Wonderchef Granite Cookware Set Review (Buying guide included)

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The granite cookware set is one of the popular new–age cookware we have. And the reason is known. It is the better and healthier alternative to that synthetic coated cookware. You don’t need to struggle while doing low-oil cooking. You have come across many bestselling brands in the category, right. But, what is unknown is how the Wonderchef Granite cookware set stands out? It is present in every list of the best, even in your list of the shortlisted also.

The answer lies in the review. Here is the Wonderchef granite cookware set review.

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Wonderchef-the brand

With the motto of “eat right, live healthy”, Wonderchef has started the journey a few years back. And look today, it is one of the renowned cookware and appliance brand in the world. The credit goes to Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and the team whose ideas and concepts are present in the appliances and cookware.

Wonderchef creations are designed with the amalgamation of art and science that adds the ‘wonder’-factor to them. They are designed to create the perfect symphony between you and cooking.

The Wonderchef Granite cookware set review

The Granite range epitomizes the philosophy of “cooking in less oil is the key to nutritious life.” With a dash of oil, you can cook the healthiest version of any dish of any cuisine with ease. It can be the yummy cheesy pasta, the delicious biryanis, the succulent tikkas or kebabs, the crispy thin dosa, and many more.

This three-piece cookware set by Wonderchef is as elegant in look as versatile it is in performance. It consists of a fry pan, a wok with a lid, and a dosa tawa. Have a detailed read of each of them.

Wonderchef granite cookware set review
Wonderchef cookware set

The Fry Pan

The 26 cm wide fry pan has pure grade virgin aluminum construction that is nine times better conductor of heat. It cooks the dishes faster, saving your time and energy. The pan has 5-layer Professional Grade MetaTuff non-stick coating, which has a superb food release property. Food simply; glides off to the plate. On that note, you must know the non-stick coating is abrasion-resistant. It has passed the test for 7000 cycles of abrasion resistance. And over the non-stick coating, it has a granite finish that makes it chic and sophisticated.

The whole pan has an ergonomic design, even the handle. It is a stud-welded, soft-touch, heat-resistant handle that offers a comfortable, firm grip even on wet hands. And it is not riveted on the inner wall. So, there is no chance of accumulation of food residue.

The fry pan is healthy and eco-friendly. It has no infusion of heavy toxic elements, harmful chemicals, and PFOA.

By the way, for having the same dimension as the wok; the glass lid sits perfectly over the pan. So, for any Indian recipe or gravies, the pan is suitable.

The Wok

High-grade pure virgin aluminum and a 5-layer MetaTuff non-stick coating with granite finish forms the wok in the granite cookware set. The dimension of the wok is 26 cm, perfect for preparing a good batch. It’s aluminum construction ensures nine times better conduction of heat with even distribution; so that dishes get prepared in less time with less energy consumption. In other words, it is a time and energy saver.

Its MetaTuff non-stick coating converts the idea of less-oil cooking into reality. It has a great food release property. So, even if you do no-oil cooking, you can release the entire dish into the serving dish without any struggle. The non-stick coating is also abrasion-resistant like the frying pan has.

And now come to the granite finish, it makes the wok fashionable. It adds style and sophistication to the cookware.

The cookware comes with a tempered glass lid.

Being a wok, it has one long handle. The handle is heat-resistant, soft-touch which offers a comfortable firm grip to hand even when they are wet. It is not a riveted handle. It is stud-welded. Hence the inner wall stays seamless with no chance of residue accumulation.

In any case, if the wok gets overheated, there will be no emission of toxic fumes. It is free from PFOA, harmful heavy metals, and chemicals.

The Dosa Tawa

The cookware that completes this Wonderchef cookware set is a dosa tawa. Wonderchef has included the 26 cm dosa tawa so that you can make the crispy thin dosa, paper-thin crepe, pancakes in your kitchen. It’s pure virgin aluminum body conducts heat so well and uniformly all over the cookware that nothing remains unevenly cooked. And the 5- layer MetaTuff coating does not allow anything to stick on it. With only a few drops of oil, cook anything you like to on it and lift it swiftly onto the plate. By now, you know it is abrasion-resistant.

The tawa is beautiful, elegant, and chic, just like the frying pan and the wok. The credit goes to the granite finish on the cooking surface; which enhances the style and makes it fashionable. It has soft and cool-touch handles, which offer a firm grip that it won’t slip from your wet hand. They are not fixed with rivets. They are stud-welded. So, you won’t see any marks of handle fixation on the inner wall.

