Stir pan – stir fry is the most common cooking technique with a wok: As in the video below, the food is cooked under high heat and with little use of oil while constantly stirring.

Alternatives to WMF wok

The only alternative to a classic wok is the wok pan.

A wok pan has a similar shape to a wok, but the bottom is flattened. Due to the flattened bottom, it has a high level of stability and it is well suitable for electric and induction cookers.

The stir-frying technique can also be used in a wok pan. The side walls are high enough to allow various preparation techniques to be used.

Types of WMF woks

Here we present 2 types of WMF woks, which can be used to classify them. They differ mainly in the coating, which is explained in more detail below.

Advantages and disadvantages of uncoated wok from WMF

Uncoated woks are traditionally made of cast iron, which are characterized by their high weight and high heat resistance.

The roasting result of an uncoated wok cannot be compared with a coated wok. The special aroma is incomparable and therefore one of the reasons why many choose a coated wok.

Due to its high weight, an uncoated wok is much stable. It is less likely to slip off the hob. Thus, the weight is particularly advantageous for typical cooking techniques (stir-frying).

Due to the lack of a coating, the WMF wok (wok pfanne) must be burned in before it is used for the first time. This gives an uncoated wok a natural non-stick protection and at the same time corrosion protection, so that less rust forms. In addition, the higher heat also causes the food to burn quickly.


  • High stability due to a higher weight
  • Very temperature stable
  • Excellent frying result


  • Burn-in necessary
  • Lack of non-stick
  • Food burns faster

A WMF cast iron wok heats up very quickly and reaches a high temperature. At an impressive 6 kilos, it is comparatively heavy. In contrast, coated WMF woks weigh less than 4.2 kilograms.

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Advantages and disadvantages of coated wok from WMF

A coated wok from WMF is available with a ceramic, aluminum or enamel coating.

The coating ensures an even distribution of heat, which avoids burning on as much as possible. The coating has a natural non-stick property, which saves burning in. Another advantage is that it is very easy to clean. Food residues are easier to remove from the coating. Coated woks are generally dishwasher safe at the same time.

Coated woks are made of light materials. It means it is not much stable.

Coated woks should be exposed to high temperatures. It can permanently damage the coating.

Due to the lower heat resistance, it should not be left without contents on the hot stove for more than three minutes. The coating can get damaged if temperature reaches more than 250 ° C. At 350 ° C poisonous fumes can develop.


  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-stick property


  • Low stability
  • Low heat resistance
  • Overheating possible

A coated wok is suitable for beginners and those who want things to be uncomplicated. It is easier to use and cheaper to buy.

Wok with glass lid
Wok with glass lid

Things to consider before buying WMF Woks

Now we come to criteria that you should consider before buying. The listed factors help you to compare different wok models with each other.

  • Diameter
  • Material
  • Heat resistance
  • Stove type


Depending on how big the household is and how much content you want to cook, the diameter of a wok is an important selection criterion.

The diameter of WMF woks are: 28, 32 and 36 cm.

  • Models like the WMF “Fusiontec Wok” have a diameter of 28 cm.
  • Models like the WMF “Multipy” have a diameter of 32 cm.
  • Models like “Wok Macao” have a diameter of 36cm.


The following table lists the most popular wok materials, which we will go into in more detail below.

Stainless steelFast heatingLack of non-stick properties
Cast ironSpecial aromaSluggishly reacts to temperature fluctuations
AluminumEasy to cleanLess heat resistant
Multilayer materialSuitable for all types of stovesAverage frying result
Cast aluminumHigh non-stick propertiesToxic fumes can emit at high heat
Pros and Cons of Metals used in appliances
  • Stainless steel wok: has a higher heat resistance than aluminum woks. Similar to cast iron woks, stainless steel woks have low non-stick properties. Cooking like stir-frying is not suitable. This type of wok is still very suitable for deep-frying or searing. Recommended WMF woks would be the 753576380
WMF Wok Party Taiwan
WMF Wok Party Taiwan
  • Cast iron wok: It is the heaviest wok among all woks. This gives them a very stable stand, which is ideal for stir fry. Cast iron wok does not get heats up quickly. Foods can get burned faster. The typical flavors are usually created with a cast iron wok. One of the most popular cast iron woks from WMF is the WMF wok 739476380
  • Wok made of aluminum (coated): Aluminum woks have a low heat resistance. Such woks are less intended for typical stir-frying. This type of material is suitable for everyday use, as an aluminum wok requires little cleaning and is easy to use. A recommended WMF wok made of aluminum is the WMF Ceradur Plus with the model number 573424021
  • Wok with multi-layer material: WMF woks such as the WMF “Multiply” wok consist of 3 types of material. These 3-layer materials are: rustproof Cromargan stainless steel inside, aluminum in the core and chrome steel for the outside. With this combination WMF tries to combine the advantages of all materials together. You will not get the unique flavors of a cast iron wok with a multi-material wok.
  • Woks on coated cast aluminum: Coated cast aluminum woks have a high level of non-stick properties. The coating results in an even distribution of heat, which leads to an even roasting result. Similar to aluminum woks, coated woks with cast aluminum should not be exposed to excessively high temperatures. The coating will be damaged from as little as 250 degrees.
WMF Cast iron wok 36 cm
WMF Cast iron wok 36 cm

Heat resistance power of wok

Despite higher heat resistance, WMF models have different levels of heat resistance.

Coated woks should not be exposed to excessively high temperatures due to the coated material. This can permanently damage the coating.

While the “Macao” wok made of rustproof Cromargan stainless steel can withstand temperatures of only 130 ° C, the cast iron wok from WMF (B0082MA0CG) is heat-resistant up to 800 ° C.

If you prefer cooking in high temperature, you should buy uncoated wok.

Stove type

Which wok is suitable for which hob? The type of coating and material is decisive for this question.

In principle, uncoated woks are suitable for every type of stove, while coated woks from WMF are not always compatible with induction stoves.

I have listed woks suitable for respective hobs:

WMF modelStove type
B079RRSC72Electric hob
B0082MA0CGGas stove
Suitable stoves for WMF woks

WMF Wok Facts

In this section you will find secondary information about your new acquisition. We have summarized and answered the most frequently asked questions for this purpose.

How long do I have a guarantee on my WMF wok?

When you buy a wok from WMF, you have a two-year guarantee on material, workmanship and non-stick properties from the date of purchase.

How do I cook properly in a WMF wok?

You can use your wok in many ways. The range of options for food that you can prepare with a wok is almost endless. You can stew, steam, fry and deep-fry in a wok. A widely used method of preparation is the “stir-fry”.

What does the term “stir-frying” actually mean?

The base of the wok gets heated quickly. The side walls of a wok heats up slowly as they do not receive the flame / heat directly.

Due to the high temperature differences, the ingredients are not fried evenly if not stirred constantly. It is important that the food is kept moving so that the ingredients do not burn.

The cooking time when stirring the pan is no more than 5 minutes. This keeps the vegetables nice and crisp and the meat juicy.

Step by step guide to stir frying:

  1. Pre-cut all ingredients : Roasting is quick, so all ingredients must be prepared beforehand and cut into small pieces.
  2. Preheating the wok : The wok needs to be heated up strongly, but a PTFE-coated wok should not be heated above 260 ° C.
  3. Add the oil : Let the oil get hot. You can find out which oil is suitable for the wok in our article Oils for frying: these are healthy. The oil must be heat-resistant, we recommend high-oleic frying oils.
  4. Season oil (optional): For a better aroma, a little ginger or chili can be added to the wok at the beginning.
  5. Gradually add the ingredients: Start with the hard vegetables such as B. Carrots. Only then do vegetables that cook quickly, such as B. Zucchini.
  6. Sauces at the end: You should only season shortly before serving, because sauces burn quickly.
WMF wok party 28 cm
WMF wok party 28 cm

Should I grease my WMF wok beforehand?

This depends on the material in question.

With a WMF cast iron wok, it is important to grease it before using it for the first time. Cast iron woks have no coating and it lacks non-stick protection. Burning in gives the cast iron wok non-stick properties.

It is sufficient if you add a small amount of oil to the frying pan and mix the ingredients with the oil while stirring constantly.

Which oil is suitable for frying?

Heat-resistant vegetable oil is good for frying. See temperature table for cooking oils:

Vegetable oilHeat resistanceOrigin
olive oilUp to 190 ° CItaly
peanut oil230 ° CSouth America
Coconut oilUp to 205 ° CPhilippines
Rapeseed oil170 ° CGermany
Sunflower oil220 ° CSouthern Europe
Argan oil250 ° CMorocco
Avocado oil260 ° CMexico and USA
Pumpkin seed oil, linseed oilNot heatableCentral America
Heat resistance of cooking oils

You can remember the following rule of thumb: The oil must not start smoking! The heat resistance of oil is also known as the smoke point. If this is exceeded, the oil begins to develop vapors.

How to make juicy meat in my WMF wok?

Our recommendation for juicy meat: Rub the meat with cornstarch before roasting. The cornstarch then forms a crust, which ensures that less juice is lost.

How do I clean my WMF wok correctly?

Clean your wok promptly after each use. Clean with water, washing-up liquid and a sponge. You can put some water in the wok and leave it for some time for easy cleaning.

Avoid cleaning your wok with steel wool or abrasive abrasives that contain sand.

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