Now, the question is, how safe is it? Like its two friends, the dosa tawa is safe from PFOA, harmful chemicals, and metals. There is no release of toxic fumes when it heats up.

The Glass Lid

Though the glass lid is not officially included in the list, being a part of the set; it is equally important. It is a tempered glass lid with a steam vent on it which is heat and crack-resistant. Though it is an accompaniment of the wok, it sits perfectly on the pan. It has stainless steel outline on the rims and a cool-touch Bakelite knob over it.

The Grill-pan (not with the set)

Now grilling is possible even if you don’t have grillers. Wonderchef granite grill pan makes getting those tempting grill marks on the stakes, tikkas, veggies, paneer, sandwiches, and many more dishes.

Forged from pure virgin aluminum; the 24 cm pan has 5-layer MetaTuff non-stick coating with an all-over granite finish. Both the coating and the finish enhance the feature. While the non-stick coating ensures you must use a few drops of oil for your cooking, the finish adds elegance and style to it. On that note, you must know that you can prepare other nutritious versions of recipes in it. Well, the pan is also a healthier version, free of toxins, harmful PFOA, chemicals.

Wonderchef has used soft-touch handles that are safe on hands. It is heat-resistant and offers a firm grip on wet hands.

Wonderchef grill pan
Wonderchef grill pan

The Sauce-pan

A cookware range is incomplete without a saucepan. The Wonderchef granite cookware range would have been the same if it wouldn’t have a saucepan, but thankfully it has. So, now boil milk, make tea and sauce in it.

The 1.8 liters saucepan is made from virgin aluminum of pure grade that has a 5-layer MetaTuff non-stick coating with a granite finish. The coating is 100% free from PFOA, chemicals, and metals. The handles are heat-resistant soft-touch handles with a firm grip. But, the best part is the vented tempered glass lid that comes with it.

You can cook anything in it with just a dash of oil or fat. And be assured of the perfect outcome.

Wonderchef has designed the entire cookware range for all types of cooktops. It works efficiently on a gas stove, induction stove, hot plate, infrared cooktop, ceramic plate. Their base is 3.5 mm thick.

This Wonderchef cookware set is as easy to clean as it is easy to use. Use warm water, liquid detergent, and a soft sponge for cleaning.

The three-piece granite cookware set is available both as a set and as individual cookware. However, the grill pan and the saucepan is available only as individual cookware.

Wonderchef also has a 6-piece granite casserole set.

Wonderchef sauce pan
Wonderchef saucepan

Wonderchef granite cookware review: How to maintain the set

Though the entire cookware is sturdy and durable, you need to follow the tips to maintain its longevity for a long span.

  • Pre-heat the cookware on low flame only for a minute. It increases the longevity of the cookware.
  • Do the entire cooking on low to medium flame. You are sure to get the best performance.
  • Always use a wooden, silicone, or nylon spatula to prevent any damage to the coating.
  • While using on a gas top, use a burner similar in size to the pan bottom so that the sidewalls, handles do not get overheated.
  • Never soak or immerse the hot cookware in water. The immersion gives thermo-shock, harmful to the non-stick coating.
  • Never use any metal scrubber on it. It is harmful to the non-stick coating.
  • Avoid dragging the cookware over the ceramic or glass top cooking surface to protect them.
  • Never stack the cookware in one another for storage. They can scratch the inner wall.

Frequently asked questions on Granite cookware

Is Granite-coating better than Teflon-coating?

Granite-coating is healthy and less hazardous than Teflon-coating. However, it requires more maintenance.

Is Wonderchef granite cookware set safe?

The Granite cookware set is 100% free from PFOA, nickel, heavy metals.

How long does granite cookware last?

In general granite-coated lasts for 2-5 years.

Is granite cookware set good for health?

Granite is a popular choice for new-age cookware because it is comparably safe.

Is the Wonderchef granite cookware set affordable?

The price of the Wonderchef granite cookware set lies within 3000 INR.

Final word on Wornderchef granite cookware set

Wonderchef Granite cookware set- is it worthy of investment? Wonderchef offers a 2-year assured warranty on the granite cookware set. Every piece is quite sturdy and durable. And a religious following of the tips would increase its shelf-life. A default lies in the handles. It gets loosened after a certain period which you can tighten up.

So, you can have the granite cookware set in your kitchen if you want a healthy, trendy cookware set. It won’t give pain to your pocket so much.

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